Rash Report: 2016 campaign narrative defies expectations

Rash Report: 2016 campaign narrative defies expectations

Like the primaries and the impact of media, the DNC hack is just the latest story to morph in a different direction than anticipated.

Democratic National Convention: A trade-deal critic watches the proceedings …

July 26
I wish the TV talking heads and stage presence Sarah Silverman had gotten two messages: One — TPP opposition matters. And two — don't squeeze the Bern.

Zero tolerance is the only correct response to fat shaming

July 26
It's bullying. It doesn't matter if it's pervasive. That privacy-abusing locker-room shutterbug and Playboy alumna does not get a pass.
Jonathan Bernstein
July 29

Hillary Clinton's convention: Good enough

Overall, it's hard to see what more the Dems could do to position themselves against Trump.
Kristen Day and Charles Camosy
July 29

Why Democrats' abortion stance is a deal-breaker

The party platform's extreme planks on this issue, such as repealing the Hyde amendment, are going to drive away moderate voters.
July 28

Prosecutor forgot about due process in Freddie Gray case

State's attorney blames everyone but herself for rush to judgment.
Judith Koll Healey
July 28

Hillary Clinton nomination: Minnesota can be proud of pioneering female activists

Nowhere was there greater women's political activity in the past four decades than in Minnesota.
Virginia Heffernan
July 28

Hillary Clinton nomination: Reboot musty ol' Camp David

Reboot that woodsy place with, say, spa services and Netflix.
Gail Collins
July 28

Hillary Clinton nomination: Efforts for women in politics go back centuries

It goes back to the dedicated women arrested – for wearing pants.
E.J. DIONNE JR.washington post
July 28
President Obama was joined by Hillary Clinton after his speech Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Obama and Clinton: The team of rivals takes the field

The hope and change dreamer has learned the virtues of Clintonesque realism and now promises continuity we can believe in.
Chelsea Pratte
July 27

Honor the fear, but don't let it dictate our decisions

The lesson of Dachau rings true today: never again let hate and unchecked power impinge on human life.
Paul Musgrave
July 27

Trump, Putin and the 2016 campaign: Interfering in elections is something of an art form

It's not just the Soviet Union; the U.S. has done it, too. That's because it works (sometimes).
July 27

Trump, Putin and the 2016 campaign: 'A lot of people say' something's fishy

Just imagine, for a moment, that these conspiracy theories involved Hillary Clinton.
July 27
Former President Bill Clinton speaks during the second day of the Demo...

Talkin 'bout my girl: Bill Clinton scores another hit

Urging America to give his wife another look, a political master walked a rhetorical high wire Tuesday night.
July 26

There's at least one Russian Olympian you'll want to cheer on

Long jumper Darya Klishina got to Rio without cheating.
Megan McArdle
July 26

Democrats chose Clinton long ago. But why?

The party beat back the alternatives, and now its standard-bearer is in a tight race. With Donald Trump!
Sue Leaf
July 26

Women in leadership: Remembering Minnesota's first go at the glass ceiling

In 1876 — their first opportunity to run for a seat on a school board — two women were elected "by a handsome majority."
Larry Tye
July 26

Clinton should look to RFK as a campaign model

In 1968, there was similar national upheaval, and the candidate was on his way to overcoming a similar sense of old vs. new and good vs. bad.
Joseph I. Lieberman
July 25

So you've been nominated for VP …

Here's some advice from a guy who's been there — me, Joe Lieberman
Susan Kaercher Meyers
July 25

Dismay with the candidates: Not vote at all? In what world?

I've seen enough to know that you don't take this privilege for granted.
George F. Will
July 25

The electoral path ahead for Hillary Clinton

How likability, her VP pick and Arizona come into play.
Stanley Harpstead
July 25

Community policing: It's budget time — which means it's citizens' opportunity to ask questions

Here are a few things you might ask.
July 25

Patients should have the right to sue nursing homes

Federal rules that include arbitration clauses aren't fair.