January 8

Will positive economic trends continue in 2019?

U.S. has a better shot if Trump, Congress don't muck things up.
Arnold A. Offner
January 8
Hubert Humphrey, then mayor of Minneapolis, gave a landmark speech at the 1948 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Humphrey's example can be a guide for Democrats now

As Bob Dole once described him, he was "one of the major moral forces of our time or of any time." His perseverance in this role was what put him over the top.
January 8
Tom Rukavina threw his support to Minnesota House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher after pulling out of the race for governor at the 2010 DFL State

Readers Write: Tom Rukavina, health care provider tax, health care gaps, border wall, Boundary Waters and mining

Remembering an authentic leader.
January 8

Here's a chance to add more more transparency on campaign ads

Minnesotans have the right to know who is paying for issue ads meant to sway elections.
Joel Goldstein
January 8
Vice President Walter Mondale, left, and President Jimmy Carter campaigning in 1980.

Two vice presidents — Walter Mondale and Dick Cheney — in contrast

A movie and a birthday give cause to reflect on two very different approaches to the office.
John Q. Barrett
January 8
President Donald Trump spoke to reporters at the White House in Washington on Sunday. Trump has said he would consider invoking emergency powers to bu

The legal case on presidential 'emergency' power

Here's the background, starting with the ruling against President Harry S. Truman's seizure of the nation's steel mills but also including modern-era complications.
January 7

The 'deepfake' threat is coming to a computer screen near you

Machine learning can simulate someone saying or doing almost anything.
January 7
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Editorial cartoon: Dana Summers on freshman Democrats

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