How test scores can block black students from the University of Minnesota

How test scores can block black students from the University of Minnesota

Admissions policies continue to hurt African-Americans disproportionately, such as an arbitrary ranking on the ACT.

Really, NFL, this is a protest? Stop killing the players with kindness

Really, NFL, this is a protest? Stop killing the players with kindness
A lesson from the civil rights era: If owners punished a few stars, it might move the goalposts.

Soldiers who lost their lives in Niger should be honored

Soldiers who lost their lives in Niger should be honored
Instead, Trump has managed to trivialize their deaths.
Cass R Sunstein
President Donald Trump speaks at the Heritage Foundation's annual Pres...

The Marxist tactics of Trumpism

To enflame the divisions within free societies is an old Communist ploy. The Russians (and the Donald) both use it today.
October 18

Don't expect Middle East calm after fall of Raqqa

It's a victory over ISIS, the army, but terror threat persists.
Neel Kashkari
October 18

We must weed out Minnesota's lousy charter schools

Choice and competition should help close the gap. But something's not working.
Marion O’ Neill
October 18

Editorial counterpoint: Incomplete, inaccurate data sank state employee contracts

Why our legislative subcommittee rejected the contracts for public unions. "Just trusting" the state budget agency isn't good enough.
Craig Lancaster
October 18

Sexual misconduct: 'MeToo,' I hear you. And 'YesIHave.'

Confessions and reflections of a good man, who is listening — and learning a lot.
Marc A. Thiessen
October 18

To protect gun rights, Congress must outlaw bump-stocks on its own

Empowering the executive branch to tighten restrictions would be far more threatening to the 2nd Amendment than legislation.
Shannon Watson
October 17

Political discourse: One side doesn't fit all

I don't find it hard to listen to others without bristling, because my own views don't fit neatly into a category. Maybe yours don't, either, if you stop to think about it.
October 17

New dashboard technology is adding to the distracted-driving problem

Navigation systems are useful, but we don't need all bells and whistles.
Wy Spano
October 17

Something to be glad about in politics?

A little optimism might help, especially in the area of elections.
William Dolan and John James
October 17

Tax reform, as proposed, threatens charitable giving

This would result from the loss of incentive that's inherent in increasing the standard deduction. But there's an existing solution.
Megan McArdle
October 17

Yes, the census is worth more than one Big Mac a year

That's your personal cost, taxpayer. That's all Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross needs Congress to commit you to so that we don't screw it up.
Mary Nicklawske
October 16

Sexual misconduct: We all know a Harvey, and he doesn't work alone

For there to be men like this — and believe me, there are many — there also must be people and a society supporting him.
Rena Kraut
October 16

Sexual misconduct: 'Me, too' is what we now must be able to say

It's not oversharing. It's vital information — for women and girls, and for boys and men.
Peter Mehlman
October 16

Hollywood's way: Don't ask, don't tell much

Delving deeply is not our thing. The open secret is, regrettably, enough.
Christine M. Flowers
October 16

Girl Scouts have every right to be mad about Boy Scouts' welcome

The kindler, gentler, "triggered by a lawsuit" Scouts are forcing us to open up the doors to everyone, for everything. And the message that feminine girls are getting is that they are not good enough if they like crafting over rafting, singing over swinging a bat, cookies over rookies.
October 14

Reality has set in for NFL owners

They had players' backs three weeks ago, but the tide may have turned.
October 13

There's still more work to be done on measles

With the recent outbreak over, now it's time for Minnesota to end the personal exemption from necessary vaccines.
October 13

College admissions: Trump is the guardian of white advantage

Those in the majority have not, in fact, lost ground to affirmative action, but to President Donald Trump, they are the victims.
Jim Rowader
October 13

U.S. loses in soccer. Why? Too much drive, not enough fun.

It starts at the youth level, as any family involved knows.
Ed Murphy
October 13

Twin Cities homelessness: Seniors find themselves on street, in shelters

Serving their needs is a particular challenge.
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