September 30

Readers Write (Oct. 1): Ryder Cup, Allina nurses' strike, Trump and taxes, campaign finance update, guns and terror

Really, you must see things to believe them.
September 29

Readers Write (Sept. 30): Politics and transportation, suing Saudi Arabia, what Trump should have said

Anoka County commuters have it worst.
September 28

Readers Write (Sept. 29): Restaurant etiquette, gun violence, presidential debate, media bias, Wells Fargo

As a hostess, I have to deal with the "hangry."
September 27

Readers Write (Sept. 28): Clinton-Trump first presidential debate, Arnold Palmer

For Trump, that was a little too much congratulating.
September 26

Readers Write (Sept. 27): Michelle Obama and George W. Bush, Allina strike, 'apology tour,' Alondra Cano, floods, professionals of color

Photo of a hug brings home the point of simple decency.
September 25

Readers Write (Sept. 26): U.S. Bank Stadium vs. Lambeau Field, presidential debate, BWCA trail, white-collar crime

The visitor's tour experience, well, just doesn't compare.
September 24

Readers Write (Sept. 25): Donald Trump, Super PAC ad, Allina ad, hate crimes

Commentary on "The value of Trump" was magical thinking.
September 23

Readers Write (Sept. 24): Police-involved shootings, CNN, President Obama, distracted driving, Friday night lights, taking a knee

Put our technological know-how to work on a solution.
September 22

Readers Write (Sept. 23): National anthem, write-in candidates, prescription drug prices, cellphones, good guys with guns

With high schoolers joining in, a teachable moment.
September 21

Readers Write (Sept. 22): Wells Fargo, guns, police-involved shootings, Donald Trump, losing a child

Congress, banking company share the blame this time.
September 20

Readers Write (Sept. 21): Distracted driving, presidential politics, state Supreme Court race, St. Cloud stabbings, e-assist bikes

It's time to ban cellphone use behind the wheel.
September 19

Readers Write (Sept. 20): Donald Trump, terror attacks, candidates' mental health, Edward Snowden

"The Value of Trump?" Six reasons to avoid him.
September 16

Readers Write (Sept. 18): Wetterling case, health insurance, education policies, Roseville neighborhoods

Innocence is no easy fight.
September 16

Readers Write (Sept. 19): The value of congeniality, biomass, pipelines, electric bikes

The value of congeniality.
September 16

Readers Write (Sept. 17): Trump on Obama, Johnson on Trump, Minneapolis Park Board and Loppet, affordable housing, today's food

Chasing one lie with another.
September 15

Readers Write (Sept. 16): Income inequality, ballot lawsuit, Colin Powell, Washburn High, Wells Fargo

Income inequality story was incomplete, but gave one inspiring example.
September 14

Readers Write (Sept. 15): Allina nurses, Clinton and deplorability, Trump on the ballot, abortion ad, Minneapolis shootings

Students and professors need to walk in our shoes.
September 13

Readers Write (Sept. 14): Sugar research, the impact of Islam, nasty politics, fairy-tale weddings

Sugar research dishonesty is another blow to public trust.
September 12

Readers Write (Sept. 13): For-profit college, abortion ad, Hillary Clinton's illness, Jacob Wetterling case, light rail

Avoid wielding a broad brush regarding Globe University, Minnesota School of Business.
September 9

Readers Write (Sept. 12): The 2016 campaign — Johnson, Stein, Clinton, Trump

Let the third parties in.
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