USS Fitzgerald incident recalls another disaster at sea

USS Fitzgerald incident recalls another disaster at sea

A terrible typhoon struck the USS Pittsburgh and the rest of the 5th Fleet 72 years ago. Then, as now, the crew showed extraordinary seamanship.

New effort will take aim at growth and opportunity gaps; here's how

June 23
The Mpls. Fed-led effort will draw on top research and community engagement.

GOP senator — filling in for the Trump administration — has a Qatar plan

June 27
Corker wants to block U.S. arms sales to Gulf Cooperation Council nations.
Stephen L. Carter

Supreme Court is last leakproof institution

Possible reasons: Small staff. Clerks turn over each year. Undercoverage. But most important: A sense of the sacred.
Don Beyer

Let's change how we elect the House of Representatives

Ranked-choice voting and "multi-member districts" are part of the Fair Representation Act I've introduced.
Ronald Mead
June 27

Counterpoint: Article on repairing the brain failed to mention risks

After our experience with aneurysms, the focus on the equipment was distressing.
Joel Cannon
June 27

Jobs will be automated or move elsewhere if Minneapolis approves $15 wage

As a local business founder (twice), I urge the City Council to table the measure and work to attract high-wage jobs across the metro area.
Rachael Hanel
June 27

Virginia shootings: Left-wing terrorism? Not like that of the past.

Let's review the differences between gunman James Hodgkinson, who acted alone, and the organized groups of the 1970s.
Garrison Keillor
June 27

Garrison Keillor: Partying in Norway, with engineers

The real radicals today aren't the ones who dress the part.
Jennifer Rubin
June 27

What happened at the Supreme Court — and what didn't

Frequent swing voter Anthony Kennedy is still around. The travel ban still looks imperiled. Support for equal funding for a religious institution was qualified. And, coming full circle, gay-rights advocates still have Kennedy.
Stephen Mihm
June 26

Americans are living as large as ever

It's the square-feet-per-capita figure that should command our attention, not the size of homes.
Avik Roy
June 26

Senate health care bill could be one of the GOP's greatest accomplishments

You've been hearing about how it's all wrong. Here's why it's right.
Eileen A. Scallen
June 26

Counterpoint: Pride-police controversy was a media conflagration

The police were never excluded or banned, but this was the message on both traditional and social media, and it put undue pressure on the volunteers and staff.
June 26

A polio moonshot is at hand, with a caveat

Outbreaks like the one happening in Syria must be addressed.
Megan McArdle
June 26

The average American eats out five times a week. Why have restaurant sales fallen?

It's the old supply-and-demand equation, among other pressures.
Anne Applebaum
June 26

American war policy: Mattis can't do it all alone

The defense secretary is a remarkable public servant, but it is inherent that his efforts can't compensate for a void in the White House.
June 24

Take the status quo out of U.S. air traffic control

Federally chartered nonprofit, funded by fees, would do a better job.
Nekima Levy-Pounds
June 24

Nekima Levy-Pounds: Preventing further injustices after the Yanez verdict

Minnesota can be a national leader. Here are six steps we must take to move forward together.
Mel Dickstein
June 23

We are all one family: Poignancy in the story of a boy, his mother and a judge

A boy's story is a reminder of the frailty of life and the preciousness of our children.
Judith Koll Healey
June 23

'White privilege': My generation can be trained

I'd never liked the term, but a discussion with my granddaughter gave me an opportunity to rethink.
Bonnie Blodgett
June 23

Conventionally farmed land is literally dirt poor. A Vermont couple has set out to change that.

Small tweaks like Gov. Mark Dayton's buffer zones won't make this system sustainable. Small tweaks in our economic model can make a difference, however.
June 23

Can feminism's goals once again be bipartisan?

For women, the economic mission is yet to be accomplished.
June 23

Russia, U.S. should take more care in the air

Using fighter jets to send messages could get out of hand.
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