May 23

Readers Write: (May 24): U Medical School, arrests and bias, gender gap in pay, Minneapolis schools

Contrary to assertions in a recent commentary, the U is on the proper path to progress.
May 22

Readers Write (May 23): Laws on lurking, spitting, Savers, library bookstore, bipartisanship, iconic structure, photography

Property owner: Why not just allow all manner of disgusting behavior?
May 21

Readers Write (May 22): Minneapolis' North Side post-storm, plus: big businesses, small businesses, Memorial Day, college graduation, extreme sports, bringing up race

Good things grew from a bad situation, but work remains in north Minneapolis.
May 20

Readers Write (May 21): Hillary Clinton, plus: Minnesota legislative direction on health care, transportation, the environment

Too little transparency, too late for former secretary of state.
May 19

Readers Write (May 20): An iconic image for Minnesota, the 2015 legislative session, early education, Texas shootout, the death penalty, poverty, air travel

Here's your iconic possibility — the Washington Monument scaffolding (mothballed).
May 18

Readers Write (May 19): Tsarnaev death sentence; Dayton, the Legislature and early ed; GMO foods

The meaning of a death sentence in the Boston Marathon bombing.
May 17

Readers Write (May 18): Marketing the new Saints stadium, child protection, taking accountability, taking care with perceptions

Despite one website omission, the push is on in St. Paul and beyond.
May 15

Readers Write (May 16): Minnesota Orchestra in Cuba; protests and the police; the Legislature and bees, gas taxes, solar power; Amtrak; religion

The musicians of our orchestra are honorable emissaries in Cuba.
May 14

Readers Write (May 15): Protests, state budget surplus, MinnesotaCare, bees, rail safety, religion

There’s value, and there’s risk, in protests. And there's the matter of style.
May 13

Readers Write (May 14): Minneapolis Veterans' Medical Center, teacher compensation, water quality, bird deaths by glass, plastic-bag bans

Despite criticisms, our family's experience with VA health care was of high quality.
May 12

Readers Write (May 13): Minnesota River and agriculture, light rail, teachers, trade authority, the National Guard

At one time, wildlife that needed clear water thrived.
May 11

Readers Write (May 12): Bird-safe skyways, transportation funding, Metropolitan Council, garbage contracts, bicycling

Please, members of the Minneapolis City Council — focus.
May 8

Readers Write: (May 9): St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; the Minnesota Legislature and EBT cards, tobacco and freedom of conscience; Mother's Day

Musicians of the SPCO express their optimism.
May 7

Readers Write (May 8): Oil train explosion, light-rail expansion, 'farmer-bashing,' 'net metering' reform, the 'Commons,' recreational running

Are oil trains engineered to be safe, or profitable?
May 6

Readers Write (May 7): Education funding, buffer strips, controversial poster at U, campus rape, Sack cartoon on Texas shooting, Minnesota history

From Minnesota's top teachers, to our esteemed legislators:
May 5

Readers Write (May 6): The Holocaust and humanity, consequences of trade deals, Dayton's buffer strip proposal, the military and obesity

Gaza revelations dredge up memories of a past cruelty.
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