We want Minnesota to have clean water, if the other guy pays for it

We want Minnesota to have clean water, if the other guy pays for it

Dayton has his work cut out for him, especially around nitrates.

Having piles of campaign cash isn't a sure shot

February 5
Non-elite candidates are doing quite well, maybe even thanks to Citizens United.

Unaccompanied young immigrants must be protected

February 5
Too many minors are being exploited while their cases unfold.
Todd Harvey

Church and state: A personal and public tug of war

Here's the problem with putting God's work ahead of the country's best interests, whether it's Christians running for president, politicians seeking tolerance for Muslims or (in my case, long ago) Moonies on a mission.
Keiko Veasey, Frank Hornstein and Karen Monahan

Minneapolis could make big strides on recycling

Before the City Council is a recommendation to have a local nonprofit handle the service. That would be a good move in many ways.
Steve Andreasen

Nuclear threats in North Korea, Iran: Why we can't mix and match our strategies

We have leverage to enforce the agreement with Iran. We don't in North Korea, and we need to start anew.
Colbert I. King

Why Clinton's e-mail scandal won't go away (and shouldn't)

It's a real Washington whodunit — who tested the boundaries on State Department policy? It matters because the threat of hacking is real.
Jennifer Rubin

Candidates: If you tank twice, why would you carry on?

If you can't make the top three in Iowa and New Hampshire, you won't win, and you're wasting others' investment of money, time and emotion.
Jackson Diehl

Will Obama let go of his wish of a war-ending legacy?

If he's honest, he'll look around as he approaches the end of his term and see that the tide of war is not, in fact, receding.
February 5

There's no reason to be terrified about mosques

The president's visit nothwithstanding, Americans might be surprised at how Muslims' U.S. worship spaces are so ordinary.
February 5

Minnesota makes worthy push to get 18-year-olds to the polls

Nearly 100,000 unregistered voters are being encouraged to sign up.
John Rash
February 5

Iowa and the Super Bowl: Kicking off 2016's biggest games

There are telling similarities — and a key difference — between mega events.
Justin Fox
February 5

Why cheap parking is actually expensive

It's a subsidy just to some, and an inefficient way to allocate a scarce resource. Policies are changing, slowly. Technological progress may get there first.
Stephen Carter
February 5

Man with Super Bowl video vs. the No Fun League

There's only one known tape of the first big game, in 1967. Who controls it is the legal question.
Jarren Peterson
February 5

An open letter about livability in north Minneapolis

We need peace. We need police partners. We need your attention.
By Adam Platt
February 5

Choosing a college: A game you can't afford to lose

I've just been through the application window with my son. Here's what I learned about savvy shopping.
Sebastian Meyer
February 5

I just can't hate the Islamic State's teen soldiers

Their acts are monstrous, but many of them are coerced, indoctrinated children. They must be stopped, and pitied.
February 4

Let's take a closer look at 'too big to fail' rhetoric

Actually, the biggest banks are in better shape, thanks to Dodd-Frank.
Art Rolnick
February 4

'Minnesota Model' for early learning is on the right track

The evidence shows scholarship approach works for preschool.
Mary Katherine Fiala
February 4

Twin Cities' theater scene is second to none

Never mind that urban legend you've heard about "seats per capita." We're the real deal.
Doyle McManus
February 4

Marco Rubio: the GOP's Goldilocks candidate

He's not Ted Cruz; he's not Donald Trump. He thinks he's just right.
Jennifer Rubin
February 4

Cruz-Carson-Christie-Trump — the GOP's circular firing squad

Just when you didn't think the Republican race could get any more self-defeating.
Kevin S. Carpenter
February 3

Why we need a different kind of diversity on our courts

That is, would the Mayo Clinic assign a cardiologist to do a hip replacement?
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