Get ready for pandemonium on immigration

Get ready for pandemonium on immigration

New guidance from Homeland Security challenges prosecutorial discretion and makes every illegal immigrant a priority for deportation.

We're all being hosed by the stadium fiasco, but there is a fix

February 22
The Minneapolis mayor and City Council are trumpeting their progressive bona fides; they'd be wiser to get their financial priorities straight.

Trump's taken solid steps to control foreign policy damage

February 22
Now he needs to show he'll listen to qualified voices in his administration.
Lynda McDonnell

Illegal immigrants: We may pay a steep price for this craziness

Promising to "Make America Great Again" by expelling hard-working cleaning women and meat cutters is dishonest and cruel.
Victor Davis Hanson Tribune News Service (TNS)

Illegal immigrants: The truth is always more complex than the emotional hype

For the undocumented who are crime-free, employed and have established homes here, the public is likely to back an accomodation.
February 23

The press is no 'enemy' to Trump's pick for the Supreme Court

Judge Neil Gorsuch has a record of strong support for the First Amendment
Marc Thiessen
February 22

Journalists aren't 'enemies.' Some are just hypocrites.

Trump is wrong to use that kind of language. But so were Obama and Clinton.
Editorial staff
February 21

A guide to Editorial and Commentary

An inside look at our work and how you can contribute.
February 20

Credit Yale for understanding history, renaming Calhoun College

University showed respect for the past rather than compulsion to erase it.
Denise Johnson
February 19

A talk with Margot Lee Shetterly, the author of 'Hidden Figures'

Shetterly's bestseller is now an Oscar-nominated movie. She discusses the book, the film, her links to the true story and more.
February 18

Trump team sends chilling messages on squelching protest

Administration embraces authoritarianism in the White House.
John Rash
February 18

Rash Report: At Camp Ripley training, 'NATO is standing together'

For the 44th year, Minnesota National Guard and Norwegian Home Guard troops train together.
February 17

Trump shouldn't neglect Afghanistan

More U.S. troops and a more stable government are needed.
Paul John Scott
February 17

Rebel knell: The disobedient musician is an endangered species

Today's music cohort is so willing to play the game. Unlike the Replacements. Or Dylan. Or Prince.
Mark Dayton, Tony Lourey and Clark Johnson
February 17

Give Minnesotans another good choice on their health insurance

It's the "MinnesotaCare Buy-In," tapping a trusted program.
D.J. Tice
February 17

Here's to our nationally pertinent state political figures

Here are the Minnesota players on the national playbill.
February 17

Steve Sviggum's likely return to the Board of Regents? Copacetic.

Quick pick was needed for the board, and he's the guy.
February 17

MN Legislature should pre-empt cities on benefit mandates

A patchwork approach would hurt businesses across the state.
Gretchen Musicant
February 17

Repeal of ACA would imperil a little-known part with a huge impact

The Prevention and Public Health Fund helps communities prevent disease, not just treat it, and address other key health issues.
John Kass
February 17

Where's the liberal outrage over civil liberties in the Flynn case?

Flynn deserved his fate. But liberal Democrats, who long condemned Deep State surveillance, are happy, showing it's really all about power.
Mike Tikkanen
February 17

Painful as it is, Eric Dean lawsuit could help lift secrecy shrouding child abuse

If the suit over the boy's death increases transparency, it could help curb future horrors.
Allen C. Guelzo and James H. Hulme
February 17

California has no more right to secede than the Confederacy did

'Calexit' has no logic or legitimacy, period.
Pat Schaffer
February 16

Contract law practices aren't a suitable model for surrogacy

As the state weighs legislation in this area, it must carefully consider ethical ramifications.
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