Mock the Trumpians — at your peril

Mock the Trumpians — at your peril

Sure, the true believers are an easy target. But don't underestimate their thirst for populist answers.

The dangers of groupthink

Strict conformity of opinion is the enemy of intellectual liberty — and both conservatives and liberals fall into this trap.

Let's hit the 'reset' button on UCare

Instead of throwing 475,000 off state programs, take time out to get it right.
Barbara Reynolds
August 28

Why our '60s crowd is wary of Black Lives Matter

Baby boomers want to support the new movement, but disagree with its tactics.
August 28

Immigration tale: A Russian meets America

(A land of plenty, a land of freedom, a land of curiosities.)
August 28

Sanders makes his run with the help of small-beer donors

Refreshingly, the average contribution to his campaign is just $31.30.
John Rash
August 28

Seeing the best of America — and immigration — from India

The impact of immigration — an issue vexing multiple countries — depends on a nation's perspective.
August 28

U.S. has too few judges to effectively enforce immigration laws

Enforcement spending is growing much faster than court budgets.
August 28

The week in the markets: Sky is not falling, but it's shedding a bit

China was the proximate cause of the turmoil. So what, precisely, is the situation there?
D.J. Tice
August 28

Public-policy moves: And what when the worst case doesn't transpire?

Public policy on guns, minimum wage is food for thought.
August 28

For Amy Klobuchar, if immigration then were like immigration now …

The senator reflects on family history and Minnesota's needs and nature.
Michael Nesset
August 28

This is my zip car: A Mazda Miata for the older gent (and grandkids)

Sure, it seems like a gratuitous purchase. Or does i
Cass R. Sunstein
August 28

No, Democrats, the American system isn't 'rigged'

Fact is, America is enjoying a burst of progressive reform unlike anything seen in decades.
Mark Drake
August 28

Clinton may be damaged goods in Minnesota

The former secretary of state's spot at the top of the ballot may help GOP in legislative races.
August 27

Antiabortion movement is waging war on Planned Parenthood

Defunding push gains steam, even though most Americans oppose it.
David Feinwachs
August 27

Counterpoint: It's time for answers on UCare exit

Stop the secrecy; we need the truth about the state's action.
James M. Dunn
August 27

Counterpoint: Do you let your child play football or not? Use your head

Parents, in fact, have reason to flee youth leagues in droves.
August 27

What will it take to end the gun carnage?

Our nation must act before there are more shootings and more deaths.
Alyssa Rosenberg
August 27
This screenshot from WDBJ-TV7, in Roanoke, Va., shows reporter Alison...

Vester Flanagan's video and the inevitable live-streamed massacre

The show-off murderer is nothing new, but technology makes grotesque new exhibitionist options likely.
Paula Maccabee
August 26

Counterpoint: 'Modern mining' isn't the plan here

Northern Minnesota proposal rejects the best environmental technology as high cost.
Elizabeth Tucker
August 26

Counterpoint: I deserve a choice about dying

For 50 years I've fought a painful battle to live. But in the end, it's my decision.
Robert Wager
August 26

Counterpoint: Science shows crops are safe — to all but activists

Reservations mislead when consensus and the facts are clear that genetic modification benefits people and the environment.
James Hron
August 26

Small number of planned debates is bad for Democrats

The party had a better handle on this during the 2008 election cycle. This time, Republicans are in front, and they are getting all the air.
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