Leonid Bershidsky
February 19

The Swiss go against the flow with online voting

Security? Testing starts with an open competition for hackers, with prize money.
February 19

Readers Write: Socialism and capitalism, 'conversion therapy,' immigration, borders and assimilation, racism

Focus on the practical, not labels.
Steve Sack
February 19
Sack cartoon: Trump and 'SNL'

Sack cartoon: Trump and 'SNL'

February 19
A dose of the vaccine that protects against measles, mumps and rubella. Vaccination rates for children in Minnesota vary across the state’s counties

Minnesota bill would counter dangerous vaccine disinformation

Funding for outreach, education is needed as measles cases are confirmed in 10 states.
Mike Opat
February 19
A room at HCMC, the hospital in Minneapolis operated by Hennepin Healthcare.

Mike Opat: Five steps for the future of Hennepin Healthcare and HCMC

The system must compete in the market, and whoever is chosen as its next leader must bring focus. Here's a to-do list.
Patricia Murphy
February 19
U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., was introduced during a presidential campaign stop at The Village Trestle in Goffstown, N.H., on Monday, Feb. 18, 20

2020 presidential campaign: It's as if Hillary Clinton is running again

The several women who have declared their campaigns really aren't distinguishing themselves from her.
February 19
Former Massachusetts Republican Gov. William Weld in 2016. Weld, who ran that year as a vice presidential candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket, c

Finally, a Republican challenger to Trump; hope for more

Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld wasn't the obvious choice to be first, but perhaps he'll start something.
Nadine Gartner
February 19
When this photo was taken, Able Zhang, 1 (held by his mother, Wenyi Zhang) had just received the last of three inoculations — including a vaccine fo

The delicate art of debunking misconceptions about vaccines

How do you get opponents to vaccinate their kids? Talk with them — not at them — for hours.
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