An uneven Brazilian and Olympic metamorphosis

An uneven Brazilian and Olympic metamorphosis

Selection of Rio and Beijing suggest transformation in the Olympic movement, too.

Barbara Bush: A millennial making a difference

July 27
Barbara Bush: A millennial making a difference
The former president’s daughter and five friends began brainstorming about how to help recruit more people to global health. The result is Global Health Corps, a booming endeavor.

The attack of the killer passwords

July 24
The attack of the killer passwords
Why can’t I just use my dog’s name and the date of the Steelers’ first Super Bowl?
Frank Bruni

No rest for the weary teen

Today’s young people aren’t getting enough sleep. Just think about that for a moment.
Michael Gerson

Presidential campaign: The rhetoric reaches (for) rock-bottom

Anger and outrage are now seen as the most authentic form of communication.

Celebrate the Americans With Disabilities Act, but there's more work to do

The estimated 55 million disabled Americans deserve equal access and opportunities.
D.J. Tice

Of life and death and love and dogs

I’ve lost my best buddy. But even now, perhaps he’s showing me the way.

So this is what a full load of roadwork looks like

Well, it really needs to be done. But can it be funded in a way that eases the disruption?
Richard Gist

Hunting: How I learned I didn't belong in the business of killing

Perhaps the death of Cecil the lion will be revelatory for someone who hears of it, as my experiences were for me.

Learning is a local thing, as Minnesota initiatives show

The best ideas and movements bubble up. This can be seen in education's next wave, and our state is leading the way.
David Samuels
July 31

Why Brazil is still a sorry underachiever

Corruption scandals now overshadow ineffective government, and the nation's once-promising economy has stalled.
Lee Drutman
July 31

Let's test presidential candidates in crisis 'stress tests,' not debates

Let’s confront them with tough, but not impossible, hypothetical disasters and challenges, and see how they respond in the real amount of time they’d have.
July 30

Why doesn't candidate Clinton propose a carbon tax?

She favored cap-and-trade in 2007, but she's ignoring greenhouse-gas emissions now.
Steve Chapman
July 30

Fetal research issue exposes a dichotomy

Americans believe both that abortion is murder — and that it should remain legal.
Eric Schwartz and Brian Atwood
July 30

Cheerleaders for war are still so wrong

Congress needs to “practice history” and OK the agreement.
William G. Moseley
July 30

How outsiders are complicit in African issues

Looking beyond the outrage over a dentist’s hunt, you’ll find that foreigners are in fact culpable in the continent’s corruption.
Alyssa Rosenberg
July 30
Protesters gathered Wednesday outside River Bluff Dental in Bloomington, owned by Dr. Walter Palmer, who was involved in killing Cecil, a beloved lion in Zimbabwe.

Even Cecil's killer deserves better than 'Internet justice'

Unsympathetic he may be, but Walter Palmer isn’t the first victim of an online lynching. Is rule by the social media mob progress?
July 30

Counterpoint: If it can happen to Mille Lacs ...

The big lake’s malady isn’t about climate change or mismanagement, or tribal fishing. It’s about us.
Paul Thompson
July 29

Counterpoint: Is Kasich Hoover 2.0? Or America's Merkel?

Reducing debt isn’t always the right economic medicine.
Steve Simon
July 29

Stay restless in seeking democracy

Salute state role 50 years ago on Voting Rights Act. Then back to work pursuing its goals.
July 29

Cruz control: Taking the 'bully' out of Ted Cruz's bully pulpit.

At long last, the Senate seems to have had enough, and the tough talking Texan suddenly doesn’t look so tough.
July 28

Jeep hacking incident shows the risk of Internet-connected cars

The auto industry needs to identify and respond to growing vulnerabilities.
Justin Fox
July 28

This Nutrition Facts label contains little clarity

The FDA is making a muddle of nutrition labeling. Case in point: The new rules about added sugar.
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