honoring your loved ones

Ronald Lee Petree

6/2/47 - 4/27/15

Loved you yesterday Love you still Always have, Always will Forever in my heart, Wendy

  • Published on 04/27/2017

In Loving Memory Of

Bruce Redgate


One year ago our beloved Bruce left this world to forever be in the loving arms of Jesus. Our hearts are saddened but we are comforted knowing someday we will all be together again for eternity. We Love You Bruce Loving wife, Denise and family

  • Published on 04/12/2017


6/1/69 - 4/16/16

We miss you more than words can say. Love forever, Your family and friends.

  • Published on 04/16/2017

Aaron Thomas Reyes

April 2, 1996 - Jan. 10, 2014

With an ache in our hearts, We whisper low, Happy 21st Birthday Aaron, We miss you so. Love, Dad & Angie, Alex, Jay & Allie

  • Published on 04/02/2017

Kevin Michael Rhode

9/9/66 - 3/31/99

Missing you always and loving you forever. Until we meet again, forever in our hearts. Mother, Father, and brother Bryan.

  • Published on 03/31/2017

Aaron Richard Rosenthal

1934 - 2016

One year of missing you, every day One year of missing you, in every way One year of missing you, remembering still One year of missing you, and we always will Your loving family Mimi, Scott, Debbie, Barry, Sara, Johnny, Robbie, Noah, Susan, Jonah, Rachel, and Jack Martin

  • Published on 04/10/2017

In Loving Memory of


April 3, 1908 - Oct. 3, 2005

Age will not dim her loving grace, sparkling eyes, her happy face. She fell asleep and left me sad, I'll never forget the mom I had. Love always, Paul, Eleanor & family

  • Published on 04/02/2017

Ervin F. Sahli

April 27, 1927 - March 17, 2016

The Last Train to Heaven I'll be on my way to Heaven where the rails are made of gold The boxcars lined with satin and will never get cold The hobos are always welcome Even in their raggedy clothes I'll be on my way to Heaven when the final whistle blows. Happy Birthday! Sahli Family

  • Published on 04/27/2017

Gary Sievertson

April 19, 1951 - April 18, 2009

Squirrel Man - We all miss you & that great laugh! Love, your family, your friends & your squirrels.

  • Published on 04/18/2017

Norma Sondrol

April 17, 1926 - Oct. 30, 2011

Mom, Easter was always your favorite holiday, with the promise of the Resurrection. Until we are all together again, I hold you in my heart. Love, Vicky

  • Published on 04/16/2017

Monica O. Strout

2/16/1965 - 4/28/2016

Monica, daughter, sister, mother and awsome volunteer. Gone too soon. Loved & missed, Joelle & Ken.

  • Published on 04/28/2017

Happy Birthday in Heaven!

Mary Lou Abner Terwilliger

April 12, 1939 - November 17, 2016

You are loved more and more every single day. We miss your smile and Joy! Until we meet again. We love you. Your Honey, Your Children, and Your Grandchildren

  • Published on 04/12/2017