House Speaker Paul Ryan at a Capitol Hill news conference last week marking the six-month anniversary of the tax reform bill.

George F. Will on the 2018 election: Give Republicans in Congress a time-out

Send them to the wilderness so they can contemplate their failure of responsibility.

Nonprofit waded into the middle of child separation. Why?

June 22
President Donald Trump held up the executive order he signed on Wednesday to end family separations at the border.
IRS disclosures for Southwest Key Programs show growth in both revenue and government grants. One wonders about the mission.

Counterpoint: There's more to the subject of downtown pot stings

June 22
Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo addressed the media at City Hall in early June.
It's a complex problem, and just blaming the police for racial disparities won't get us to justice or safety.
Lynda McDonnell
June 22

Living in Minnesota: Our land, their land; our history, their history

It's all intertwined, in many regards not in a good way. But we must also go forward. How to do that?
June 22

Video game addiction now a global disorder

The World Health Organization asserts that screen time can be harmful.
John Rash
June 22
The Somali Museum Dance Troupe performs traditional dances from all regions of Somalia. The troupe, made up of high school and college students, is am

Rash Report: The migration issue is global, and growing

History Center's "Somalis + Minnesota" shows how immigration enriches.
Rene Denfeld
June 22

The other missing-children scandal: Lost foster kids

Thousands of foster children are unaccounted for in this country, for reasons ranging from strained agencies to high staff turnover to insufficient federal oversight. The consequences can be dire.
June 22

Immigration and the Minnesota governor's race

For this state, it's a workforce issue. We need light, not heat.
Lisa Vecoli
June 22
From left: Ferne Hoeft, Marjean Hoeft, Merlin Hoeft, Jill Vecoli, Lisa Vecoli and Rudi Vecoli at Twin Cities Pride in 1995.

From the Twin Cities Pride Parade grand marshal: Oh, if my younger self could have seen this day

I participated relatively early, at a quiet, limited event in 1982. Today, the scene is different, and I am the grand marshal.
Joseph W. Anthony
June 22

'Good Germans,' 'Good Americans': Where are we headed?

To take the right route, we must defend the values that made America great and resist the lies that undermine it.
Katherine Kersten
June 22
Photo illustration

Sex and the single mind: The origins of #MeToo

A culture hell-bent on separating pleasure from responsibility made #MeToo inevitable, so now should come the reflective part of the reckoning.
June 22

Trade wars: The view from southeastern Minnesota

Midwest farmers will be casualties.
Kim Crockett
June 22
The U.S. Supreme Court is poised to decide Janus vs. AFSCME by the end of June. The case hinges on whether public employees must pay “fair share”

Overturning 'fair share' union fees would restore balance

Many public employees object to union policies. The Supreme Court is in a position to overturn a requirement of "fair share" fees.
Sara Suppan
June 22

PUC's final public meetings on Line 3 have been an affront to the concept

The commission wasn't prepared for the predictably high level of interest. And the effect of that was to limit the public voice.
Paul Gazelka
June 21
President Donald Trump with state Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka.

Hitching a ride with the president in Duluth: An enlightening honor

I was struck by how attentive he was to the issues that affect Minnesotans' daily lives.
Faron Jackson Sr.
June 21

Lots of agendas on Line 3, lots of people speaking about 'tribal interests.' Here's the Leech Lake Band's actual position.

We cannot move or replace our lands in the event of an oil spill. To set the record straight, we want an end to pipelines.
Dana Milbank
June 21
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross prepared ahead of a Senate Finance Committee hearing on tariffs on Wednesday in Washington.

No soup for you: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross sits before a Senate committee to talk tariffs

President Donald Trump says trade wars are "easy." Here come the first American casualties.
James Tohal
June 21
In this July 5, 1950, photo, American foot soldiers left the railroad station at Taejon, South Korea, en route to the battle front against North Korea

As attention returns to Korean Peninsula, let's remember 'Forgotten War'

It wasn't our most prominent engagement, but the truth is, U.S. servicemen suffered under circumstances that are hard to forget.
Tina Smith
June 20
This photo provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families shows part of a shelter used to ho

U.S. Sen. Tina Smith: Ending a bad family-separation policy won't fix the humanitarian crisis

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen must resign. Republicans in Congress must get their act together. And all of us must understand that the issue of family separation isn't just along our southern border, it also affects those swept up in ICE raids.
Francis Wilkinson
June 20

New York case against Trump may be prophetic

With respect to the investigation of his foundation's activities as compared to the Mueller probe, different circumstances but similar behavior.
June 19

'Deaths of despair,' American-style

Our epidemics of suicide and opioid overdoses require urgent action.
Anne Williamson
June 19
Twin Metals Minnesota, a subsidiary of the Chilean mining giant Antofagasta, plans a controversial copper-nickel mine southeast of Ely, near the Bound

Editorial counterpoint: On mining, let's follow facts and the law

When it comes to "rigorous, technology-driven and independent analysis" of plans, we in the industry wholeheartedly agree. Such processes are in place and can be trusted.
Jeffrey Ho, Charlie Lick, John Lyng, Marc Conterato, Paul Nystrom and Kevin Sipprell
June 19

Counterpoint: Discussion of ketamine use on suspects is incomplete

As EMS medical directors in the Twin Cities, we want members of the public to understand all the factors that must be considered — and the care we take in our work.
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