The Starbucks coffee shop in Philadelphia where two black men waiting for a friend were handcuffed and arrested after a store employee called police.

Starbucks incident: It wasn't implicit bias. It was racism.

And it's not training we need; it's accountability — suspension, dismissal, restriction of duties, demotion.

Great expectations could sink diplomacy with North Korea

At a train station in Seoul, South Korea, last week, viewers watched a TV screen showing file footage of U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean
Better to view these talks as a start, with the word "denuclearization" taking months or even years to define.

Editorial counterpoint: In U regent debate, assassination of character (mine)

The University of Minnesota : A bill in the Legislature would disband the Regent Candidate Advisory Council that was established in 1988 to offer in
Those who are making me a target are simply trying to protect a cozy arrangement for choosing regents.

Tax Day tech meltdown at the IRS was not a surprise

But it should motivate Congress to stop ignoring the agency.
Ask Star Tribune Opinion: What would you like to know about the Legislature?

Ask Star Tribune Opinion: What would you like to know about the Legislature?

The 2018 Minnesota Legislature has been in session since Feb. 20, and we’re guessing you have questions about what’s been going on at the State…
John Rash
April 21
Dina Kawar

Rash Report: Jordan's 'rough and tough times' met with admirable compassion

Ambassador Dina Kawar reflects on her nation's resiliency.
Annette Meeks
April 20

Medical Assistance and work requirements: Proposal for able-bodied adults is modest, reasonable

Those seeking to preserve the welfare status quo are relying on myths. This plan would shore up our safety net and yield other benefits.
April 20

The 'how' of passing legislation in Minnesota: Still a mess

Longtime legislator Paul Thissen, on his way to the state Supreme Court, had some thoughts about this.
D.J. Tice
April 20

Duly noted: Supportive research on higher minimum wage

Study: Effects of wage boosts didn't cancel out gains for lowest-paid.
Stephen B. Young
April 20
President Donald Trump, with then-FBI director James Comey on Jan. 22, 2017, at the White House. Handshakes were in the distant past this week.

Ethics and leadership: How much lower can America go?

Trump-Comey sniping pits two narcissists, fitting for these times.
Mark Osler
April 20
Carver County Attorney Mark Metz announced Thursday that he was closing the two-year investigation into Prince’s death.

Fizzling out of Prince case shows that opioids are winning

If a celebrity death and a load of resources couldn't produce charges, what about the other thousands of people who are at risk?
Doug Berdie
April 20
7 habits of highly numerate people

7 habits of highly numerate people

How to protect yourself from misleading data.
Pat Doyle
April 20
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens was the subject of a sex scandal detailed in a 24-page report that was recently released by the Missouri House of Represen

How Missouri is showing up Minnesota in legislative transparency

Compare sex-scandal reports on Gov. Greitens, Rep. Cornish. What is our state hiding?
Steve Schulz
April 20
The St. Paul Cathedral.

The civil process is blocking what clergy-abuse survivors need most

We need healing. Money can't buy that, and adversarial litigation hurts. Drawing on tenets of restorative justice might help greatly.
Carl E. Burkland
April 20

A 'moonshot' health care idea: Show patients the prices

Mandatory disclosure wouldn't be a panacea but a tool to help rein in costs by spurring competition. Two bills are in the Legislature.
Dan Smith, Tim Mackey and Doug Loon
April 20
Minnesota’s roads and bridges bear a heavy load at times, as in this 2013 photo in the north metro. A proposed amendment to the state Constitution w

Editorial counterpoint: Constitutional amendment on transportation funding is needed, and sensible

Our roads and bridges are vital to the state. Constitutionally dedicated money is best for them, and a path voters have backed before.
Jennifer Rubin
April 20
In this April 27, 1988, photo, Tammie Jo Shults explained a flight maneuver to aviators at Naval Air Station Chase Field in Beeville, Texas. Shults is

From this week's news, three welcome portraits of grace under pressure

A pilot, a judge and a former first lady, all dignified, no-nonsense pros, showed we still have a lot of role models.
Noah Smith
April 20
FILE - In this April 20, 2016, file photo, a man smokes a marijuana joint at a party celebrating weed in Seattle. More than five years after Washingto

It's up to Republicans to legalize marijuana

Evidence is clear that freedom to toke brings big benefits. But only the GOP can end the federal government's reefer madness.
April 19

'Tone-deaf' Wisconsin police union is raffling an AR-15

The controversy is overshadowing effort to help two cancer patients.
Alice Hausman
April 19

Counterpoint: Don't discount the role of state investment in affordable housing

Bonding money has helped thousands get homes across Minnesota when other options don't exist.
David J. Unmacht, Patricia Nauman, Dave Smiglewski and Jill Sletten
April 19

Counterpoint: Cities are well-suited to make decisions on fees on new housing development

They aim to do what's best for their residents and realize that real solutions require public-private sector partnerships.
April 19
This combination photo shows President Donald Trump speaking during a roundtable discussion on tax policy in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., on April 5,

The decline and fall of James Comey

Nobody ever beats Trump at showboating and spite.
Brett Max Kaufman
April 19
U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood, depicted in a courtroom sketch, is presiding over hearings in New York City regarding the disposition of files seized

Who should review Michael Cohen's files? A special master

He and lawyer Michael Cohen merit the same protections as anyone else. A special master should sort out which files the government should – and shouldn't – see.
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