History proves Thomas Jefferson was wrong (whew)

History proves Thomas Jefferson was wrong (whew)

Ben Carson’s misunderstanding aside, we can be thankful that James Madison’s view of the Constitution prevailed.

Separation of powers: We must rein in today's rule by experts

November 25
Courts are too permissive about letting Congress delegate power to the agencies.

Pendulum against prostate screening has swung too far

November 25
How to “screen smarter” while avoiding unnecessary treatment.
Amy Lauricella
November 28

Rooting out a global culture of rape

We turn a blind eye to Afghan officers’ abuse of boys and deny U.S. military’s pitiful record.
November 26

Trump, Carson set the tone with Muslim-bashing vows, untruths

Dems dismiss real fears, while GOP is quick to exploit anxiety.
Patricia Lopez
November 25

Municipal liquor stores: Minnesota cities don't belong in this business

Some make money, some lose money, but either way, these are monopolies that make no sense.
William G. Moseley
November 25

The U.S. must stand by Mali, our friend and ally

Last week’s tragic attack on a Radisson Blu hotel shattered this nation’s fragile peace.
November 25

Leading with the heart vs. the brain

What a contrast : Hollande’s urgent heat vs. Obama’s lawyerly, er, restraint.
Eric Jayne
November 25

Why an atheist loves Christmas

The season brings people like me peace, love and joy — just outside the church.
November 25

Defeating ISIL without more 'boots on the ground'

The U.S. and its allies can still increase the pressure on ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
Ramesh Ponnuru Bloomberg View
November 25

Why can't Democrats say 'Islamic terrorism'?

Their twisted logic on “peaceful” Muslims makes no sense.
November 25

When Minnesota's good intentions are not enough

The state's lauded progressive policies are no longer working.
November 25

Blame U.S. tax code, not Pfizer, for yet another inversion deal

The current system too often rewards system-gaming over productive activity.
Clive Crook
November 25

Of America and race and erasing history

This country doesn’t have to hate itself to beat racism. We’re not so good at self-loathing, anyway — but we’re decent at reinvention.
Cass Sunstein
November 25

The age of terror: Is the American standard of free speech outdated?

To answer, it's helpful to consider legal history at its highest level.
Michael Nesset
November 25

Life choices: Be alert — direction can come from anywhere

For my wife and me, advice came from under the table at a professor's party.
Ron Way
November 25

The elephant in the water-quality room

Dayton was right to call out Big Ag. Farming practices have contributed to a century of harm.
Steve Olson
November 25

Minnesota's turkey farmers are full of thanks

Rebounding from avian influenza crisis, we need help facing the next challenges.
Julie Kendrick
November 25

A lesson in five-finger gratitude

Watch what happens when we count what we are thankful for.
Editorial Board
November 25
In this Oct. 20, 2014 frame from dash-cam video provided by the Chicag...

Chicago's nightmare video is as bad as anyone feared it could be

City must search its soul, change its processes for disciplining, investigating cops.
November 24

Should we erase or learn from our racist past?

It's hard to know when names of historical figures should be removed.
Thomas R. Schwebach
November 24

Counterpoint: What if 1940s Londoners had to accept German refugees?

Cartoon's message underestimates terror threat of Syrians who flee.
George Hutchinson
November 24

Counterpoint: When it comes to suicide, respect an individual's choice

In a culture of compassion, we recognize that “no one gets out of here alive” and ask what's best for the ones we love.
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