Jennifer Olson Guentert

Nov. 21, 1960 - July 13, 2004

When you remember me, it means that you have carried something of who I am with you, that I have left some mark of who I am on who you are. - Frederick Buechner Still missing you after 10 years, your family

Published on 07/13/2014

David Michael Osby

7/17/65 - 10/11/94

As the sun rose this morning we looked to the Heavens above and whispered "Happy Birthday David" and sent you all our love. Never fogotten, always loved. Mom & Denise

Published on 07/17/2014

Wayne William Palmer

6/10/55 - 7/6/09

5 years have passed since that night you saw Jesus and he beckoned you to come home. No more pain. You are missed and loved. Mom and family.

Published on 07/06/2014



8/16/57 - 7/30/05

Altruistic Broker Compassionate Dynamic Entrepreneur Faithful Gregarious Hunter Impossible Joker Kind Lizard Miracle Man Nurse Only Pidge Quick Real Schnoops Twiggy Understood Visionary Wondrous X-Ray Yearning Zestful. Love you A-Z. Aways have, always will. Bev

Published on 07/27/2014

Jacob Peckels

2/2/1973 - 7/19/2012

Jacob Peckels 2/2/1973- 7/19/2012 Fils bien-aimé, Tu me manques tous les jours Dad

Published on 07/19/2014

Matt Petermeier

August 17, 1960 - July 18, 2004

We will always love you.

Published on 07/18/2014

Verna Mae Renslow

7/25/39 - 6/14/13

Lovish, it's your birthday. I think of you and miss you every day. Love, Dale

Published on 07/25/2014

Kathleen Niki Rogers (Boosalis)

7/8/1955 - 3/7/2007

We miss you and love you forever. Mike, Jon, Catherine, Mom and Dad, Chris and Beatriz, uncles, aunts and cousins.

Published on 07/08/2014

Norma Jean Saba

1-19-25 - 7-30-13

A year ago, we said goodbye We feel our tears will never dry. Missing you daily With Love, - Your kids

Published on 07/30/2014

Arline Sather

April 10, 1923 - July 10, 2004

Arline Sather April 10, 1923 - July 10, 2004 Ten years - missing you and loving you always. Your loving family

Published on 07/10/2014

Marc Schaffhausen

4/9/51 - 7/23/97

I've carried this knot in my stomach since you died. I cry alone. I don't want to share my sadness with anyone Except today. I love and miss you my Brother, Rick.

Published on 07/23/2014

In Loving Memory

Lucille Schilling

Aug. 1, 1922 - July 13, 2013

You are away, yet ever near. Your presence fills each day. Your voice, your smiles are everywhere, a memory away. And though you are no longer seen by family and friends, you live because you were dearly loved, and love can never end. Love Always, Jerry & Family

Published on 07/13/2014

Elizabeth (Liza) Schmidt

6/27/1952 - 7/9/2009

It's been five years. Missing you more with each passing year. You're in our thoughts always.

Published on 07/06/2014

Anna Senger

7/18/22 - 4/10/14

Happy birthday to my Sunshine! Miss you much Mom - love Barb

Published on 07/18/2014

Anusuia 'Dharma' Singh

Oct. 19, 1940 - July 19, 2008

Lord Krishna knows how much we miss you Mom. Six years seems like yesterday. Gone Mom, but never forgotten. Your loving family.

Published on 07/20/2014


9/8/59 - 7/8/12

Beloved husband, father, son, brother and uncle. You are loved and missed.

Published on 07/08/2014

Jereau "Ro-Ro" Smith

7/17/1983 - 7/30/2013

1st Corinthians 13 3740 Heavens Gate Gone too soon. Rest in paradise. Love always, Your Family

Published on 07/30/2014

Bob Soderlund

Happy Heavenly Birthday Loves You, Linda.

Published on 07/05/2014

Gerald R. "Jerry" Steer

April 1, 1950 - July 12, 1974

Always remembered.

Published on 07/12/2014

Otto Karl Stohr

10/8/1923 - 7/19/2009

A thoughtful, very unique man A thespian who created beauty From very simple things. A patient teacher, no exploiter of vulnerabilities, He charged others to think further beyond the senses. He was a husband, a beloved father and a bedrock friend. We will not soon nor evermore forget you!

Published on 07/20/2014

Bruce R. Swenson

Mar. 20, 1938 - Mar. 18, 2014

Bru, this would be our 44th Wedding Anniversary. Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. I love you, J.

Published on 07/18/2014

David J.W. Tiller

8/10/78 - 7/16/02

We miss you terribly, son. You're forever in our hearts, Punkin. Love Mom and Dad

Published on 07/16/2014

Cynthia Marie Tschurl (nee Dayton-Jaggers)

1/15/57 - 7/13/10

Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed, and very dear.

Published on 07/13/2014


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