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Rash Report: Unreal presidential race has little to offer a world of real trouble

September 30
Rash Report: Unreal presidential race has little to offer a world of real trouble
Debates not only need fact-checking, but should have future-checking, too.
John Kass
October 1

Are Democrats impotent in responding to crime?

Chicago is an object lesson.
September 30

Too many lives are being lost to distracted driving

For grieving dads like Matt Logan, the issue is personal.
Matt Look, Randy Maluchnik, Nancy Schouweiler and Jon Ulrich
September 30

It's long past time to make the Met Council accountable to the public

We, the elected leaders of Anoka, Dakota, Carver and Scott counties believe that time has come.
Ramesh Ponnuru
September 30

'Going low' on the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal won't do Trump much good

Hillary's role is fair game, sure, but people who sleep in glass houses and all that ...
Bjorn Lomborg
September 29

Counterpoint: If solar and wind are competitive, why all the aid?

The $100 billion in subsidies they receive now will still be needed for another 24 years.
John R. Lott, Jr.
September 29

In Second District race, a real difference in how to battle terror

In Minnesota's Second District race, Republican Jason Lewis and Democrat Angie Craig are polar opposites in dealing with the issue.
September 29

Effort to tie local Republicans to Trump backfiring

Democratic strategists have found that tarring down-ticket Republicans with the scarlet T may hurt Clinton.
Margaret Sullivan
September 29

This year, newspaper endorsements may still matter

Papers that haven't backed a Democrat in generations are turning against Trump. Good on them.
Megan McArdle
September 28

On U.S. crime rates, voter perception matters

Is Trump right that murders, rapes and aggravated assaults are rising? Maybe. The 2016 numbers, though, will bear watching.
Rachael Joseph
September 28

Why I fight for gun safety – for my Aunt Shelley

This election season, know where your elected officials stand on strengthening our laws.
Petula Dvorak
September 28

The heartbreaking cycle of violence, then silence

A mother in Washington, D.C., has lost four sons to gun violence. Not one of the cases has been solved.
Washington Post editorial
September 28
FILE - In this Oct. 28, 2013, file photo, Israel's President Shimon Pe...

Shimon Peres dreamed of Israel at peace

Although he accomplished much, his ultimate goal remained unfulfilled.
September 27

The first debate: Few thought Trump starred in this reality show

Commentary across the nation panned the Republican's ill-tempered, ill-prepared ramblings, while Clinton drew mild, mixed reviews.
September 27

In close race, votes for Stein and Johnson could help Trump

Their supporters might want to think again.
Stephen Stromberg
September 27

They let Trump be Trump, and it was bad

But will it matter?
Barbara Brotman
September 26

Taking a grand tour of Planet Earth from 36,000 feet

For free in-flight entertainment, I'll keep the window shade up.
Eliot Nelson
September 26

Heads up! Here's your guide to political lingo

In time for a new administration, you'll want to know the term for pundits who look like cadavers after not removing TV makeup.
Jim Davidson
September 26

Counterpoint: Solar and wind are viable, not just 'feel-good' climate solutions

And to protect the world's poor, stop carbon pollution immediately, don't "wait and see."
September 26
Extreme close-up images of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and...

Here's why debate moderators MUST expose the lying liars tonight

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton should be fact-checked and challenged, and let the chips fall as they may
Allison Graves
September 25

PolitiFact: Clinton charge against Trump not clear-cut

At issue is a three-year-old donation to an attorney general whose office was considering an investigation of his "sham university."
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