Charles Vesel

8/30/1940 - 6/15/2012

Happy Birthday. Still love you, still miss you and think of you often. Family and Friends.

Published on 08/30/2014

Andy Williams

5/8/67 - 8/31/09

5 years have passed. It's said time heals all wounds, but time can't heal a mother's broken heart. Love & Miss you, Mom & family.

Published on 08/31/2014

Mary Susan Wolf

Oct. 19, 1940 - Aug. 30, 2013

She left an afterglow of smiles Ken Wolf Family

Published on 08/31/2014

Darren Stephen Wools

3/27/79 - 9/04/13

Our lives have never been the same once our hearts were touched by you. The joy you gave will be cherished forever. Miss you more with each passing day. Love, Mom and family

Published on 08/31/2014


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