April 23
Fans of Prince gathered at Target Center on Friday to watch a video performance by the music great, who died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl o

Readers Write: Prince and the opioid crisis, a health care 'moonshot,' Minnesota Poll results on gun policy, oil pipeline analogies

We must step up intervention.
April 21
Mouth of the Minnesota River in the Mississippi River below of the Fort Snelling. Woodcut engraving after a drawing by Rudolf Cronau (German pa

Readers Write: History of Fort Snelling, the governor's race, school start times

Why any hesitation about including story of all people?
April 20
Minneapolis police union President Lt. Bob Kroll spoke to members of the media in 2016. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is exploring ways to split the un

Readers Write: Minneapolis police union, body cameras, the banking industry, early learning, oil pipelines

Frey sends a message to the union.
April 20
FILE - In this May 24, 2017, file photo, sun rises behind the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul, Minn. Minnesota lawmakers return to Capitol on Tues

Readers Write: Minnesota Legislature and tax policy, Southwest Airlines and regulations, Medical Assistance and work requirements, waste reduction and fixing stuff that's broken

Dump the deadlines, get stuff done.
April 19
Patricia Fox has had a reserved parking space in front of her home on Fremont Avenue N. since 2015. Now, plans for bike lanes will displace disability

Readers Write: Minneapolis parking, Eighth District DFL convention, gun policy

Not even disabilities count now?
April 18
Minnesota Twins pitcher Jose Berrios entered the field Tuesday holding a Puerto Rican flag before the first of two games the team played this week at

Readers Write: Early education, President Trump and evangelicals

Lights on for baseball, at least.
April 17
Destruction in Douma, the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack, near Damascus, Syria.

Readers Write: Syria, surveillance of Somalis, evangelicals and Trump, the president vs. James Comey

Attack was a premature response.
April 16
Former FBI director James Comey, right, with ABC News correspondent George Stephanopoulos, during an interview about his interactions with President D

Readers Write: James Comey, Syria, civics education, that snowstorm

Whatever else, he seems truthful.
April 14
new luxury home with elegant touches including covered entrance, columns

Readers Write: Affordable housing, abortion and Down syndrome, adoption and DNA testing

Many tools are needed to put homes within reach of buyers.
April 13
Members of a prayer group met in the church sanctuary of First United Church of Christ in Northfield. An April 8 article explored evangelicals’ view

Readers Write: Evangelical values and President Donald Trump, Minneapolis strip club 'quandary,' civics education, the weather

Contradictions, indeed.
April 13
A rendering of how basketball could look in U.S. Bank Stadium, home of men’s basketball Final Four tournament in 2019. (Black curtains over big wind

Readers Write: Final Four curtain costs to taxpayers, online privacy, competing in biotech, trade lessons for U.S. and China, wineries in Minnesota, a Guthrie parking problem

Taxpayers in the dark on Final Four costs.
April 12
Facebook chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat for congressional questioning this week.

Readers Write: Corporate apologies, 'Chappaquiddick,' oversight of information technology, gun policy, a prom cliffhanger

Regrets — they've had a few.
April 11
The Ford Dam no longer sees commercial traffic and could be targeted for removal.

Readers Write: Mississippi River dams and rowing, glass buildings and birds, Dayton's Project monkey, Klobuchar vs. Zuckerberg, a prom request

For rowers? For all?
April 10
A lighted sign on the side of the new Vikings practice facility in Eagan illuminates homes on Lockwood Drive in Mendota Heights. Too much so, in some

Readers Write: Vikings practice facility, denial of Forest Lake treatment center, 'one of the worst' DWI cases, hate-ad-funding PAC contributions

A well-lit disregard for neighbors.
April 9
President Donald Trump viewed border-wall prototypes during a visit last month to a neighborhood along the Mexico-U.S. border near San Diego. Trump ha

Readers Write: Debate over border policies, Tim Pawlenty's support for President Donald Trump, the 'influence' of 'fake news'

Can we at least start with a grounding in reality?
April 6
Tim Pawlenty was Minnesota’s governor from 2003 to 2011. On Friday, he made his first public appearance after saying he’ll seek a third term, answ

Readers Write: Tim Pawlenty and the governor's race, civil asset forfeiture, license forfeiture, Sinclair and Steve Sack, border control

Who, exactly, is holding up a Bic lighter, demanding more?
April 6
The Phyllis Wheatley Community Center in north Minneapolis is among organizations that have seen reductions in United Way funding as overall United Wa

Readers Write: Changes to United Way's influence, gender inequity in health care

Assessing a "waning" influence.
April 6
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2007. “Over the years I’ve made almost every mistake you can imagine,” he wrote this year in a post reflecti

Readers Write: Online privacy, early childhood education, corporate responsibility

The Facebook issue that matters.
April 5
Rick Perry, then Texas governor, with National Guard troops at Camp Swift in 2014. Perry had ordered the Guard to deploy along the Rio Grande, similar

Readers Write: Border control, the census and citizenship, trade and tariffs, Minneapolis and cars

National Guard will be bored.
April 4
A portion of a mailing from the “Faith & Freedom Coalition” (not from the listed elected officials).

Readers Write: Political-action mailings, Facebook discourse, border control, respectful salutations, a cold home opener at Target Field

Fine, fill my mailbox, but stop being deceitful.