Rash Report: Europe on alert for Kremlin's election meddling

Rash Report: Europe on alert for Kremlin's election meddling

Consequential elections amid an "information war" and "amplification vortex."

Even without Trump, there can be progress on climate change

January 21
States and cities, as well as other countries, should press forward.

In his inaugural address, Trump sank to the occasion

January 20
The absence even of the ritual incantation of national unity and calls for civility in the speech was both telling and alarming.
Lauren A. Wright
January 20

Melania Trump: A unique first lady for a unique president

She seems determined to live her own life, pleasing neither traditionalists not feminists. Good for her.
January 19

Trump, GOP Congress have a few worthy ideas

Tax reform, education, bolstering military are ideas worth pursuing.
January 19

Implicit bias raises its ugly head in the Scarsella case

Will a mostly white jury give credence to the defendant's claims that he shot unarmed black protesters in self-defense?
David Agerter
January 19

Counterpoint: To get health insurance right, you must have accurate info

Rep. Jason Lewis did a disservice to readers in several of his comments about Obamacare.
Nina Hamza
January 19

Despite it all, I hope Trump will speak for all of us

I poured my heart out to Barack Obama, and his reply gave me a sense of relief.
Kristi Pearson
January 19

Adding some 'glitz' to a library isn't the problem, it's a solution

Providing up-to-date "core services" leads to tremendous growth — and new readers.
Barton Swaim
January 19

With Trump: No honeymoon, no coming together, no illusions. What a relief!

Nobody thinks he's a unifier, or a savior, or even a good man. He'll need actual results to succeed.
Bob "Again" Carney Jr.
January 19

The transportation funding plan is moving fast

It may even work, especially with all the incentives for Republicans. But keep an eye on those obsolete, crazier-than-ever LRT schemes.
New York Times editorial
January 18

British prime minister offers a more realistic view of Brexit

Until Tuesday, Theresa May had been vague about nation's next moves.
January 18

The Trump presidency: Few things are certain, but he will always flabbergast

Candidate Trump intimated a foreign policy less reliant on force of arms than his predecessors, but things are stacking up differently.
January 16

Leonard Peltier should finish his life in prison

His case was about two murders, not mistreatment of Native Americans.
Christine M. Flowers
January 14

Race in America: A week to remember in an endless journey

Something I thought I noted in Obama's speech sums it up — a wistfulness at how close we come to perfection before willfully stepping away.
January 13

Keep cheaters out of Baseball Hall of Fame

Steroid era is a black mark for the game and left many stars tainted.
Robert Moffit
January 13

Trump and Congress need to stabilize reeling Obamacare insurance markets

And soon, as Obamacare costs threaten to uninsure the insured.
Laura Hermer
January 13

Protect Minnesota's strong, proud history of health coverage

Absolutely voters should tell their representatives in Washington to oppose changes at the federal level.
John Rash
January 13

Rash Report: Eras diverge in a week of defining media moments

Dramatic differences in policy, personality await the nation.
Ron Way
January 13

Cancer: Can we cure it, or just keep up?

We'd like to believe in moonshots, but this disease is complex. Does that mean the 'war on cancer' is hopeless? No, but maybe it's imperfectly focused.
D.J. Tice
January 13

Trump's rise is a time to build up constitutional 'border security'

Let's hope he truly did appreciate Antonin Scalia.
January 13

Possible maneuver on light rail is a step away from 'One State'

It involves dissolving the Counties Transit Improvement Board.
Anna Kvinge
January 13

Trump should retain envoy to Norway

Sam Heins is a strong ambassador in an important country, but he's been on the job only a short time because of a long confirmation delay.
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