Black or white, the poor are trapped at the bottom

Black or white, the poor are trapped at the bottom

The "Gatsby Curve" means they have little hope, much to fear.

3 reasons why a plan for free tuition won't work

July 22
For starters, the Clinton-Sanders view would aid the wealthier.

Patients should have the right to sue nursing homes

July 25
Federal rules that include arbitration clauses aren't fair.
Joseph I. Lieberman
July 25

So you've been nominated for VP …

Here's some advice from a guy who's been there — me, Joe Lieberman
Susan Kaercher Meyers
July 25

Dismay with the candidates: Not vote at all? In what world?

I've seen enough to know that you don't take this privilege for granted.
George F. Will
July 25

The electoral path ahead for Hillary Clinton

How likability, her VP pick and Arizona come into play.
Stanley Harpstead
July 25

Community policing: It's budget time — which means it's citizens' opportunity to ask questions

Here are a few things you might ask.
Richard W. Painter
July 25

As a pro-business Republican, my vote is for ... Clinton

For economic reasons alone, she is our best bet for next 4 years.
Josh Rogin
July 25

Clinton must convince voters the world is not falling apart

Her yet-to-be-focused strategy of touting her State Department achievements comes up against Donald Trump's doomsday.
Jonathan Capehart
July 25

With Tim Kaine, there is more than meets the eye

He checks off a lot of boxes, and in his first appearance with Clinton, he even challenged the conventional wisdom that he's boring.
David Banks
July 24

Hillary Clinton: The comparisons

The Trump convention may have collected people it needed. For those still on the fence, consider Clinton alongside some flawed but productive pols, or as a happy medium, or even as the devil you know.
July 23

A victory for voting rights in Texas

Court's ruling is a signal that other states should pay attention to.
Jennifer Rubin
July 22

Beware the dark words of an authoritarian strongman

We have never had a candidate whose speech was so un-Republican and undemocratic.
July 22

In Trump's America, signs of the apocalypse

The nominee played on people's real fears and pains to exaggerate his vague, simplistic solutions.
John Rash
July 22

Rash Report: From 1968 to 2016 ... Trump, Nixon, and Ailes

History comes full circle for the three during the week of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
July 22

Hillary Clinton is getting no quarter on behalf of equality

What's behind that? Perhaps it's the evolution of the women's movement.
July 22

PolitiFact: The track record of Trump's acceptance speech

Fifteen of the Republican nominee's statements get put to the fact-checking test and produce the following range of results
D.J. Tice
July 22

Those looked to for leadership should cool the rhetoric on race

President Obama is starting to get it. Still wondering about Gov. Mark Dayton.
July 22

Here's a new twist on an old issue — waiting in line

Brazil gives those over 60 a break, but why not lanes for the very slow?
July 22
Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, speaks during the fina...

Donald Trump: The Dark Knight

The nominee strides forward as a brooding super hero for a blood-drenched world.
Sandra H. Johnson
July 21

Counterpoint on policing and race: I see your point. Now, let's talk about solutions.

For first steps to equality and justice, build a level playing field for kids in poverty.
July 21

The U.S. and Russia continue odd relationship

While Kerry seeks cooperation, U.S. diplomats face harassment.
Laura Huizar and Karen Marty
July 21

Let Minneapolis voters decide on a $15 minimum wage

Under state law, residents met the requirements to place this measure on the November ballot as a charter amendment.