Do female cops make all the difference?

Bridging gaps will require many tactics, including more psychological testing.

Teachers and staff of color matter big-time

April 21
If the system isn't equitable, if teachers and staff don't reflect the diversity of the student body, then little can be truly accomplished.

Support those officials charged with enforcing immigration laws

April 24
If critics want the policy changes, they should talk to members of Congress.
Anne Applebaum
April 24

France's election reveals the political divide of our times

Not over the size of the state, but over its identity: open vs. closed, integrationist vs. isolationist, future vs. past.
April 22

Trump administration's secrecy with visitor logs smacks of arrogance

Policy is drawing bipartisan criticism and more questions than answers.
Jill Thomas
April 22

A boy, a smartphone and an undiscovered world

  CALLED “Come,” said the pencil to the boy, “and draw with me.” So the boy reached for the pencil, about to touch it to…
John Rash
April 22

Rash Report: A march for science — and society

The United States could use a new "Sputnik moment" that rallies around scientists and other learned experts.
Evan Rausch
April 22

Prince didn't need to die; an opioid antidote was available in naloxone

Those at risk of overdose should be given training and access to this remedy, which is a simple nose spray.
April 21

Trump may be wising up on climate change

There are signs he's moving away from opposition to Paris agreement.
Charles Lane
April 21

Combating crime: Most hopeful reforms bloom at grass roots

Prosecutorial discretion is helping stem the "mass incareration" scenario.
David Brooks
April 21

Western civilization is pilloried, but fear what's coming

It's called "reactionary" and "oppressive," but the real horror may be over the horizon.
April 21

Minnesota Department of Revenue faces budget cuts. Wise?

This is, after all, the department that brings in the funds for Minnesota.
Eric Dayton
April 21

A farewell to skyways: The case for bringing them down

I know what you're thinking: "But I like skyways." Enough on those few, really cold days to give up having a safe, vibrant, healthy city 365 days a year?
Harold Collier
April 21

Lost in the anti-opioid craze is real suffering

Prince and I had something in common: chronic pain. We don't need sympathy, we need real help.
Megan McArdle
April 21

At Berkeley, the free speech movement has come to a screeching halt

A once fearless bastion of open-minded debate has become a cowardly symbol of high-minded intolerance
April 20

Hey, New York, make the most of the Fearless Girl

Controversy over statues in financial district is a bunch of bull.
Reynolds-Anthony Harris
April 20

Counterpoint: Private scholarships are a lifeline for our kids drowning in mediocrity

They make it possible for children go to the schools of their choice.
Lauren Stopfer
April 20

This weekend, I'll be marching for science. Will you?

I've come a long way from a curly-haired, sassy kid from Eagan, and I've grown to realize firsthand that science is worth our investment.
Dana Milbank
April 20

Court plays games to allow religious funding

Missouri's governor is giving church playground funds, so the issue is moot.
Margaret Sullivan
April 20

O'Reilly's final 'tip of the day': Be brave, working women!

Almost every woman has a story. The Fox megastar's downfall shows the power of telling them.
Sam Myers and Sarah Peterson
April 19

Highly skilled workers visas have fees to help Americans

H-1B visa fees paid by employers are used to train U.S. workers.
April 19

Why the trend of posting gruesome acts online?

There's the look-at-me factor, which law enforcement simply can't stop. How about removing the audience by simply not watching?
April 19

Prince Harry emerges as a royal voice for mental health treatment

His courage in talking about the death of his mother is inspiring.
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