Addressing the mental health crisis in our jails

Addressing the mental health crisis in our jails

In Hennepin County, we are putting solutions in place. But we need help from our state and congressional leaders, and we need it now.

If you're checking your phone at the stoplight, that's a no-texting zone

October 14
Hey you, looking at your lap when you're waiting in your car! That's rude, dangerous ­— and illegal.

Boko Haram isn't done spreading death and destruction

October 19
Nigeria will need help eradicating the extremist Islamist group.
Erik Wemple

The Clinton crowd's emails are scandalous, no matter who pilfered them.

Funny, nobody obsessed about who 'stole' Trump's tax returns (or why).
October 20

N.Y.-to-D.C. shuttle fiasco sheds light on what a Trump presidency may be

He was not interested in facts or analysis. He was desperate for the deal. And he overpaid.
John Gunyou
October 20

Elections are not about candidates or political parties, they're about voters

If it all seems wearying or "rigged," remember this.
Stephen Mihm
October 20

Debates leave voters much to ponder

Trump is not reflecting the dignity, or respect for the presidency, of past candidates who have had real claims to being swindled.
Aaron J. Brown
October 19

Canadians can't fathom the length of our political campaigns

Consider the Eighth Congressional District race with that in the adjacent jurisdiction across the border.
Mike Hatch
October 19

Mike Hatch: Six actions Minnesota can take now to combat health-insurance costs

These premium increases are not acceptable.
Faith Ralston
October 19

We can put civility back in discussion

Don't wait for everyone else. Be the first.
Albert R. Hunt
October 19

After "rigged election" Clinton will be pushed to clean up a "rigged economy."

The left (with help from the GOP) will make life difficult for President Hillary Clinton.
October 18

Trump's 'rigged' election talk threatens democracy

There's no evidence to support his dangerous voter fraud claims.
Ron Britz
October 18

Wells Fargo's cross-selling controversy: In defense of John Stumpf

I've known this good man for 50 years. He was the leader, so he's taken the heat — but it's not a fair reflection of his legacy.
Mark W. Sheffert
October 18

Wells Fargo fiasco resulted from leadership culture the company apparently plans to keep

Insular, entrenched executives, a pliant board of directors, and a new CEO from the ranks are the makings of more problems.
Mark Dayton
October 18

Gov. Mark Dayton: Don't believe Republicans; MNsure is not the problem

They are, with their obstructive tactics in the state House and Senate. I need DFL majorities in both houses of the Legislature to fulfill my pledge of progress.
Bill O'Brien
October 18

Politics in 2016: An apology to millennial voters, and a wish

You didn't create this presidential campaign mess, and you certainly can't heal it to perfection. But you know what? You can vote and make things a lot better.
Chris Cillizza
October 18

Hillary Clinton's e-mail problems just came roaring back

There's a suggestion that at least one person at the State Department was discussing a "quid pro quo" with the FBI. There's no evidence that Clinton was involved, but it's more kindling for the fire.
Leonid Bershidsky
October 18

Arkansas is pleased to forget Hillary Clinton

Shifting party alliances aside, it struck me as strange that the state's former activist first lady doesn't enjoy lingering support from her time and achievements there. I set out to learn why.
October 17

What's a voter like me to do? (Part three: The social conservative)

Values are marginalized on this ballot — so my pick is who state caucusgoers wanted: Marco Rubio. I'll write him in.
Greg Bolles
October 17

Politics in 2016: What's the lesson kids are learning from this?

Nowadays, it seems to be OK for supporters of one candidate to be ostracized by backers of another. Whatever happened to civility?
October 17

Why have so many men dropped out of the labor force?

New study has found that painkillers are taking a toll.
David Stillman
October 17

Nation's newest voters are not the millennials, but 14 million Gen Zers

Many in this group, born between 1995 and 2012, are coming of age.
E.J. Dionne Jr.
October 17

What the left must do if it wins

Even if Trump loses big, the anger will remain. Here's how to address it.
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