Fund state transportation fully — and do it now

Fund state transportation fully — and do it now

As mayors, we implore legislators to heed needs of all Minnesotans.

The new humane economy goes cage-free chic

April 22
The movement to do away with hens' confinement just makes business sense.

Is it time to delist grizzly bears?

April 27
Yes, with population relatively stable and key precautions in place.
Ann Friedman
April 28

The etiquette of mourning celebrities in the social-media age

Are all of these displays of collective grieving really necessary?
Joanne Kaufman, John Stanochand Steve Cramer
April 28

Counterpoint: For paid sick leave, one-size-fits-all approach is just wrongheaded

The stakes for the Minneapolis economy are too high for the city to make this a mandate.
Al Quie and Jesse Wiese
April 28

We need to reform sentencing, yes, and then 'second prison'

Once people have paid their debt, they deserve a new chance.
Narayana Kocherlakota
April 28

On the economy, Trump makes sense

He's talking stimulation for a frail recovery, with coordinated fiscal and monetary policies. What's Hillary got?
Kim Crockett and Kevin Terrell
April 27

Editorial counterpoint: The Met Council needs a lot more than tweaks

The unelected body is a barrier to a transportation solution.
Multiple authors
April 27

Minnesota policymakers, here's the right way to help Somali-Americans

Hint: Stop stigmatizing these marginalized residents as terrorists.
Alexandra Petri
April 27

When eye rolling speaks more loudly than words

Sometimes your facial expression is a dead giveaway. Ask New Jersey's Mary Pat Christie.
Jonathan Bernstein
April 27
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke Tuesday night in New York after he swept the five GOP presidential primaries held.

Trump's triumph can't erase his candidacy's basic weakness

It's likely he'll be the nominee, but even now he can't rally the party behind his banner.
Derek Otte
April 26

Remembering Prince: A reminder of the power of music in a time of budget cuts

For children, it has many benefits — and not just for those who go on to become pop stars.
Stephen B. Young
April 26

In defense of genius: 400 years later, Shakespeare is still our guide

After him, to what greatness could a writer in English aspire?
Erik Paulsen
April 26

Erik Paulsen: Tax information is a critical, but missing tool, in child-abduction investigations

My legislation would change that by allowing access to data that follow known patterns. And it would include key safeguards.
Stephen M. Walt
April 26

Why is America so bad at promoting democracy in other countries?

Too often we force it. Also, we're not exactly setting a good example at home.
Gillian Brockell
April 26

Suspicion vs. racism in the skies

Flights attendants (which I once was) have to strike the balance.
Mick Sterling
April 26

Remembering Prince: His music, our moments

For a brief minute in March, I was fortunate enough to share a stage with a musical genius. But you didn't need to be close to be moved.
Sharon Sayles Belton
April 25

Minneapolis shelter, named after Harriet Tubman, marks 40 years of progress

We knew then, as people do now, that her name was an inspiration. But our work is not finished.
Eric Mahmoud
April 25

Remembering Prince: His quiet generosity literally lifted our schools

His 1993 gift was a significant amount at a significant moment.
Jim Webb
April 25

We can celebrate Harriet Tubman without disparaging Andrew Jackson

Mark Twain once commented that "to arrive at a just estimate of a renowned man's character one must judge it by the standards of his time, not ours."
Scott Talley
April 25

The NFL draft's rags-to-riches illusion

The imagery suggests that sports are a "way out" for African-Americans. They aren't.
Paul Ostrow
April 23

Minneapolis park funding: Quit the shell games

Forget a referendum or shifting "revenue streams." We'd do well to follow Rep. Sabo's example of fiscal integrity and transparency.
Mark Andrew and Carol Becker
April 23

Minneapolis park funding: Take the 20-year City Hall plan

Nothing less will do to properly repair and refurbish our signature green spaces.