Humans in nature: Pride goeth with the fall

Humans in nature: Pride goeth with the fall

A sudden arboreal stop got me to thinking about what sets us apart from our animal friends: Unlike them, in an indifferent universe, we take things personally — and act accordingly.

Actually, the Met Council is protecting the status quo on housing

October 2
Counterpoint: Its housing plan does not reinstitute the fair-share policy for suburbs that was once widely supported and should be again.

Health care: The amazing kindness of strangers

October 2
In illness, I need help doing things I should have been able to do myself — and I was given that assistance, with cheer.
Nathan Dungan
October 3

Jack Black's appearance was a publicity gimmick for his new movie

This type of promotion is a blatant violation of the Minneapolis Public Schools policy on advertising in the schools.
Philip K. Howard
October 2

Presidential candidates talk tough but bureaucracy will eat them up

None have a plan to unclog the gears of bureaucracy, which will render them helpless.
Stephen B. Young and Asad Zaman
October 2

Muslims respect constitutional principles

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson was wrong:Their faith is indeed compatible with constitutional democracy.
October 2

Needed in the Middle East: Backbone like Putin's

It may be hubris, but it beats Obama's dithering.
George F. Will
October 2

The James Webb Space Telescope: Helping us find our place

The new tool for discovery is an out-of-this-world, only-in-America achievement.
D.J. Tice
October 2

Messy immigration issue, rowdy debate aren't new

Every new wave of immigrants throughout history has sparked passionate responses in U.S.
October 2
Kristen Sterner, left, and Carrissa Welding, both students at Umpqua C...

Focus on the Oregon dreamers, not the nightmare

The victims’ lives up to Thursday morning matter. Their killer’s does not.
October 2
President Vladimir Putin of Russia before his meeting with members of...

Putin may not be a match for ISIL, but he's bested Obama

Why is the Russian president being so brazen? Because he knows he’ll never see another naif like Obama.
Veda Shook
October 1

Brawl over scheduling rules is just ahead at Minneapolis City Council

Employees deserve fair notice about when they must work.
Michelle Benson and Marsha Van Denburgh
October 1

Foster parents are ignored too often

Story of drug-den boy, unheeded warnings reveals a basic child-protection flaw.
Steve Chapman
October 1

Crisis in Syria: As Putin steps up, let's not interfere

He might just defeat ISIL for us. Or, he might be beaten. Either way, we win.
October 1

Clinton's plan to end 'Cadillac tax' is irresponsible

It's the most effective way to control ever-rising health care costs.
Charles Lane
October 1

The Democratic plan to destroy Obamacare

Repealing the tax on high-end employer-paid benefits would undermine the law as surely as anything the GOP plans.
Jim Harper
September 30

Relax, Minnesota: REAL ID deadline isn't for real

The threat of thwarting travelers from states that aren't in compliance with the federal law is (still) an empty one.
Marshall H. Tanick
September 30

Are charter schools unconstitutional?

Suddenly, in Washington state, they are, and the legal reasoning bears watching.
September 30

Shell's economic decision is not an environmental victory for the Arctic

It halted drilling for business reasons, not for the greater good of planet.
Megan McArdle
September 30

Carly Fiorina: Wonder woman or phony failure? (And does it matter?)

She didn’t succeed at HP, but maybe no one could have. Business is harder than people think — kinda like politics.
Anna Molinaro
September 29

Twin Cities Marathon: A runner's message to Black Lives Matter

We all have purposes and goals. Come and cheer us on, so that we may support you.
Ian Ayres
September 29

Will owners fix their VWs?

Recalls are often ignored. Pressure is needed.
Bruce Corrie
September 29

The state of the future of Minnesota's labor force

A lot hinges on the economic health of the African, Latino, Asian and Native American communities.
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