Given current pace of change, voters deserve talk about future

Given current pace of change, voters deserve talk about future

Candidates, please get beyond slogans. Just think of how much is new just since 2008.

Counterpoint: Nothing could be more basic than putting kids' safety first

February 12
Financing for child protection services must be boosted even more.

An emerging generation considers campaign 2016

February 12
"Generation Z" was shaped by Great Recession and diversity.
Doyle McManus
February 12

Jeb Bush finds his message: He's not Trump

He's found a mission, too -- win or lose, to expose the Donald as a whiner, liar and dope. Trump may yet regret making this enemy.
Carla Bates
February 11

Why the Minneapolis school board is in disarray

We lack unity on strategic plan to decentralize control to schools.
Andrew Degerstrom
February 11

Editorial counterpoint: Minneapolis is moving the right direction on drive-throughs

Editorial was too pro-car and ignored the reality of safety concerns for pedestrians.
Rick Hansen
February 11

It's time for action on Minnesota's pollinators

Despite Big Chemical's influence, Friday's Pollinator Summit could bring real action on protection.
February 11

Why did SCOTUS press pause on Clean Power Plan?

It could be to thwart Obama, but there are more charitable interpretations.
February 10

Thousands of children have disappeared in Europe's refugee flood

They've fallen through the cracks, and some are victims of the sex trade.
Larry W. Sutherland
February 10

To save Iron Range, level power playing field

Northern Minnesota businesses shouldn't have to subsidize residential electric rates.
Ramesh Ponnuru
February 10

After N.H., rethinking the Trump phenomenon

Surprisingly, exit polls show his support is hard to categorize.
Jason Sole and Rachel Wannarka
February 10

Stop turning to grand juries when cops kill

Local NAACP calls for a special prosecutor in the Jamar Clark case.
Chris Fields
February 9

Don't buy the hype: Republicans have a diverse party

The Iowa caucus taught us that. On the other hand, the Democratic Party's standard-bearers teach us something else.
David Brooks
February 9

There are qualities we'll miss about President Obama

Things we've taken for granted. Things that are easier to see in comparison with the current crop of candidates.
Bill Boyt
February 9

Playing the lottery? Stop. Just don't do it.

It's not harmless entertainment. It's an immoral diversion of money that could be better spent.
David Mindich
February 9

New Hampshire: The intimate primary

You learn a lot when you can see the candidates up close. It's useful.
Francis Wilkinson
February 9

The case for Jeb Bush

If (when) he fails, Republicans lose their most formidable general election candidate.
Todd Harvey
February 8

Church and state: A personal and public tug of war

Here's the problem with putting God's work ahead of the country's best interests, whether it's Christians running for president, politicians seeking tolerance for Muslims or (in my case, long ago) Moonies on a mission.
Keiko Veasey, Frank Hornstein and Karen Monahan
February 8

Minneapolis could make big strides on recycling

Before the City Council is a recommendation to have a local nonprofit handle the service. That would be a good move in many ways.
Steve Andreasen
February 8

Nuclear threats in North Korea, Iran: Why we can't mix and match our strategies

We have leverage to enforce the agreement with Iran. We don't in North Korea, and we need to start anew.
Colbert I. King
February 8

Why Clinton's e-mail scandal won't go away (and shouldn't)

It's a real Washington whodunit — who tested the boundaries on State Department policy? It matters because the threat of hacking is real.
Jennifer Rubin
February 8

Candidates: If you tank twice, why would you carry on?

If you can't make the top three in Iowa and New Hampshire, you won't win, and you're wasting others' investment of money, time and emotion.
Jackson Diehl
February 8

Will Obama let go of his wish of a war-ending legacy?

If he's honest, he'll look around as he approaches the end of his term and see that the tide of war is not, in fact, receding.
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