honoring your loved ones

Hannah Marie Albright

6/16/92 - 7/21/94

I have missed you so much these last 23 years. Your absence is a pain I have gotten used to, but I know it will be part of me forever I love you Sweet Pea, Your Dad

  • Published on 07/21/2017

Sarah Elizabeth Blosberg


Sarah, dearest Sarah, it's been 20 years, a golden anniversary of your new life with Jesus. To say the least we all miss you more than you can ever have known on earth. Lots has happened in those 20 years, young children bear your name and many are reflecting your infectious spirit, laughter and crazy antics. Your spirit truly lives on. Sarah, you are gone from your earthly life but you will never be forgotten, especially by Mom, Dad, Rachel, your extended family and your many friends. GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO WE ...ETERNALLY!

  • Published on 07/20/2017

In Loving Memory

Ralph I Bock

12/01/1932 - 07/17/2016

"Wish You all a Good Life, I've had a Good Ride." Love and Miss you Dad Pam and Family

  • Published on 07/16/2017


12/26/67 - 7/4/95

Loving and missing you for 22 long years. Mom, Dad & Anne

  • Published on 07/04/2017

Richard Brandt

July 18, 1942 - Nov. 4, 2014

Happy 75th Birthday Papa! We miss you and love you. Love, Your Family and Friends

  • Published on 07/18/2017


July 15, 1938 - July 4, 2000

Remembering you is easy, we do it every day. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away. We Love and Miss You, The Entire Brantley Family

  • Published on 07/04/2017

Beverly & Robert Clayson


Happy 69th Wedding Anniversary! Finally happy together again in Heaven. All our love, Your Children

  • Published on 07/02/2017

Lee Fliss

1/12/1932 - 7/14/2009

The man who loved us And wrapped us in arms so strong Has gone where we can't reach him But our love for him lives on. It's hard to believe you've been gone eight years, Dad. Missing you and loving you always, Mom (Freddie), Laurie, Sheri, Kim

  • Published on 07/14/2017

Joanne "Joey" Gruggen

4/26/1929 - 7/1/1995

She was a gift to all who had the good fortune to share common moments with her. All the diverse roles of her life: daughter, student, airline hostess, wife, mother, model and grandmother, she blended seamlessly together with natural glamour and impeccable style. She bequeaths her heritage of laughter and grace to live on through her many friends and surviving family. TO MY JOEY Farewell meant long ago before it crept, fear-laden, into song, "Safe Voyage" "Pleasant Journey" or "So Long". For you, dear Joey. I wish a merry ring; Cursed poets made it rhyme with knell -- Joined, it became a dismal thing -- Farewell! So, warmed by my love, you depart Secure in the knowledge of my devoir. It's not farewell, but merely "Au Revoir" - Jerry We lament the lost sound of your voice, the touch of your hand and we do cherish all the wonderful memories you left. Jerry, Terry, Sean, Patrick, Kathleen & Bill, Ryan, and Tara.

  • Published on 07/01/2017


July 26, 1961 - June 27, 2008

Those were the days my friend. We thought they'd never end - but they did. A lot of people miss ya Buddy - Bubba

  • Published on 06/25/2017

Anne Marie Hennen

June 27, 1941 - Sept. 8, 2016

Happy Birthday. We miss our wonderful wife, mom & nana. So many wonderful memories. Watch over us and guide us as you did when you were here. We love you forever. Jim & your family.

  • Published on 06/27/2017

James A. Hessel Sr.

May 11, 1928 - July 19, 2012

Forever Loved - Forever Missed Donna, Jimmy, Julie & Dave

  • Published on 07/16/2017

Jan M. Hoegfeldt

7/7/26 - 11/20/14

Sadly missed by son, Ian, daughter, Karen Schmid, and wife, Dolores.

  • Published on 07/07/2017

Charles Rock Holt

5/23/50 - 7/4/16

We miss you Rock

  • Published on 07/04/2017

Michael David Hove

1966 - 2015

Words of this song touch my heart: "I miss you and I wish you were here. I remember- The way you looked, The sound of your laughter, The plans we made, Your hopes for tomorrow. How I long for the touch of your hand holding mine." Son, how I miss you and I wish you were here. Love, Mom

  • Published on 06/25/2017

Lois Jech

- died 7/29/15

This "leggy" babe was born Jan. 10, 1941, and was a dancer & entertainer extraordinaire. I miss holding you, Darling! Your smile; your warmth; your laughter; your love; are memories I will cherish forever!

  • Published on 07/23/2017



We enjoyed 12 very special years together. Thanks for the memories! LOVE ALWAYS, JUDY

  • Published on 06/27/2017

O. Elden Johnson

24 October 1924 - 4 July 1992

O. Elden Johnson 24 October 1923 - 4 July 1992 Still missed by friends & colleagues.

  • Published on 07/02/2017

Toni Joriman

9/13/70 - 7/20/87

You left us 30 years ago But our love for you and your memory have never left us. Missed so much Love Forever, Your Family

  • Published on 07/23/2017


12/3/1956 - 6/24/2014

Forever. Love Patty & the Kids

  • Published on 06/24/2017


Kari Ann Koskinen

2/16/61 - 6/26/94

STOLEN TREASURE 2/16/61 - 6/26/94

  • Published on 06/26/2017

Lauri (Larry) Koskinen

Nov. 10, 1932 - July 12, 2011

Lauri (Larry) Koskinen Nov. 10, 1932 July 12, 2011

  • Published on 07/12/2017

Robert "Bob" Lidholm

April 30, 1939 - June 25, 2010

Robert "Bob" Lidholm April 30, 1939 - June 25, 2010 7 Years Today We love you deeply. We miss you deeply. With our love - Your family

  • Published on 06/25/2017

Don L. Luce

11/5/31 - 7/11/14

Never forgotten, loved forever. Your devoted wife, Lucy

  • Published on 07/09/2017


Sept. 27, 1938 - July 6, 2010


  • Published on 07/06/2017

Marilyn J. Meuser

12/26/34 - 6/28/13

Four years gone, my one true love; my mind accepts the finality of your leaving...my heart never will! When we first met, I sang to you "I only have eyes for You." I know you remember. That memory is vivid and lives within my soul. The kids and I talk of you often. Our memories of you will not fade. Marilyn, we all have you in our hearts, dear wife and mom! KNOW our love and watch over us until we meet again. Ron and the Meuser family

  • Published on 06/28/2017

Kevin F. Mulcahy

January 28, 1948 - July 5, 2014

You live in my heart I will always love you! Ruthie

  • Published on 07/02/2017

In Cherished Memory of

Anthony Adejare Ogundiran

07/21/1955 - 07/21/2016

At rest in God's keeping, a beautiful star in heaven-still loving-still living-taken into the arms of Jesus on his birthday. To live in the hearts of the ones you love is to never die. Sing and dance my love where shadows never fall. Pain and sorrow forgotten, and eternally resting in sweet peace.

  • Published on 07/21/2017

Wayne William Palmer

6/10/55 - 7/6/09

Wayne William Palmer 6/10/55 - 7/6/09 Eight years ago you decided to end your 25 years of pain. The pain is still in our hearts. You are never forgotten. Love mom & family.

  • Published on 07/02/2017

Jacob Peckels

2/2/1973 - 7/19/2012

Jacob Peckels 2/2/1973 7/19/2012 Je veux ĂȘtre comme toi, papa. Les souvenirs restent comme des images dans le temps. Tu me manques, mon fils. Amour, papa.

  • Published on 07/19/2017

Clifton A. Roark

12/27/33 - 6/24/15

No longer by my side but forever in my heart. As always, Love Kathy

  • Published on 06/24/2017

Kathleen Niki Rogers (Boosalis)

7/8/1955 - 3/7/2007

Forever in our hearts. All our love, your loving family.

  • Published on 07/09/2017

Marc Schaffhausen

4/9/51 - 7/23/97

You've been gone a long time. I always wanted to be like you. I wore your clothes, sprayed myself with your English Leather, even went out with your girlfriend. Just kidding on that last one. I miss you. Love you Bro, Rick.

  • Published on 07/23/2017


9/8/59 - 7/8/12

Goodbye is not forever. Goodbye is not the end. It simply means we will miss you, until we meet again.

  • Published on 07/08/2017

Bob Soderlund


Wishing you a heavenly birthday. Loves You, Linda.

  • Published on 07/05/2017

Bruce R. Swenson

Mar. 20, 1938 - Mar. 18, 2014

Dearest Bruce Today Would Be Our 47th Anniversary I Would Have Missed So Many Things If We Had Never Met The Happiness Of Moments Much Too Special To Forget But Most Of All I Would Have Missed The Joy Of Loving You I Will Remember Always, Our Days Of Wine and Roses "You're Still The One" Forever Yours J

  • Published on 07/18/2017

David J.W. Tillery

8/10/78 - 7/16/02

We are so lost without you, son.Watch over us until we are with you again. Love, Mom & Dad.

  • Published on 07/16/2017

Trent Michael Huntley

6/18/66 - 7/23/72

TRENT was like The morning sun, with yellow hair and eyes as blue as the sky, and a smile that changed everyone's world. He remains in our Hearts, always our Beautiful boy. Mom, Dad, Todd, Troy, Tricia, Teren

  • Published on 07/23/2017

Cynthia Marie Tschurl (nee Dayton-Jaggers)

1/15/57 - 7/13/10

Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed, and very dear.

  • Published on 07/13/2017

Mark Walczak

11/22/58 - 07/08/97

20 years today. We love you deeply. We miss you deeply. With our love; Your family

  • Published on 07/08/2017

Philip Thomas Wesely

June 10, 1980 - June 29, 1992

Remembering Philip 25 years later. Remembering Philip's loving personality, his beautiful smile and his spirit for life. Mom, Dad, Ryan and Tommy

  • Published on 07/02/2017

John McKay Williams

Oct. 27, 1945 - July 8, 2012

"Beautiful memories - Just as you were, you will always be Someone special in my memory." Love, Barbara

  • Published on 07/08/2017