For Holocaust Remembrance Day, seeking the stories too painful to tell

For Holocaust Remembrance Day, seeking the stories too painful to tell

From Minneapolis to Auschwitz, the memories ebb and flow, but the horrors of genocide are not to be forgotten.

Counterpoint: Pension fixes are already on the table

April 29
And the Legislature should adopt our proposals for two of our public plans.

A closed presidential primary would violate Minnesota voters' privacy

April 29
Party affiliations would be required and the voter lists would be public.
Ramesh Ponnuru
May 3

Do you hate Trump voters? You've got a problem

An intelligent and decent person shouldn't back Donald Trump — but an intelligent and decent person nonetheless might.
Joshua J. Whitfield
May 3

'Lucifer in the flesh' and our age of insults

Former Speaker Boehner's characterization of Ted Cruz was, yeah, kind of funny, but is there no one to guide us away from the gutter?
Rogelio Salinas
May 3

School discipline: Chart a path toward 'a world that is not yet'

Minnesota recently voted down a dangerous "expulsion bill" that would have discriminated against students of color like me. Here's why it matters to the rest of the country — and what legislators should vote for instead.
Raymond A. Smith
May 3

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should name their entire Cabinets right now

It "takes a village," after all. Wouldn't we benefit from knowing the participants in advance?
Paula Dwyer
May 3

Universal basic income should be the next big thing

It's more than a policy wonk's fantasy — and it should hold appeal across ideologies.
Michele Maiers
May 2

In Minnesota, standards for massage therapy and other body work are overdue

The work is important, as are consistent expectations. However, we've fallen behind.
Jack B. Osborn
May 2

Lincoln hadn't. Prince hadn't. Have you? (Made a will.)

It's easy to procrastinate — to avoid making crucial decisions — but know that the planning will pay off.
Mark Buchanan Bloomberg View
May 2

Climate change: The psychology of inaction

Future threats are a mental blind spot for us — and they always have been — but there are ways to get around that.
Doyle McManus
May 2

Obama's split-strategy policy on Syria

It may be time to lean toward the one that's working.
Jonathan Bernstein
May 2

How John Kasich has helped beget Donald Trump

He's the front-runner's deadliest weapon. Still.
Peter Colin
April 29

Editorial counterpoint: Whoa, think again about Paisley Park as a Prince mecca

Does Chanhassen compare to the Memphis of Elvis' Graceland?
John Rash
April 29

Rash Report: Progress is possible on press freedom and journalist safety

World Press Freedom Day, arrest in Daniel Pearl case and push for U.N. action amid a bleak era.
Ken Klippen
April 29

Counterpoint: The downside of cage-free eggs

Many farmers know the "humane economy" results in more chicken deaths, lower quality.
April 29

Trump's foreign relations philosophy sounds like scene from 'The Apprentice'

If his many demands aren't met, he'll simply walk away.
April 29

U.S. Senate needs a science lesson

Burning wood as biomass is not without consequence.
April 29

PolitiFact: Assessing the candidates' overall truthfulness (updated)

With business executive Carly Fiorina re-entering the 2016 campaign fray last week as Sen. Ted Cruz’s designated running mate, we thought it a suitable moment…
Mike Meyers
April 29

International trade: Hate living with it, can't live without it

The popular sentiment and politicians would have us rip foreign-made goods to shreds — after happily buying them, of course.
April 29

The 2016 campaign: A game of 'what if?' in the presidential race

Ranked-choice voting might have moderated the campaign.
April 29

Minnesota's drunken-driving law could escape on a technicality

In Scalia's absence, court may deadlock on suspects' rights.
Bonnie Blodgett
April 29

International trade: It's not about you. It's about the powerful getting their way.

Consider the case of the New Balance shoe company.