Internet voting and paperless machines have got to go

The integrity of our elections depends on using systems based on paper ballots.

High court has curbed life-without-parole for juveniles, but state case may open new door

May 21
Recent case could dilute the effect of high court restrictions on life without parole.

Trump needs to outline a strategy for Afghanistan

May 22
It's essential to reach a negotiated settlement with the Taliban.
Fred Hiatt
May 22

If you think a Trump impeachment could be smooth, while also curing what ails us, dream on

Trump allies would see his removal as election thievery. And it would do nothing to solve the problems that contributed to his win.
Bill Krouse
May 22

I'm a trucker; as summer travel season starts, please join me in helping keep our roads safe

Our industry strives for that. For all of us, the most vital trip is the one home to our families.
Ahmed Tharwat
May 22

To Arabs, Trump is just America without its mask

Melania's dress? Avoid a rude thumbs-up? What's "rude" is U.S. failure to support Arab people's aspirations.
Steve Chapman
May 21

A thought for critics who say baseball's gotten wussified: Tough guys don't whine

Every generation regards the next one as soft and weak.
May 20

Paying a toll to enter Wisconsin?

Momentum grows for tolling to address dire road-funding need.
Tony Schwartz
May 20

Trump the man: What you see is what you get. It never evolves.

I wrote "The Art of the Deal" with him. His drive for domination, and his self-sabotage in the pursuit thereof, is rooted in his past.
May 20

Are visionary Republicans history in our state?

A post-Watergate Minnesota GOP chairman has this advice: If there's chaos in Washington, keep it there. Put on an orderly show in St. Paul.
May 20

Professional pictorial pontificators: 150 years of cartoon history

A journey through newspapers past.
May 20

Trump team overcorrects with full embrace of Saudi Arabia

After blasting Saudis during campaign, president lacks healthy skepticism.
John Rash
May 20

Star Tribune Globe to spin again as world news comes full circle

International news events echo the original unveiling of the globe in 1951.
Kirk O. Kolbo
May 20

In crossing an ocean, Charles Lindbergh riveted a nation and the world

On the 90th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's extraordinary solo flight, his story still tells us something about heroes, and ourselves.
Stephen L. Carter
May 19

Can a special counsel uncover the truth? Dream on

We know how this (usually) works. Interminable investigation, grand juries, underlings prosecuted for perjury, and a murky ending.
Carl P. Leubsdorf
May 19
Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken question the Republican side as the Senate Judiciary Committee discusses the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch Monday.

Franken, Klobuchar on long, early lists of Democratic mentionables for 2020

Worth considering : How many mentioned Donald Trump in May of 2013?
May 18

Incumbent President Hassan Rouhani is best bet in Iranian elections

It was under his leadership that Iran agreed to curb nuclear weapons program.
May 18

This tax break for private-school donations would take a wrong turn

This tax break would deal a blow to charities and public schools.
Anne Weyandt
May 18

Nonpublic schools can and should play vital role in quest for educational justice

We need to move past "public" vs. "private" labels to help students of color and those in poverty get chances at schools with proven records.
Gregory C. Pratt
May 18

Successful examples show critics are wrong about support for bike lanes

Examples show most people like them, even if some folks initially balk. So give them a chance.
David Banks
May 18

The Trump presidency: Remember — in this country, the wand still chooses the wizard

There should be no hesitation in checking President Trump's autocratic tendencies.
Erik Wemple
May 18

The evil Roger Ailes did will live after him

His partisan 'news' sensibility has changed the country for some time to come.
Cathy ten Broeke
May 18

Housing stability: An urgent need, a critical investment

Despite progress, homelessness here is still widespread. Housing stability is a necessary condition for almost every goal for our state.
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