Spread the word to end the word — the r-word

You know the one — the one that's deeply offensive toward people with intellectual disabilities and their families, and that uses their existence as an insult.

How to nudge people to give more to charity

December 11
A largely untried idea is to make increased contributions automatic, as with efforts to boost retirement savings. It could clear a hurdle in human nature.

Arctic protection pact is a minor miracle of cooperation

December 11
A rare coalition of countries has agreed to prohibit coastal fishing.
Arne Carlson
December 11

Arne Carlson: From personal to political, rue the rush to judgment

Whenever in history we've abandoned due process, we've damaged ourselves.
Elaine Ou
December 11

No, Bitcoin mining won't melt the polar ice caps

Yes, the data farms required to possess this electronic currency consume a lot of energy. But in the full context, Bitcoin is positively green.
Stephen Mihm
December 11

The Logan Act's history of partisan hackery

Maybe better if Robert Mueller doesn't go this route.
Timothy Taylor
December 10

China's rise: The wealth of a nation (not ours)

A lot of people, living much better lives, in a land not as influentially far away as it once was. What do we think about this? I, for one, rejoice.
December 9

Companies need more workers with basic computer skills — not coders

Advanced training less important than knowing off-the-shelf software.
December 9

Let Mueller do his work, or nation will suffer

There'll be terrible consequences if Trump fires special counsel.
Ross Douthat
December 8

Tax plan is a betrayal, yes, but could be worse

With the GOP running away from the working class, there are opportunities for Democrats.
December 8

To turn 'merry Christmas' into fighting words is to lose their meaning

I implore my fellow believers to see that pugnacity and spite are not how we bring about a renaissance of Christian culture.
Steven Dornfeld
December 8
Sen. Al Franken’s decision to step down amid a growing sexual-harassment scandal has scrambled Minnesota’s 2018 election.

Celebrities in politics: Minnesotans, have you finally learned?

Other than embarrassment, what have you gotten for your generous support?
Morris J. Allen
December 8

I long for my Jerusalem, but not this way

Presidential declarations won't get us there. Hard work is needed.
John Rash
December 8

Rash Report: 'Darkest Hour,' but enduring light on Winston Churchill

New movie about the British prime minister is just the latest reflection on a leader who has become a legend.
December 8

ABC News screwup reminds us that reporters are human, too

Brian Ross made a serious mistake and is being held accountable.
Jay Kaganoff
December 8

In hindsight, Clarence Thomas needs to resign

For us conservatives, the "#MeToo" movement means it's time to reconsider the Hill case.
Denise Specht
December 8

Counterpoint: The Legislature was wrong to weaken tenure

Union protections empower women, especially, to speak out about harassment.
John C. “Chuck” Chalberg
December 8

Let clock run down on organized sports in schools

We need to return to the days of a healthy balance between teams and lessons. Private clubs can fill in the gap.
Gary Abernathy
December 8

Why would we Trump supporters turn on him? He's doing what he promised.

And the recent Hollywood/media/left wing epiphany on their heroes' sex antics? Way too little, way too late.
December 7

Trump takes a gamble 'delivering' on Jerusalem

Previous presidents had made similar pledges but not followed through.
Geoffrey Emerson
December 7

Why my patients can't get to doctor appointments: It's too many bike lanes

It's winter. In Minneapolis. And vehicle traffic is strangled. What would an ambulance do?
Richard Adair
December 7

Why my patients can't get to doctor appointments: Not enough buses

If you heard the heartbreaking stories like I did, you'll know why we need better transit.
December 7

Minnesota Dems might have stood by Franken; the D.C crowd would not

The Minnesota senator's fall is confirmation that the culture has shifted toward respect and dignity.
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