Stop this name-calling and debate the issues

Stop this name-calling and debate the issues

Overuse of the ultimate epithet — “racist” — robs it of meaning. Overuse of the ultimate epithet — "racist" — robs it of meaning.

Editorial counterpoint: No, PolyMet process would set a low bar

January 18
Proposal to store mine waste behind outdated earthen dam puts people and water at risk.

We know Trump's cholesterol levels, but why no tax returns?

January 18
Transparency on physical exam is a welcome change for the president.
Executive Committee
January 18

As journalists, we decry this appalling editorial

A letter from the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh in response to an editorial published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Morris M. Kleiner
January 17

Need a license to do your job? That may be excessive

Congress should curb this costly scheme that imposes barriers.
Patrick Sharkey
January 17

How crime's decline is transforming U.S. cities

It's not just well-off, gentrified areas. Poorer neighborhoods have been lifted up, too, thanks to policing and nonprofit efforts.
January 17

After Brexit, the E.U. needs London to be a healthy finance hub

It should agree to give financial services firms partial access to the market.
Michael R. Strain
January 17
FILE - In this March 22, 2017 file photo, Administrator of the Centers...

Trump's Medicaid work requirement is totally reasonable

Obamacare brought a whole new population into the progam. That makes it sensible to allow states more flexibility.
January 16

Newspapers vs. Google-Facebook duopoly

Media outlets should be able to band together to negotiate with tech firms.
Ian Klepetar
January 16

Here's another way society discriminates: Free parking

We all pay for it when we shop, even if we don't use it. Transportation equality must take shape in the Twin Cities.
Michelle Goldberg
January 16

Sexual ethics: The big flip on who cares

The president and the porn star; the TV star on a date: Who's in trouble? Things have changed.
John Kass
January 16

Yes, Trump's the villain on immigration. But not all wrong.

His style is crude, dishonorable. For that, there's a film analogy. But there's a reason he was elected on this issue, and it still applies.
Roger McNamee
January 16

How Facebook can protect our society from bad actors

A road map for Mark Zuckerberg, from an early investor.
Marco Rubio and Chris Van Hollen
January 16

A bipartisan plan to protect our elections against foreign influence

They're in danger. Congress must defend them. Introducing the Deter Act.
January 15

Along with climate change, blame development for rising disaster costs

Building in high-risk areas is costing the U.S. billions when storms hit.
Neeraj Mehta
January 15

The equality imperative for Minneapolis: Don't force integration

Instead of moving residents into white neighborhoods, target the basic societal structures that limit people — wherever they choose to live.
Edwin Swaray
January 15

Reflections of a Minnesotan from a country on the president's list

We saw the U.S. as a place where we could pursue our dreams. And our dreams were fulfilled. Judge for yourself whether we're contributing in return.
Tyler Cowen
January 15

Was Trump right or wrong about immigration? Let's consult the data.

Turns out that Africa is sending us its best and brightest.
Mohamed A. El-Erian
January 15

The ripple effect of Walmart's wage hike

This is a promising sign for growth for both compensation and consumption.
Lawrence R. Jacobs
January 15
Former Vice President Walter Mondale smiles as he gets on an elevator ...

Thinking of Walter Mondale near his 90th birthday: A great leader. A great teacher.

He's been a great leader, but also a great teacher. I've had the privilege of witnessesing this firsthand.
Norman Sherman and John G. Stewart
January 14

40th anniversary of Hubert Humphrey's death: How would he view current events?

He was innovative. He was thoroughly decent. This tells us what he'd be up to today.
January 13

On CHIP and DACA, Congress must protect children

Deportation, lack of health care threaten those who are most vulnerable.
The Economist
January 12

A year in office: Judge Trump on what he does

Which, thus far, has been not good, but not cataclysmic.
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