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Antony J. Blinken and Robert Kagan
January 4

America must maintain a leading global role

To pull back would run counter to lessons of history and to broad interests, including our own.
Steve Grove
January 4
Don’t let the patchy grass fool you: Control Data Corp.’s headquarters in Bloomington, where the firm moved in 1962, housed a pioneering computer

Reboot required (or seeking a Minnesota Miracle 2.0)

Minnesota was once a tech leader, and that lifted the state's economy. Here's what history teaches about how to get there again.
January 4
Lan Hoang, 85, center, joined a Los Angeles rally against changing the repatriation agreement between the U.S. and Vietnam.

The U.S. and its wartime allies: Deportation threat is a new shock to South Vietnamese

It would apply to those who have been in trouble with the law. It is oblivious to the concept of redemption.
Thomas S. Kaplan and
January 4
A Syrian soldier and U.S. soldier spoke in April 2018 near the tense front line with Turkish-backed fighters in northern Syria.

The U.S. and its wartime allies: The Kurds find themselves betrayed, once again

But in this there is a decided contrast between President Donald Trump and France's Emmanuel Macron.
Mitch Pearlstein
January 4

Ideas for improving the lot of American workers (open minds requested)

A new book sounds at times like the stuff of a Democratic caucus, at others like grist for a GOP one. Either way, it sure makes you think.
January 4

In 2018, 'a profound global crisis of press freedom'

There's a growing trend of violence and intimidation against the media.
Robert Moilanen
January 3
Lt. Gov.-elect Peggy Flanagan and Gov.-elect Tim Walz, up front in St. Paul last month with several of the people selected to head government agencies

It's time for another crack at restructuring our state government

We've made a number of such attempts over the years, with limited results. There are several good reasons to try again now.
January 3

Resolved for this new year, 'with malice toward none'

Let Lincoln's message be a guide for a nation divided in 2019.
Ramesh Ponnuru
January 3
Donald Trump gave a thumbs-up to supporters on primary night in New Hampshire in February 2016. Trump topped a field of Republican candidates in that

Could Trump face a primary challenge in 2020?

It's rare for a president to have a rival for renomination, and getting rarer. But one observer thinks the risks are overstated. Let's consider.
Hugh Hewitt
January 3
The Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to vote on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Friday, Sept. 28, 2018.

A mission for the GOP Senate: Confirm judges, all day every day.

Conservative voters need to see why holding the upper chamber majority is so crucial.
January 2

Positive news about antibiotics and agriculture

New data shows there's been a healthy decrease in farm animals.
Don Reicosky
January 2
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and President Donald Trump at the Dec. 20 signing ceremony for the $867 billion farm bill in Washington.

Counterpoint: It's time to put in a good word for carbon

Yes, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, but most forms of carbon are critically important in agriculture. And the farm bill, with a program to improve soil health and keep carbon in the ground, is a winner.
Mitt Romney
January 2
In February 2012, Donald Trump and Mitt Romney exchanged greetings in Las Vegas after Trump endorsed Romney’s presidential candidacy. Romney, who be

Mitt Romney: Donald Trump has not risen to the mantle of the presidency

Some of his policies are sound, but he has been lacking in the character essential for leadership at home and abroad.
Stephen R. Miller
January 2

Ending the single-family district isn't so simple

City zoning changes may aim to alter the picture, but private accords, in the form of restrictive covenants, could undercut such efforts.
Paul J. Croce
December 31, 2018
With the new year, we’ll be making a lot of resolutions, many in the pursuit of happiness.

Which resolution should we make in the pursuit of happiness?

The 1890s works of philosopher and psychologist William James, who ditched satisfaction in favor of happiness, may offer lessons.
Mitch Daniels
December 31, 2018

Bad news for pessimists: Things aren't so bad

We're human, we worry, we need cheer. But pick your favorite worry and, measured objectively, it's likely to be getting better, not worse.
December 31, 2018

Congress reforms galling sexual harassment procedures

House and Senate members will have to reimburse settlement costs.
Doug Loon, Matt Kilian and Audra Shaneman
December 31, 2018
The Minnesota State Capitol : A new governor, Tim Walz, will take office on Monday, and the 2019 Legislature will convene on Jan. 8.

'Benchmarks' are a great tool to help move the state forward

The Chamber's annual report raises key points as Minnesota strives to keep the edge it has as an innovator with a top-flight workforce.
Jared Bernstein
December 31, 2018
An attempted crossing at the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego. A top question about security: What works best?

Five national issues that need to be addressed in 2019

In the name of nondivisive discourse, I'm calling here for clarification and better answers, irrespective of politics.
Jerry Newton
December 28, 2018
The Minneapolis Veterans Home is one of five such homes in the state: The others are in Silver Bay, Fergus Falls, Luverne and Hastings.

Providing care for veterans is essential. How and where are critical questions.

We have an absolute obligation to look after those who have served. We need to look more closely at how best to use limited resources.
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