Canadian Cherry Blossem

Canadian Cherry Blossom

We have a wonderful tree in our front yard whose blossoms smell heavenly.  I always thought it was a Canadian Cherry Tree, but checking last night, I could not verify it's true identity

All I know is that I wish you could smell it!  If Willy Wonka were to invent Smell-avision, this blossom would drive someone to invent Scent-ernet. 

Neighbors walk by and smiles come instantly to their faces.  The scent is sweet, but not oversweet; fruity too.  It's beyond my writing capability to describe.  For 2 weeks each spring (weather pending) everyone enjoys the tree's aroma.

There are other favorite scents of spring -- the first mowing of grass.  Crisp grass blended with just a hint of gas fumes (it smells better than it sounds).


Lilac bloom

Lilac bloom



Then there's Lilly of the Valley flowers; and lilacs.  YUM. 



What are your favorite scents of Spring?