October 18
President Donald Trump spoke to the media on the South Lawn of the White House in early October.

Readers Write: The president's discretion, 'giants' of the past and present, Omar's endorsement of Sanders

Much in judging the president's actions depends on the purpose served.
October 18
This week, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that regardless of the November referendum to keep or jettison St. Paul’s organized trash system, resid

Readers Write: St. Paul's messy trash system, auto emissions standards, public restrooms in Minneapolis

What a load of garbage.
October 17
The University of Wisconsin-Madison released survey results on Tuesday regarding the number of students who have been sexually assaulted during their

Readers Write: Sexual assault on campus, President Trump, St. Paul trash, Medicare for All, electric scooters

Some context is needed regarding sexual assaults on campus.
October 16
St. Paul’s Union Depot, above, currently sees one daily train to Chicago, but it arrives from the West Coast and is often behind schedule due to wea

Readers Write: Train lines, Ukraine ambassador, St. Paul trash system, William Barr, police and Trump

More trains? I'm all aboard.
October 15
President Donald Trump exited Air Force One in Minneapolis for last week’s rally at Target Center.

Readers Write: Sen. Paul Gazelka on President Trump, Trump's Minneapolis rally, Congress, the Kurds

What Trump lacks in substance, he also lacks in style.
October 14
Protesters hold signs as Rep. Barbara Lee, D.-Calif., speaks at a rally in support of the impeachment of President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., i

Readers Write: Impeachment, Trump's Minneapolis rally, St. Paul trash

Present both sides of an argument — if there are two. The impeachment debate only has one.
October 11
President Donald Trump addresses his supporters during a campaign rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019. (Richard Tsong

Readers write: Trump's Minneapolis rally and Native American representation

Trump predicts a "red wave" in Minnesota, but I don't see it.
October 11
Volkswagen displayed electric vehicles at an international car show in Germany last month.

Readers Write: Electric vehicles, Trump's Minneapolis visit, Congress, hunting with dogs

Car dealerships squirm having to sell electric vehicles — and that's OK.
October 11
The University of Minnesota Women’s Suffrage Club is pitured here in 1913.

Readers write: Women's suffrage, impeachment, Syria, nanoparticles

In 1920, only some women got the right to vote.
October 10
A veterinarian examines an X-ray of an eagle for fragments of lead bullets, which can be fatal to the birds if ingested. Environmental groups have fil

Readers Write: Lead poisoning and hunting, Turkey and the Kurds, end-of-life care, Trump's visit, the NBA

Lead is poison — to humans and animals. Ban it.
October 9
Supporters of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights protested in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

Readers Write: LGBTQ wedding video case, plane noise, new emissions standards, the Twins

Accommodate religious beliefs about marriage, yes, but not in the way a federal appeals court panel suggested.
October 8
Chinese President Xi Jinping, center, with former presidents Jiang Zemin, right, and Hu Jintao, left, attended the celebration to commemorate the 70th

Readers Write: Democratic socialism vs. communism, Trump's Minneapolis rally, Syria policy, impeachment, the Twins

Sweep aside the straw man — democratic socialism and Chinese communism are not the same.
October 7
The Minneapolis police union is selling “Cops for Trump” T-shirts, just days after the Police Department said officers can no longer appear in uni

Readers Write: Trump's visit to Minneapolis, emergency insulin

Please, show Trumpers we liberals care.
October 7
What can’t you get in St. Peter, Minn., that you can get in Minneapolis? Not much, argues a letter writer, citing Gustavus Adolphus as among the ame

Readers Write: Leaving Minneapolis, mining, attributing causes of crimes

If you must move, try St. Peter.
October 4
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sept. 29. Sanders was “up and about” following an emergency heart procedure for a blocked

Readers Write: Bernie Sanders, immigration and Worthington, rent controls, health insurance, an 'anthem to humanity'

Don't count Sanders out.
October 4
The federal appeals court for the Eighth Circuit ruled last month that a video business in St. Cloud called Telescope Media is allowed to make wedding

Readers Write: Wedding video case, assisted suicide, insulin, the president

Oh, be reasonable. Accommodate.
October 3
Duluth and other cities along Lake Superior draw a majority of their drinking water from the lake.

Readers Write: Oil pipelines, impeachment, climate change, college athletics, farming

How is clean water up for debate in Minnesota?
October 2
Trump supporters rallied in Duluth last summer for the president’s June 20 visit to the city.

Readers Write: Trump's visit to Minneapolis, girls' and boys' sports coverage, veteran suicides, globalism

Star Tribune Editorial Board's plea for magnanimity was inappropriate. We should not welcome Trump to Minneapolis.
October 1
The Duluth Denfeld High School football team met before a game on Sept. 27. The amount and placement of boys’ sports coverage imply they are more im

Readers Write: Girls' sports, police involvement in politics, impeachment, public transit

Girls' high school sports deserve coverage.
September 30
Pinatas hang in the window of a cellphone shop in Worthington, Minn.

Readers Write: Immigration in Minnesota, Minneapolis rezoning, Park Board budget, veteran suicide

Bachmann makes a sloppy case for reduced immigration.
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