Southwest light rail dos and don'ts

Southwest light rail dos and don'ts

The development timeline that might have been, in another universe.

Can the Science Museum of Minnesota evolve?

September 15
The onetime "state-of-the-art" facility is unfortunately starting to feel dated.

Credit Pawlenty, Bakk for new Lake Vermilion jewel

September 18
Unlikely duo championed first new full-service state park in 25 years.
Costas Panagopoulos and Aaron Weinschenk
43 minutes ago

Did Comey give Trump the presidency? We don't think so.

Using an analysis of polling data from the last four months of the campaign, we find no conclusive evidence that the Comey letter led to a decisive shift in voter support. Instead, changes in support for the candidates resulted largely from other factors.
Megan McArdle

Trump is not being normalized. What is? Leftist bad behavior.

Antifa is not the same as white supremacists. (Just so you can note that, for the record, I said it.) But we're bending over a lot farther backward to accommodate antifa disruption of our rights.
Joe Shneider
September 18

Aquatic invasive species: Regional boat inspections inconvenient? Yes, but …

A strategy that Wright County is trying to implement asks more of the boating public, sure. But it's a change we need to make prevention cost-effective and avoid the much larger inconvenience of losing control of our lakes.
Emily Piper
September 18

Another 'cliff' for Congress, Minnesota: The Children's Health Insurance Program

Congress must act quickly to fund health care coverage for low-income Minnesota children and pregnant women.
Eric W. Kaler and Doug Loon
September 18

Immigration policy: Why DACA matters to our state's future

The immigration system must align itself with the needs of a changing and growing economy.
Joe Nocera
September 18

Equifax data breach: The policy changes needed before the outrage fades

At a minimum, the government needs to create incentives that would reward the credit bureaus for accuracy, customer service and ironclad data security. If that doesn't work, it ought to regulate them like public utilities.
John Rash
September 15

Rash Report: Russia's election meddling extends to social media

Fake Facebook accounts bought ads that "appeared to favor amplifying divisive social and political messages."
Karen Miller
September 15

13 reasons why mental-health reimbursement rates should not be slashed

A list for Blue Cross Blue Shield to consider.
September 15

How public-financing vouchers could improve Minneapolis elections

Seattle has set the example. We're encouraging a similar strategy in Minneapolis and are trying to gauge interest among candidates.
September 15

There's money to be made in renewables. Argument enough?

It's a "better argument for a Republican." Fair enough. But, those climate consequences are pretty compelling, too.
Lynn A. Blewett
September 15

Why single-payer is not likely our path forward

Here are some of the obstacles, especially for — but not exclusive to — state-level proposals. Two-thirds of Americans have private insurance. It may be better to expand public coverage for subsets of the population with particular needs.
Drew Hamre
September 15

A closer look at the legacy of Charles Lindbergh

From his skepticism of U.S. involvement in World War II to his connections to Germany, it's wise to pay attention to the details. They draw a fuller portrait.
Al Zdon
September 15

Counterpoint: The future of legacies like Charles Lindbergh's

He's a Minnesotan who had a major influence on the world. He lived in complex times, and he reflected that. Can we accept it?
September 15

China's move to electric vehicles is a major step forward

But it won't end nation's pollution problems.
Cathy O’Neil
September 15

Facebook and Google, show us your data on political ads

Big tech has far too much influence. How can we take back the online experience?
September 15

New documentary helps explain the mess that was Vietnam

Series from Ken Burns, Lynn Novick shows the value of studying history.
David P. Bryden
September 14

Counterpoint: Trump a racist? Not a helpful argument.

In general, the label is an oversimplification that detracts from more salient assessments about people and policies.
September 14

Equifax debacle should serve as a wake-up call for other data collectors

Social Security numbers allow identity thieves to wreak havoc.
Richard G. Carlson
September 14

A Minneapolis tale for those who downplay white privilege

This chain of events was bad enough. But it could have been worse.
James Lenz
September 14

Shifty motives, suspicious minds

What a majority of scientists believe, a large contingent of the public doesn't buy. The reason may involve a third, very interested party: big business.
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