I used to love going to the Metrodome to watch the Twins play! Why? Because I love watching the Twins play. Sounds simple? It is. I'm a Twins fan, so I would love watching them in Midway Stadium, Newman Outdoor Field (in Fargo) or Al Krueger Stadium (in Perham). I remember driving on 394 East to Washington Avenue, turning onto Portland and parking behind the fire station. It was a three block walk, but that's ok, there was a Twins game to watch! Driving by and seeing the white poofy roof was part of the routine that got you excited for the event. There was batting practice, nachos, and a Major League ball game.

There are a lot of great memories in the Metrodome, on the field and in the bleachers.

In 2010, the Twins moved into Target Field, a new state-of-the-art stadium with all of the amenities. The first time I went there was for an open house for season ticket holders with the Twins Geek and his wife. I took about 80 pictures in a little over an hour. Every time I re-adjusted my eyes, I noticed something else that made me say, "Wow! Look at that!" It starts with Target Plaza, the big gold gloves and the gates with the numbers of the Twins inner-circle Hall of Famers. You walk in and the giant video board pops out at you. You look around and you notice just how big it is. Walking the large, open concourse was something remarkable. You can actually still watch the game while walking in the hall ways. The Budweiser party deck jumps out at you. The many concessions and food options are incredible. And yes, I usually still go with the nachos.

If you ever get a chance to watch batting practice from the Metropolitan Club, stop by there for a few minutes. It's terrific. Walking through the Legends Club section was a step back through the history of the Minnesota Twins. The Puckett and Carew Lounges are incredible. The Killebrew corner of pictures and quotes stand out. The area by the press box with all of the great calls spelled out. Pictures of all the Twins great.

My brother and I went to the Gophers game there against Louisiana Tech and specifically decided to watch a half-inning from various sections all throughout the stadium. We went to the seats that we thought would be the worst in the place, and still could see clearly what was going on in the game.

We went to the first exhibition game, against the Cardinals and thought Minny and Paul were pretty cool when they lit up. So did Matt Holliday who watched the lighting after a Denard Span home run. But the thing that most stands out to me. At 3:00, it was downpouring and had been for a couple of hours. Game time was 5:00. It stopped raining shortly after 3, and by 4:20 when the tarp came off and players started stretching, you couldn't even tell it had rained. Remarkable!

As the season went along, less people were walking the concourses, more focused on the games. That's to be expected. But I know every single time I went to Target Field, I noticed something new, something different. Each home stand, the Twins made some adjustments based on fan feedback, things to make the game experience even better for the fans.

Target Field is the GREENest ballpark in the country. The water recycling plan is noticeable. There are two closed-caption boards for the hearing-impaired. There are so many "little" things that are truly big things to many people.

Well, here is a forum for me, and for you. Looking back on the first season at Target Field, what were your memories of season our new outdoor stadium. What are the things that jumped out at you at first? What are the things that you eventually noticed and appreciated? What are the good things? And what are the things that you would like to see them do for next season? What didn't you like?  I would think that "Like" column would be significantly larger than the "Dislike" column, but constructive criticism can be a good thing too.

So what do you think about OUR new stadium, Target Field?