The newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, left Windsor Castle after their wedding on Saturday.

Thoughts about white privilege after Harry Windsor

Social class, skin tone, gender — these are only part of who we are. The rest is up to us. It's not beyond our control.

School shootings: It's the culture, but that doesn't mean we should be completely hands-off about guns

May 21
A candle memorializing one of the victims of last week’s shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas. Ten people died in the attack. A student is char
We need a multifaceted response. It includes gun restrictions on the mentally ill. It includes strategic efforts in schools. And it includes values.

Counterpoint: Yes, 'The Price is Right' for higher education – and it's not at all unfair

May 18
Counterpoint: Yes, 'The Price is Right' for higher education – and it's not at all unfair
For typical Minnesota private colleges like St. John's, there's no "cross subsidization" among students. Still, it's a tough balancing act.
May 21

As sports gambling gets easier, the number of losers will grow

States should recognize the risks after U.S. Supreme Court decision.
Noah Smith
May 20

Ignore the myth about that stingy U.S. social safety net

Our welfare state is more robust than most realize. It's effective and stronger than in the past. But it's still inadequate.
John Rash
May 18
President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping of China appeared at a welcome ceremony in Beijing last November while the U.S. president was on his f

Rash Report: Will the U.S. and China get ensnared in 'Thucydides's Trap'?

In a provocative book, Harvard scholar Graham Allison examines if the two countries are "Destined for War."
John Kass
May 18
Merchandise in a shop window in Windsor, the English town where Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle on Saturday.

The royal wedding: All this hype, all this pomp; I don't get it, but …

… millions of Americans apparently do. They'll be watching, at least. That's fine, but please, TV people, just don't wear those silly costumes.
May 18

U regent selection was distorted by abortion politics

The vote did not seem to be about the good of the university.
D.J. Tice
May 18

Checking what ails us in the age of Trump

Elites are anxious. Common voters felt alienated. There's a likely connection.
Peter M. Leschak
May 18
Check your loyalty — and, especially, your pack mentality

Check your loyalty — and, especially, your pack mentality

Individuals act. Organizations are abstract. Remember that before buying into political parties — or any system that wants your devotion.
May 18
German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Today’s German power is wielded softly, indirectly, implicitly — and when the fist is required, it takes the form

German influence: Different time, different ingredients for empire

Germany's current power over Europe isn't violent or racist — but it's still an impingement on small countries that have had enough, historically, of being impinged upon.
May 18

Why has Trump held only one news conference as president?

He was clear in his criticism of Hillary Clinton for avoiding them.
Paul Waldman
May 18

Showing 'respect' won't help Democrats win over whites who vote Republican

Not when there's a major effort to show folks that liberal elitists look down on them. So Democrats should just advocate what they believe in and remind people the GOP is screwing them over.
Matthew Mitchell
May 17

Sports betting: Big foes of online gaming are not who you'd think

The notion of regulation for the public good is so last century. Watch for a few powerful players to have their say.
May 17

Trump and GOP wage new war on contraceptives

Once again, Planned Parenthood is a favorite punching bag.
Liam Marlaire
May 17
The Supreme Court’s ruling allows states to pass their own laws to legalize and regulate sports gambling. Here, the sports book section of the South

Sports betting: Odds favor complications from compulsive gambling

States will have to take responsibility for ensuring integrity and providing necessary resources for addiction.
Ellen Anderson and
May 17
If the energy reaped by solar panels such as these can be stored, it can be accessed later whether the sun is shining or not.

Energy storage has much to offer, and now is our chance to tap it

But the state needs the right policies to capture the benefits.
Adam Taylor
May 17
FILE - In this May 11, 2018, file photo, a man watches a TV screen showing file footage of U.S. President Donald Trump, left, and North Korean leader

Unraveling of Korea talks shows what happens when TV junkies collide

Trump, Kim seem to be communicating and miscommunicating via their mutual thralldom to cable news.
Max Boot
May 16
Tom Wolfe, during an interview in his New York apartment in July 2016, died this week at age 87.

Tom Wolfe: America is poorer for the loss of this peerless chronicler

In classics like "Bonfire of the Vanities" and "The Right Stuff," he used his brilliant language skills to paint definitive, indelible portraits.
May 16

Trump ignores national security concerns with ZTE decision

Chinese company guilty of selling services, equipment to Iran and North Korea.
Megan McArdle
May 16
President Donald Trump spoke Friday in the Rose Garden of the White House during an event about prescription drug prices with Health and Human Service

Why half-step drug solution may be all we really want

Allowing Medicare to negotiate prices would come with real costs. Perhaps Americans need to hear the healing magic of "no."
May 15

Despite Mideast upheaval, Iraq pulled off a democratic election

And, against all odds, voting was competitive, fair and mostly peaceful.
Noah Feldman
May 15
A worker paid out a bet in the sports book at a Las Vegas casino. A 6-3 Supreme Court ruling on Monday will allow other states to permit sports gambli

U.S. Supreme Court ruling on sports betting is a victory for states' rights

It centered on the "anti-commandeering doctrine," relating to what Congress can tell states to do. Beyond the direct effects for the gambling case, it's a hint about the court's direction.
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