U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking May 21 at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative public policy think tank in Washington. Pompeo issued

Why Iran will choose to negotiate with Trump

Here are four factors that are likely to tip the balance in favor of the administration's forceful but open-to-negotiation strategy.

Will we finally end the silence around suicide?

June 15
Fashion designer Kate Spade, 55, died June 5 in her New York apartment, while chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain, 61, died June 8 at a French hotel.
Celebrity deaths could bust the myths and help end the stigma, blame and shame around America's 10th-leading killer.

Let's send Facebook some election observers

June 15
Facebook said in April that it would invite scholars to study the impact of social media on elections. The 2018 midterm elections provide a good oppor
The internet giant says we can trust it to manage things in a way that doesn't hurt democracy. I say, let's check that.
June 17

About that 'great fervor' for Kim Jong Un

Trump apparently forgot accurate account he gave last year.
Cheryal Lee Hills and Dane Smith
June 15
Making Minnesota greater again (and again)

Making Minnesota greater again (and again)

The state's 10 regional development organizations have been helping to guide planning for 50 years. They're also keeping up with the times and providing a template for this year's elections.
June 15

Do political party conventions matter in Minnesota?

Not much, unless you're an insider on the far left or right.
Leonid Bershidsky
June 15
Le Manoir Richelieu in La Malbaie, Quebec, was the site of the June 8-9 economic summit among leaders of the G-7 nations: the United States, Canada, t

Trump got trade right at the G-7: All tariffs must go

It would remove populism from the equation and put trade issues back into negotiating rooms filled with detail-oriented professionals.
Laura Dawson
June 15
On June 8, during a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G-7 summit in Quebec, President Donald Trump made a joke about leaving

No one will win Trump's fight between U.S. and Canada

The relationship between the two countries has been sometimes tense, always resilient. But this particular feud puts a lot at stake economically.
Rex Huppke Chicago Tribune
June 15
A raccoon sat on a ledge on the Town Square building in downtown St. Paul, Minn., on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. (Evan Frost/Minnesota Public Radio via AP

Yeah, but I don't like raccoons …

I say that the skyscraper-climbing critter was a harbinger of a deadly uprising.
Michael Hirsh
June 15

Global alliances lift all boats. Especially ours.

Trump thinks groups like the G-7 "rob us." Actually, they've made America rich.
Frank Bruni
June 15
Actor Robert De Niro used an expletive to condemn President Donald Trump on stage at the 72nd Annual Tony Awards last Sunday in New York.

How to lose the midterms and re-elect Trump

Enough with the hysterics and Hitler analogies. Voters will see you as you see him: deranged.
June 15

Encouraging innovation and competition in tech

Court made the right call in AT&T/Time Warner decision.
Tucker Carlson
June 14
Jan. 6, 1991 : Arne Carlson, sworn in as Minnesota governor. Among the family members on hand were son Tucker, rear right.

Father's Day: Once a governor, still a worthy role model

The examples set by my dad, Arne Carlson, have me thinking about the changing nature of our society.
June 14

There's plenty of support — but too-little action — on 'red flag' laws

With bipartisan support in Congress, what are lawmakers waiting for?
James Comey
June 14
House members conferred Thursday following a review of a Justice Department report about the FBI’s handling of the investigation of Hillary Clinton

Comey on inspector general's report: I disagree with some conclusions, but the review was welcome — and essential

In a democracy, accountability is vital, even if it involves criticism.
David W. Wick
June 14
Dawn Lindberg cares for her mother, Elsa, living at Elsa’s Twin Cities home for two-week stretches, then going to her own home an hour away for a we

Aging parents, stressed families: A possible solution to the caregiver dilemma

If we let people sacrifice their potential earnings and savings to help their loved ones, there'll be a future societal cost. Instead, we can support them with enhanced social programs or tax incentives.
Judi Dutcher
June 13
Judi Dutcher with Mike Hatch, the 2006 DFL candidate for Minnesota governor, in the Capitol the day after their election defeat.

Political campaigns: Let's not live for the gaffes and 'gotchas'

I made my mistake, and it cost me. But communication pratfalls don't necessarily indicate a lack of knowledge or skill. Things happen. Cut candidates some slack.
Richard Greelis
June 13
Seventeen police dogs and their handlers graduated from St. Paul’s K-9 training program last month. During events marking the occasion at the Timoth

Policing: Careful with limits on K-9 apprehensions

Good training and relationships are needed, but so is flexibility, because one never knows how a police call will develop.
Max Stier
June 13

There's an HR crisis in the federal government

The problems with hiring and personnel management are perennial — and fundamental. Here's how to fix them.
June 13

Will Trump-Kim summit be a springboard to future diplomacy?

It's natural to wonder, but so far all we have are high hopes.
June 12

Charles Krauthammer wrote for all the right reasons

Columnist didn't seek approval from the powerful; he wanted us to think.
Ed Rogers
June 12
Against a backdrop of the two nations’ flags, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met President Donald Trump on Tuesday on Singapore’s Sentosa Island.

Sometimes just showing up is what counts, and Trump did

You can get whiplash with this president, but at least there's progress.
Victor Cha
June 12
President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un walked from lunch Tuesday at the Capella resort on Singapore’s Sentosa Island. Both leade

Give Trump and Kim credit for walking us back from war

Their agreement is just a beginning, but consider where we were just five months ago. (Or for the last 65 years.)
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