U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood, depicted in a courtroom sketch, is presiding over hearings in New York City regarding the disposition of files seized

Who should review Michael Cohen's files? A special master

He and lawyer Michael Cohen merit the same protections as anyone else. A special master should sort out which files the government should – and shouldn't – see.

Counterpoint: Don't discount the role of state investment in affordable housing

Bonding money has helped thousands get homes across Minnesota when other options don't exist.

Counterpoint: Cities are well-suited to make decisions on fees on new housing development

They aim to do what's best for their residents and realize that real solutions require public-private sector partnerships.

'Tone-deaf' Wisconsin police union is raffling an AR-15

The controversy is overshadowing effort to help two cancer patients.
This combination photo shows President Donald Trump speaking during a roundtable discussion on tax policy in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., on April 5,

The decline and fall of James Comey

Nobody ever beats Trump at showboating and spite.
April 18

The U.S. Postal Service has more than an Amazon problem

For example, consider rising legacy costs of health care and pensions.
April 18

Little house in Connecticut: A gripping movie about the Constitution's Takings Clause

A film about the taking of blue-collar homes to allow an upscale project is a gripping look at eminent domain (really). It's Oscar-worthy.
Tom Landwehr
April 18
PolyMet Mining’s plan to create what would be the state’s first copper-nickel mine, on the site of the former LTV taconite facility near Hoyt Lake

Counterpoint: Rest assured, DNR is being rigorous and thorough on Polymet

We've strictly adhered to state standards as we weigh myriad factors on the project. And we'll keep doing so in reviewing public comments.
Kevin Dupuis and Kathryn Hoffman
April 18
Todd Thompson and his father, Leonard Thompson, harvested wild rice on Hole In The Day Lake south of Nisswa, Minn., in 2015.

2018 Legislature: Possible harm to wild rice is simply un-Minnesotan

Legislators are steamrolling bills that would gut water pollution standards that protect our state grain. There's still time to speak up.
Jacquielynn Floyd
April 17
Barbara Bush in 2013. A family spokesman said on Sunday, April 15, 2018, that the former first lady is in “failing health” and won’t seek additi

In the final stage of life, former First Lady Barbara Bush offers us a parting gift

In making that simple announcement that she was ready to limit medical treatment to "comfort care," she and her family offered a measure of comfort to all of us: This is life, too. This is acceptance.
Rachel Marsden
April 17
Former President Barack Obama : He drew a “red line” regarding the use of chemical weapons by Syria but decided to postpone military action afte

I refer President Trump to citizen Trump regarding 'red lines' in Syria

He had it right in 2013, when he warned President Obama not to attack in order to save face.
Souheil E. Ailabouni
April 17

Israel at 70: We Palestinians remember, too

It's a memory of ethnic cleansing that followed the establishment of the state of Israel. At least that's what it would be called today.
Steve Hunegs and James Cohen
April 17
Vice President Walter Mondale with President Jimmy Carter in July 1978. Later that year, the two helped forge the historic Camp David Accords between

Israel at 70: Remembering Minnesota's connection to a long road toward peace

Walter Mondale played a formidable role in the pivotal Camp David Accords.
Annette Meeks
April 16

Medical Assistance and work requirements: Proposal for able-bodied adults is modest, reasonable

Those seeking to preserve the welfare status quo are relying on myths. This plan would shore up our safety net and yield other benefits.
April 16

Eminent domain isn't a reasonable option in Mayo's Albert Lea flap

Citizens wouldn't want to risk tax money to seize clinic's property.
Tony Jones
April 16

Despite trouble in Edina, the kids will be all right

It's still not clear why our schools were targeted by conservatives, but we'll weather the storm. Will they?
Robert Yang
April 16
The White House : Home to the president, of course, and many officials, but also to the White House Internship Program for students and recent gradu

Interning at the Trump White House as a minority

It was an incredible experience. But I feared that some observers would demean me as a "token Asian," and they did. That's our society today.
Jennifer Rubin
April 16
In this image released by ABC News, correspondent George Stephanopoulos, left, appeared with former FBI director James Comey for a taped interview tha

Which will define Comey: Honesty or poor judgment?

His honesty will be hard to call into question. The decisions drawn from his observations, however, are frequently downright awful.
April 14

As fiscal conservatism wanes, Ryan leaves the stage

He'll have to take some of the blame for the mess he's leaving behind.
April 14

It's critical — and positive — that Trump trusts Pompeo

Secretary of state pick has a better chance to succeed than Tillerson.
D.J. Tice
April 13

Fort Snelling: new vision, old wounds

History can be painful but is rarely simple. Correct?
John Rash
April 13
Crowds of people at the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo.

Japan on the global stage: The art and craft of ennobling a nation

Japan has been up and down more than once. It's steady now and willing to be a pillar of global affairs.
Art Rolnick
April 13

2018 legislative session: Minnesota should double down on early education now

Directed at low-income kids at as early an age as possible, this could help close achievement gaps and give a huge return on investment.
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