Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced the charges against former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor in the shooting death of Justine Ru

Unlike former officer Noor, other agents of the state get away with murder

"Discretionary judgment" gives a free pass to those responsible for releasing rapists and killers.

You think MNLARS is a mess? Wait til you meet METS

33 minutes ago
State's health care eligibility software is also unreliable.

Attack on muskies another example of legislative incompetence

36 minutes ago
They've displayed their lack of tech know-how with the DMV debacle. Now they're ignoring the data on how muskies affect fisheries.
31 minutes ago

Let's not overreact to first fatality involving a self-driving car

But there is a need for tough national safety and review standards.
Noah Feldman
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The surprising progress of Kushner's peace process

Using Sunni-Shia tensions to isolate Palestinian hard liners, Kushner's gotten further than any American peacemaker in decades.
March 21
Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, a 98-year-old nun and Loyola University Ramblers superfan, celebrated with Loyola’s Donte Ingram (0) and the team on th

Loyola's 'Sister Jean' is Sweet 16's best story

It's easy to be cynical about sports, but 98-year-old nun is a cure-all.
Gary Abernathy
March 21
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired last week, just two days before his retirement date.

Disgraceful: The canonization of Andrew McCabe

Scrutiny of the agency seems increasingly warranted, concerns of Russian collusion less so, and the media is, naturally, on the wrong side of things.
Harry Litman
March 21
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired last week, just two days before his retirement date.

Disgraceful: The firing of Andrew McCabe

He'll be fine, but it's the strongest strike yet in Trump's assault on independent law enforcement. The rule of law is taking a big hit.
Daniel Bordwell
March 21

Minnesota school policy balance bill threatens good citizenship

It would neuter education in civic discourse just when it's needed most.
March 20

Trump launches War on Drugs II on opioid abuse

Unfortunately, the first such effort failed to stop the crack-cocaine crisis.
Wayne E. Brandt
March 20
Aspen and birch on a spring day north of Park Rapids, Minn., in 2014.

Counterpoint: The actual economics of Minnesota's forest-products industry

Contrary to an assertion made in a recent commentary, wood costs are not low. The reason, as always, is supply and demand. There'll be consequences. Roll tape.
Steve Wenzel
March 20
Steve Sack/ Star Tribune

Counterpoint: The missed element in the comeback blueprint suggested for Pawlenty

People don't want an establishment candidate. Simple as that. That's why GOP challenger Mary Giuliani Stephens is the real obstacle for the former governor.
Brenda Cassellius
March 20

Counterpoint: What Katherine Kersten can't grasp about schools but readers should

The state Department of Human Rights is not embarking on a campaign to allow chaos. Violent offenses and criminal activity will always be taken seriously. The focus is on lesser infractions, which clearly produce an unequal pattern of suspensions.
Tom Connell
March 20

Counterpoint: Let's discuss race issues in Minnesota's schools — calmly

That means the Star Tribune must not be a tool of the flame-throwing Center of the American Experiment. Keep that material in context.
Julia Hill and Dana Bennis
March 19
An illustration that accompanied a commentary by Katherine Kersten on the Star Tribune's March 18 Opinion Exchange cover.

Counterpoint: False claims and dog whistles in Katherine Kersten's commentary on school discipline

Katherine Kersten's recent commentary on school discipline brought the fear, not the facts. It won't work — people know better.
Julia Harrison
March 19

Counterpoint: I volunteer at Listening House. It's about real people coming together.

I volunteer at Listening House. This endeavor is about real people coming together.
Chris Olson Bingea
March 19

Counterpoint: St. Paul drop-in center is trying hard to fit in neighborhood

In fact, we're already succeeding. Just a fraction of the surrounding community opposes our efforts, and a City Council member's recent claims about us were misleading.
March 19

Fighting discrimination should still be a key goal for HUD

Proposed change to agency's mission statement sends conflicting signal.
March 19
Undisciplined: Chaos may be coming to Minnesota classrooms, by decree

Undisciplined: Chaos may be coming to Minnesota classrooms, by decree

A state agency aims to eliminate racial disparities in schools' response to misbehavior. Its destabilizing course would only spread the disruption.
Michael Dempsey
March 19
Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures while speaking to employees of the Almazov National Medical Center in St.Petersburg, Russia, Friday, March 1

Putin won his election. He's losing everywhere else.

In Syria and Ukraine he's stuck is costly messes; Russia's economy is sick; conflict with the West is the last thing he needs.
March 17

Add a dead dog to list of screw-ups by United Airlines

After dragging a passenger off a flight in 2017, another boneheaded move.
March 17

U.S. has yet to do enough to punish Russia

Sanctions, condemnation must be followed by more action.
Stephen L. Carter
March 17
A Toys ‘R’ Us store in Maplewood. The famous chain announced this week that it will liquidate, filing plans to close or sell its more than 700 U.S

A big reason for the demise of Toys 'R' Us? Toys are not the same

Tangible playthings that kids manipulate have yielded to digital entities that kids interact with. That took a toll on stores.
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