The health-cost mess is Dayton's, but he won't own it

House Republicans aren't interested in the politics of the situation; we're looking for answers, just as we have since we tried to amend MNsure in 2013.

What comes after fixing insurance costs?

October 21
Here's a blueprint for a common-sense system.

Counterpoint: Oh, yes! Even without lurking, there are 'laws to prevent that'

October 21
A repealed Minneapolis ordinance may have been a proactive tool used by some policy officers, but it was not the only one, nor was it a good one.
Jamie Lorentzen
October 24

Kudos to Bob Dylan, but will he accept the Nobel Prize?

Here is a reason why he might very well be reticent, if he is indeed so.
Shirley Hershey Showalter
October 24

A birthday letter to Hillary Clinton

Those who break glass ceilings end up with cuts and scars, but you learned early on how to vanquish bullies.
Mark Halvorson
October 24

Five reasons why you can count on Minnesota's voting system

In politics, nothing is squeaky clean. But Minnesota's tough election safeguards are as close to it as is humanly possible.
October 24

What's a voter like me to do? (The social conservative)

Values are marginalized on this ballot — so my pick is who state caucusgoers wanted: Marco Rubio. I'll write him in.
Peter M. Leschak
October 24

What's a voter like me to do? (The progressive)

Clinton voted for the war. She's a tool of the 1 percent. But Trump must not win, and Stein can't. So …
Andy Brehm
October 24

What's a voter like me to do? (The Republican)

This year's primaries produced a nominee unworthy of my party's noble past and dangerous to its future.
Bonnie Blodgett
October 24

What's a voter like me to do? (The progressive, part two)

This is not the American Revolution, but there is a similar call for radicalism that leads those who hear it to Jill Stein.
Marc A. Thiessen
October 24

WikiLeaks is exposing Clinton's duplicity, but it's no hero

Julian Assange belongs in jail. Still, in reporting on his leaks, the media should be consistent — and it's far from it.
Michael Hiltzik
October 24

AT&T/Time Warner merger raises host of doubts for consumers

The proper template for considering this merger's dangers to consumer is Comcast's 2011 merger with NBCUniversal.
October 23

U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer can help the GOP rebuild after Trump

He's a loyal team player, even in this election. He also has an broader vision for his party.
John Rash
October 22

Rash Report: 'Madaya Mom,' Marvel's super Syrian hero

Realistic comic strip goes where cameras can't.
Luke O'Brien
October 21

A millennial son responds to his father's apology about presidential race

His challenge for fellow millennials is to make their own promise.
Peter Nelson
October 21

Counterpoint: Gov. Dayton's attack on Republican leader's truthfulness is absurd

He's wrong on several points, and unhelpful.
D.J. Tice
October 21

Rising health care costs: A race we're running willingly?

Many blame the government or insurers, but when you remove them from the equation, as in pet care, spending still rises.
October 21

Iran continues to persecute innocent Americans

More prison sentences color Obama's foreign policy legacy.
Erik Wemple
October 21
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks to Republican p...

The Clinton crowd's emails are scandalous, no matter who pilfered them

Funny, nobody obsessed about who 'stole' Trump's tax returns (or why).
October 20

N.Y.-to-D.C. shuttle fiasco sheds light on what a Trump presidency may be

He was not interested in facts or analysis. He was desperate for the deal. And he overpaid.
John Gunyou
October 20

Elections are not about candidates or political parties, they're about voters

If it all seems wearying or "rigged," remember this.
October 20
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks to Democratic pres...

We're just lucky Donald Trump is so terrible.

The final meltdown showed how incredible it is that he got this far. Imagine what a skillful demagogue might do.
Stephen Mihm
October 20

Debates leave voters much to ponder

Trump is not reflecting the dignity, or respect for the presidency, of past candidates who have had real claims to being swindled.
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