Welcome, everyone, to the right to marry. Now, about that …

Welcome, everyone, to the right to marry. Now, about that …

Just because you can doesn't mean you have to. Although, it can be very good when approached with the right frame of mind.

Counterpoint: Why changes to Minneapolis autism program are a big deal

June 29
It's not just 23 children who are affected — although they are affected profoundly.

Take care in your assumptions about Southerners

June 29
My pop flew the Confederate flag, once a year, when I was growing up in Richfield. That’s not the last thing you should know about him, or about the South.
June 29

Kerry must be ready to walk away from Iran nuclear deal

Plan B should focus on ensuring there is support to escalate sanctions when the time comes.
Paul Krugman
June 29

Why Greeks should take a leap of faith

It's hard for a country to recover without its own currency. It's hard, also, with a crushing emphasis on austerity.
June 28

Obama's erred in publicly giving green light to cash for hostages

What will ISIL kidnappers think when they read that Obama won’t stop families from paying up?
Kaitlin Lindsey
June 28

Counterpoint: Don't go writing off Q Comp

It works. And even better, improvements to the program will increase access and equity in Minnesota schools.
Jamelle Bouie
June 28

A Bush vs. Clinton election doesn't mean a rerun of previous administrations.

The country has dealt with candidates from political families before, but each administration sets its own course.
Zachary Bolitho
June 28

The case against Colorado's pot law

Lifting the prohibition might make sense, but it’s not the issue. The Constitution is.
Katherine Kersten
June 28

Campus sustainability: Going green is just part of the plot

It’s the new religion, and it’s the new home of the entire liberal agenda.
Mark Haveman
June 27

Minnesota, the No. 1 business state. So says CNBC.

Celebrate our success, but recognize our vulnerability. And note, for the record, who’s at No. 2.
Noah Feldman
June 27

Same-sex marriage: A Supreme Court decision for the ages

In a 5-4 decision, here’s a look at what the justices were thinking.
Frank Wilkinson
June 27

Charleston shootings: Racial politics will never be quite the same

It may have required a tragedy, but change began anew last week.
Mitch Pearlstein
June 27

Charleston shootings: The power of joy, even under duress

We saw it in Charleston. We saw it in Minneapolis, midcentury.
June 27

Hillary Clinton in Minnesota: Quiet, but coordinating

Support is dependable. Coattails are a bigger question.
Chuck Leer, Mary deLaittre and Mark Oyaas
June 26

Consider a Minneapolis soccer stadium to be part of a whole

With a deadline pending, realize that this is a private stadium and a public good.
Michael J. Rush
June 26

A Twin Cities progressive cyclist manifesto

Embrace this activity, for commuting and otherwise. It's intuitive.
June 26

Let's move on and make sensible fixes to Obamacare

For one, exempt businesses with fewer than 100 employees from costly mandate.
John Rash
June 26

Ever the statesman: Walter Mondale on media and politics

Key issues are campaign finance and a vigorous press.
Margaret Sullivan
June 25

Minneapolis citywide autism program changes need not be feared

Eight things to know about the program and its evolution.
George F. Will
June 25
Security guards the Supreme Court in Washington, Thursday June 25, 201...

The Supreme Court's 'creative construing' of the Affordable Care Act

Thursday's decision demonstrates how easily judicial deference becomes judicial dereliction, with anticonstitutional consequences.
Bob Seng
June 25

The ACA is the law of the land. Now it's time to make it a better law.

Stop sniping and start improving. Here's how.
Gary Brueggemann
June 25

Perspective on the namesake of Lake Calhoun

There really were two sides to John C. Calhoun — and one of them had a profound influence on this region.
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