Teamwork is the key to unlocking the brain's secrets

Teamwork is the key to unlocking the brain's secrets

Researchers are uniting to understand and conquer devastating neurological diseases.

Nationalism is not the only threat to peace

October 8
Nationalism is not the only threat to peace
Experience has raised valid concerns about unity and global democracy as the formula to prevent war and strife.

Trump: Hail the Andrew Jackson of our time

October 8
Trump: Hail the Andrew Jackson of our time
A fierce tribal chieftain arose once before to slay the effete elite.
October 8

Ben Carson in Wonderland

Even in this field, the brain surgeon stands out for his brainless remarks.
Carl Elliott
October 7

U owes mistreated psychiatric subjects an apology

Patients who can no longer be recruited for research while under an emergency 72-hour hold deserve thanks, not blame.
David Gerson
October 7

Grass-roots uprising is real story in Second Congressional District race

Establishment Republicans have been replaced by a movement I’m proud to be part of.
Virginia Postrel
October 7

When we forbid rough play, kids get hurt

Research shows it’s roughhousing that teaches kids to be gentle. Too many rules are based on ignorance of that.
Dallas Morning News editorial
October 7

Secret Service troubles continue with attempt to embarrass congressman

Agents’ misuse of critic’s personnel records is a blatant abuse by an agency needing to get a grip on itself.
Leonid Bershidsky
October 7

Why Angela Merkel should win the Nobel Peace Prize

Imperfect but courageous responses on Putin, Greece, and Syrian refugees should earn the honor for the German leader (and by extension her rehabilitated nation).
Shauna McDonald
October 7

Counterpoint: No, playground consultants are NOT against fun

We are supporting social-emotional learning by leveraging the power of play.
Editorial in the Los Angeles Times
October 6

The NRA's puppets in Congress have banned CDC research on guns

Federal agency charged with studying public health is silent as toll rises.
Fred Nolan
October 6

No, Minnesota's dual-credit plan is NOT broken

Is there any evidence that high school students taking college courses learn more when their teachers have different credentials?
Steve Kelley
October 6

Counterpoint: No, charters are NOT unconstitutional

Minnesota’s Constitution is different — and we shouldn’t be too quick to turn our schools over to the courts.
Ari Harow
October 6

Europe is naive if it doubts terrorists are among the swarming refugees

Perhaps two percent are ISIL fighters sent to inflitrate the West.
October 5

Bush's energy plan takes a pass on climate change

A true conservative would offer up a mix of market-based policies.
Noah Feldman
October 5

This term, the Supreme Court may take a right turn

Two important cases, on unions and affirmative action, have liberals bracing for conservative victories.
Doyle McManus
October 5

What if Putin's Syria policy makes more sense than Obama's?

Putin’s policy is ruthless, practical — and effective. Obama’s is noble, idealistic — and hapless
Kent Nerburn
October 5

It's our gun culture that's mentally ill

We must change, not just laws, but hearts and minds — beginning with our own.
Nathan Dungan
October 3

Jack Black's appearance was a publicity gimmick for his new movie

This type of promotion is a blatant violation of the Minneapolis Public Schools policy on advertising in the schools.
Philip K. Howard
October 2

Presidential candidates talk tough but bureaucracy will eat them up

None have a plan to unclog the gears of bureaucracy, which will render them helpless.
Stephen B. Young and Asad Zaman
October 2

Muslims respect constitutional principles

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson was wrong:Their faith is indeed compatible with constitutional democracy.
October 2

Needed in the Middle East: Backbone like Putin's

It may be hubris, but it beats Obama's dithering.
George F. Will
October 2

The James Webb Space Telescope: Helping us find our place

The new tool for discovery is an out-of-this-world, only-in-America achievement.
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