Cleveland picked up veteran pitcher Derek Lowe during the off-season for pretty much the same reason the Twins signed Jason Marquis. After a disappointing season with Atlanta, the Indians took on Lowe for 2012 in a deal under which they will only have to pay $5 million of the $15 million due on his contract.

After Lowe shut out the Twins 5-0 on Tuesday, raising his record to 6-1 and lowering his ERA to 2.05, Cleveland manager Manny Acta told Sheldon Ocker of the Akron Beacon-Journal: “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that a 6-1 record was expected. But Lowe has done what we expected in giving us innings and being good in the clubhouse.”

The Twins didn't expect a 6-1 record from Jason Marquis, who they signed for $3 million in December. But he was supposed to give the Twins innings and be good in the clubhouse.

While we're in no position to judge the "good in the clubhouse" part, Marquis hasn't really done the pitching things for which the Twins were hoping -- with a 2-3 record, a 6.68 ERA and a penchant for working slowly. He had another poor start Tuesday, giving up three home runs in the fifth inning as 2-0 became 5-0.

As the Twins ready themselves for the talented minor-leaguers in their system who are thought -- for the most part -- to be a couple of years away from the major leagues, the challenge for general manager Terry Ryan will be to find the right veterans with which to surround them.

Want a bit more frustration? In the Akron story, Cleveland catcher Lou Marson explained why more than 90 percent of Lowe's pitches on Tuesday were sinking fastballs: “You keep doing it until they make the adjustment."

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