A memorial to the children gunned down in our schools? Yes, right on Congress's doorstep.

A memorial to the children gunned down in our schools? Yes, right on Congress's doorstep.

It's not gun control, but maybe it could get us there.

The term 'chain migration' is dehumanizing and wrong

25 minutes ago
As for the claim that it allows "single immigrant" to bring in "virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives": Directly and disastrously false.

A cure for mass shootings doesn't exist

February 19
Outrage is justified, but a remedy has to make a difference — and in our system of government, that must be the consensus view.
February 19

Porch piracy? Blimey! Shop local to scuttle it, Me Hearties!

Here are some ways to outwit those thieves at your doorstep
Kate Knuth
February 19

What I did and what I learned as Minneapolis' chief resilience officer

The city must prepare in order to thrive. Here are steps to get things started.
Steve Watson
February 19

What a boycott and sanctions can do: The economics of gay rights and gun rights

Money talks. Consumers could withhold discretionary spending in the service of their goal to change gun laws. Start the pressure in Florida, and it could spread nationwide. It's worked before.
Josh Rogin
February 19

Another foreign influence: China's infiltration of American colleges

A wake-up call is in order as Beijing plays the long game to shape (in its interest) the next generation of American leaders.
Max Boot
February 19

Trump is ignoring the worst attack on America since 9/11

Make no mistake: The Russian meddling is real and needs a concerted response.
D.J. Tice
February 18

'Mockingbird,' 'Huck Finn': At least keep these two books as part of your personal curriculum

They're about much more than race.
Paul John Scott
February 17

Minnesota's marijuana moment: Why to legalize, by someone who doesn't inhale

With decriminalization advancing coast to coast, legalized pot appears on its way, and Minnesota will light up the debate this year. Change is overdue.
Peter Hutchinson and John James
February 16

Tax reform: For Minnesota, the federal act is a hard one to follow

One way or another, the state has to respond to the changes. Here are the options:
February 16

How a Minnesota governor could get a sequel

Tim Pawlenty seems to have an itch for it. But Rudy Perpich provides the model.
George F. Will
February 16

Los Angeles mayor for president? Well, why not?

Far from the Beltway, Eric Garcetti is immersed in immigration realities.
John Phelan
February 16

Put revisions of Minnesota tax code on the Legislature's 'to do' list

In response to new federal changes, action is needed on estate tax exemption and deduction for state and local taxes, or folks will leave.
Rod Hamilton
February 16

The murky world of who determines drug access and prices

Too much power is held by a little-known entity: pharmacy benefit managers.
Chris Johnson
February 16

Goodbye to personal weapons of mass destruction

With this week marking another Valentine's Day Massacre, we must act to outlaw semiautomatic or military-style guns.
February 16

Think twice before talking with North Korea

U.S., South Korea need to press for denuclearization first.
John Rash
February 16

Rash Report: Protect elections, democracy's DNA

U.S. intelligence chiefs' warnings on Russian interference should spur bipartisan backing for an aggressive congressional response.
February 16

If enough Americans demand gun law changes, they'll win

The gun lobby will not rule the day on U.S. policies forever.
February 15

Intelligence officials show no doubt about Russian meddling

Intelligence officials show no doubt about Russian meddling
Eric W. Kaler
February 15

Eric Kaler: To better serve Minnesota, the U needs state help renovating outdated facilities

Up-to-date classrooms and research centers will help us fulfill our vision for the future.
February 15

For real cultural change after #MeToo, let's ban porn

It's just a product that's made and sold. So, yes, we can restrict and even censor online smut.
Lisa Hamp
February 15

Lucky to escape a mass shooting, but the scars still run deep

It's a long road to recovery for those of us who were uninjured, too.
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