U.S. has moral obligation to Afghan interpreters

U.S. has moral obligation to Afghan interpreters

At a time when anti-immigrant rhetoric is running high, we must keep our doors open, and widen them, to allies who helped the U.S. at great personal risk.

It's time for America to get out of Afghanistan

December 2
"Nation-building" hasn't achieved lasting goals, Afghanis continue to suffer casualties and be displaced, and the costs to the U.S. keep mounting.

Democrats shouldn't fight confirmation of Rep. Tom Price

December 2
But they shouldn't roll over when it comes to lousy health care reform ideas.
December 3

On flag-burning and other issues, Trump tweets, posts, incites and trolls

Through social media, he feeds lies and ignorance to 36 million people.
Catherine Dehdashti
December 3

Macy's end could be near, but it's Dayton's we mourn

Macy's end could be near, but it's still Dayton's we mourn.
Tom Kertscher
December 2

PolitiFact: Stein claim about Wisconsin voting machines is absurd

The Green Party candidate said the state uses outlawed machines. That's utterly false.
Michael Guyette
December 2

Minnesota should tackle health care costs now

We can't afford to wait for a national solution. And there are things we can do, such as re-creating something like the old high-risk pool.
John Rash
December 2

Rash Report: Brexit not an exit of U.K. creativity

The British Arrows Awards, now screening at the Walker, show Britain's international cultural impact.
Adam Copeland
December 2

'Materialism' isn't always a dirty word

New focus on craft and quality redeems the 'stuff' of life.
D.J. Tice
December 2

Unions and sound policing: New evidence of an old obstacle

Police chiefs, sheriffs get overruled on disciplinary actions.
December 2

Voters do worry that billionaires buy elections

Trump, unbeholden to big money? Just a wish.
Steve Calvin
December 2

The future of health insurance: A shift change in political leadership

How a new crew made up of Republican lawmakers and Trump appointees could heal (not literally repeal) Obamacare.
December 2

Trump's pick for education secretary is a champion of reform

DeVos wants to give families ways to escape low-performing schools.
Omar Alansari-Kreger
December 2

History abounds with contributions of Islam to civilization

Extremists do no justice to Islam in preserving a slanted narrative that is sharply at odds with a record of achievement.
Cass R. Sunstein
December 2

Trump's regulatory gimmick is pretty dumb -- and it might just work.

'Add one, cut two' is itself an overly rigid regulation -- but it might force some creating thinking.
Jared Bernstein
December 1

Carrier deal: Good news for workers, good politics, but not sound economics

The action led by President-elect Trump, while a real relief for 1,100 workers, isn't a sustainable job-saving strategy.
Andrew Morgado
December 1

Junior ROTC offers opportunities, and results, for students

Data show higher high school graduation rates, lower dropout rates and a higher GPA.
Martha Rosen
December 1

Libraries serve wide range of purposes and people, some homeless

Patrons come to read, find information and, in some cases, have a place to go. If there's a problem with priorities, it isn't here.
Bernie Sanders
December 1

Bernie Sanders: Carrier just showed corporations how to beat Donald Trump

The great negotiator has revealed that companies can extract favors by threatening to offshore jobs.
Myron Orfield and Will Stancil
November 30

Counterpoint: Gentrification isn't the rental problem; poverty is

Sharply falling incomes for blacks and Latinos, not rising rents, drive a housing affordability crisis in Minneapolis.
Sharon Pierce and Rassoul Dastmozd
November 30

St. Thomas plan is laudable, but don't overlook Minnesota State's two-year colleges

In serving low-income students, colleges match up more than favorably with St. Thomas plan.
Doug Shidell
November 30

Plymouth saw the light; other cities should, too

A code that aims to minimize glare and obtrusive light offers the side benefits of reduced energy use and a lower carbon footprint.
Jacob Woods
November 30

Places in the Twin Cities where worlds sit side by side: The library. Light rail.

I went to St. Paul's Central Library to read — a shortsighted view of the building's purpose. A homeless person showed me the light.
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