Attack on Bloomington Islamic center: If some can't feel at ease in worship, none should

Attack on Bloomington Islamic center: If some can't feel at ease in worship, none should

It is our responsibility as citizens to preserve and defend the nearly 400-year-old American way of religious liberty.

Steve Ballmer's effort to build consensus on facts

August 7
The man, you might know. The website he's built, you should get to know. Because, there, you'll find out things you ought to know.

'America First' should yield to realism on trade

Trump administration runs risks as it weighs pressing China.
Kevin Burkart and Jason King

Met Council needs to change to meet today's demands; here's a proposal

Let's try a blend of what works well now with a model that draws upon local elected officials.
Bruce Hoppe, Charles Hathaway, Char Mason, Pat McGuire and Nancy McGuire

Development plan for St. Paul Ford site is deeply flawed

Crowding, congestion, noise, to name a few. And it's not just "some neighbors" who are opposed.
Noah Feldman
A counter demonstrator uses a lighted spray can against a white nation...

The (constitutional) rights and wrongs of Charlottesville

Ugly speech and protests are protected under the Constitution. Violence is definitely not -- and "fighting words" may not always be.
Tony Horwitz

Charlottesville may move Confederacy's interminable afterlife closer to an end

Supremacists' actions belied portrait of noble "Lost Cause."
Kevin Aldwaik
August 16

City's exile of menthol cigarettes is ill-conceived and patronizing

Minneapolis' move to limit sales of such cigarettes also will have unintended outcomes.
Phyllis Kahn
August 16

Minneapolis election is overlooking a critical issue

It's public housing, which is vitally important to our most vulnerable citizens. The city must devise a long-term plan to fund this huge asset.
Paul Ostrow
August 16

Dated and confusing, Minneapolis' government structure sorely needs an overhaul

Citizens deserve an updated form of government, better able to navigate accelerating changes in the community.
August 16

Mayo studies its own opioid habits

With admirable transparency, the clinic considers new guidelines.
August 15

Trump administration fails transparency test on advisory groups

The public deserves more information on possible conflicts of interest.
Chris Johnson
August 15

Southern culture is spring from which racism erupts

More dark days are ahead unless our leadership embraces true inclusiveness.
Gary Abernathy
August 15

Is an honest talk about race even possible these days?

The attacks on Trump for his remarks have reached new heights of frenzy.
Brett Webb
August 15

Editorial counterpoint: Minnesota's biodiesel mandate goes too far

The fuel is very capable, but it has limitations due to temperature, infrastructure and price concerns. Further reforms are needed.
August 14

Trump's foolish statements were an affront to the nation

Despite the president's effort Monday to rectify his failure to blame white supremacists, his initial comments demonstrated a lack of moral judgment.
Neeraj Mehta
August 14

One person's 'mainstream' is another's oppressive status quo

Minneapolis' problem isn't a small group of leftists with outsized influence; it's a stratified social order that leads to injustice.
Dahleen Glanton
August 14
Days after the violence in Charlottesville, Va., President Donald Trump on Monday personally condemned white supremacists who incited the bloody demonstrations.

An angry white leader of angry white men

Americans who thought bigotry would die out with the aging population must be sorely disappointed.
Danielle Allen
August 13

Charlottesville is not the continuation of an old fight. It is something new.

My heart goes out to the families of the three who died in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday. My head reaches out toward the question of…
Michael Nesset
August 11

The good old days … really were, in ways

What do I miss? The things that sometimes brought people together.
John Rash
August 11

Rash Report: Steve Sack on his 'little piece of real estate in the paper'

A book and a "Talk of the Stacks" event reflect remarkable career of the Star Tribune cartoonist.
John Phelan
August 11

Editorial counterpoint: More workers will help us prosper, if they're the right kind of workers

Amid worries about Minnesota's labor shortage, entrepreneurship may be what matters.
Kris Potter
August 11

A dreaded flashback to 'duck and cover' in the '60s

This week's frightening war of words recalled memories of the fears that lay just below the surface of my sunny, California childhood.
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