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Mike Meyers
November 8
Slouching toward a Trump slump

Slouching toward a Trump slump

One can't time and wouldn't cheer a recession, but if the hour comes round in 2020, it will be poetic justice.
John Rash
November 8
In November 1989 a man hammers at the Berlin Wall, as the border barrier between East and West Germany is torn down after 28 years. Today marks 30 yea

Rash Report: Rediscover the resolve that felled the Berlin Wall

Enduring Western unity and purpose toppled the wall and won the Cold War. It's needed again to meet today's transatlantic challenges.
Theresa Carter and David Pinsky
November 8

Target needs to get serious about reducing plastic

U.S. retailers aren't acting with urgency to remove single-use bags and packaging.
Justin Fox
November 8
The 'mancession' is finally over

The 'mancession' is finally over

What to make of trends in employment and inactivity?
November 7

The problem with wealth taxes

Sanders and Warren want what much of Europe has abandoned.
David Durenberger and David Wellstone
November 7
More than 1,000 tutors from around Minnesota take the AmeriCorps pledge at the Minneapolis Convention Center in 2013.

AmeriCorps still serving America after 25 years

A quarter century after the first class took the pledge, we celebrate the organization's accomplishments.
November 7
Washington Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman presents a jersey to President Donald Trump during an event to honor the 2019 World Series champions

Nationals visit proves that polarized politics is the only national pastime

After World Series win, the team was split on visiting the president, adding to the culture wars that have defined Trump's presidency.
Andy Slavitt
November 7
Democrat Andy Beshear spoke to supporters on the last night of the campaign for governor in Louisville, Ky., on Monday. He claimed victory on Tuesday.

What really matters to voters about health care

They want to know they're protected. They don't care how. Kentucky Democrats figured that out, but the national party hasn't.
November 7
President Donald Trump left the Rose Garden of the White House in 2017, after announcing his intention to abandon the Paris Agreement on climate chang

Trump's climate surrender makes him an influential outlier

He's at odds with U.S. companies, at odds with Americans in general, at odds with the world. But he's also paved the way for other nationalist skeptics to follow suit.
November 7
Demographers stress the limitations and complications of generational analysis, writes Farhad Manjoo. Generations can be useful, he says, for observin

'OK boomer'? Scratch that. Make it 'OK, billionaire.'

Instead of canceling an entire generation, why not set your sights on a smaller, more specific group, one that bears more direct complicity in America's widening dystopia?
November 6

U.S. needs a functioning elections watchdog

But federal commission can't muster a quorum as McConnell dithers.
Ellen L. Weintraub
November 6
Twitter’s ban on political advertising is ratcheting up the pressure on Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg to follow suit. Zuckerberg doubled down

Elections chief: Don't abolish political ads on social media. Instead, stop microtargeting.

When a large segment of the public sees an ad, there's accountability. That can't happen when the ads are shown in the shadows.
Nance Kent
November 6
Posters celebrating inclusion and diversity line the main hallway at Clara Barton Open School in Minneapolis in 2017. Minneapolis needs an infusion of

Minneapolis schools need more teachers of color

In order for that to happen, the new contract must change some rules. Teachers, and the union, need to stop resisting that change.
Allison Schaber
November 6
Police work is being scrutinized like never before. Across the country and in Minnesota. Above, a St. Paul police officer patrols on the city’s East

Prosecutors in Hennepin, Ramsey counties have turned on cops

Prosecutors do not afford police basic rights, and the result is plunging recruitment for local departments.
Mark Mishek
November 5
A nicotine vaper in New York. A growing percentage of users also use vaping devices to ingest marijuana, now accounting for a third of overall sales i

Vaping conversation needs to get real on marijuana

Some would have you believe that the drug is benign. At the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, we know better.
Lori DeFrance and Sheldon Berkowitz
November 5
Water Gremlin employees made their way into the lot on Tuesday as the plant reopened for production after a shutdown over lead concerns.

We can and should do more to prevent lead poisoning in children

Why did Water Gremlin take so long?
Rob Godfrey
November 5
The University of Minnesota Gophers football team during the annual spring game in 2019.

Counterpoint: NCAA is poised to open a profiteering door it can never close

If athletes are allowed to sell their images, teams are going to fall apart. Here's how I see everything playing out.
Josh Rosenblatt
November 5
President Donald Trump, seated with Republican lawmakers and two of his sons, at a mixed martial arts fight at Madison Square Garden on Saturday. Trum

Ultimate Fighting bout might have looked like a safe space for Trump. Here's why it wasn't.

The sport of mixed martial arts has evolved — and defies stereotypes. It's blended into a truly American art form, like jazz or rock 'n' roll.
November 5
Many demographically stagnant U.S. communities offer an enormously attractive chance for a better life for would-be immigrants, a commentary writer ar

Want to fix immigration and economic challenges? Try place-based visas.

"Heartland visas" would be tied to communities — ones that qualify based on a stagnant or shrinking local workforce, or other economic criteria.
Marshall H. Tanick
November 4
Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., speaks to reporters at the U.S. Capitol Oct. 31 after her final speech on the floor of the House of Representatives. She re

Revenge porn: Bad behavior begets bad law

The Katie Hill and Scott Dibble cases bring into focus their options for recourse. There's no federal law. There are laws in 33 states, including Minnesota, but they may be constitutionally fragile.
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