honoring your loved ones

In Cherished Memory of

Anthony Adejare Ogundiran

07/21/1955 - 07/21/2016

At rest in God's keeping, a beautiful star in heaven-still loving-still living-taken into the arms of Jesus on his birthday. To live in the hearts of the ones you love is to never die. Sing and dance my love where shadows never fall. Pain and sorrow forgotten, and eternally resting in sweet peace.

  • Published on 07/21/2017

Vivian Moberg Olafson

Apr. 12, 1932 - July 31, 2012

Love of my life, my angel. Viv, it's been 5 long years since you left me. You are missed so so much. We met in 1983 at your parents home when I sold it. And then again in December at the Chart House. When you came up to me and said, "Do you remember me?" And the rest is history. Every day your smile and wonderful memories bring me comfort. But I still miss you. Love Always, John.

  • Published on 07/30/2017


8/16/57 - 7/30/05

Beloved Brother Dear, The only solace we took upon our Sister Dear's passing is in knowing she had the most boisterous and well-connected welcoming committee led by you. Perhaps the two of you will run into the little man with the big suitcase while frolicking in His kingdom. Love, Bev

  • Published on 07/30/2017

Jessica Lynn Powers (Schmeichel)

7/3/77 - 8/6/13

You Are Always In Our Hearts

  • Published on 08/06/2017

Jerry and Faith Reichert


We love you, miss you and think of you every day. Your loving daughter & son-in-law, Tracey and Paul Johnson

  • Published on 08/06/2017

Verna Mae Renslow


Happy Birthday, my love. Each day, I kiss your face. Miss you greatly. Love, Dale

  • Published on 07/25/2017

Ryan S. Roehl

08/10/1977 - 05/13/2016

Happy 40th Birthday. We love you & miss you! Aunt Lynn & Uncle Jerry.

  • Published on 08/10/2017

Elizabeth Sanders

Aug. 6, 1973 - Dec. 27, 2014

Elizabeth Sanders Aug. 6, 1973 - Dec. 27, 2014 Just sadness. Be at peace.

  • Published on 08/06/2017

Marc Schaffhausen

4/9/51 - 7/23/97

You've been gone a long time. I always wanted to be like you. I wore your clothes, sprayed myself with your English Leather, even went out with your girlfriend. Just kidding on that last one. I miss you. Love you Bro, Rick.

  • Published on 07/23/2017

In Loving Memory

Lucille Schilling

Aug. 1, 1922 - July 13, 2013

You are away, yet ever near. Your presence fills each day. Your voice, your smiles are everywhere, a memory away. And though you are no longer seen by family and friends, you live because you were dearly loved, and love can never end. Love Always, Jerry & Family

  • Published on 08/01/2017

Craig Seacotte


Happy Birthday, Love! Missing you madly and loving you forever. AMF!

  • Published on 08/17/2017

Howard Patrick Skelly

3/7/1931 - 8/18/2012

"The hero in our hearts" We love and miss you Dad, since you went on to your reward in Heaven five years ago. You heroically sacrificed for your country in war, under fire in Korea. You raised us to value our heritage as moral citizens and as a close-knit loving family. You are the Hero in our Hearts, the Skelly children

  • Published on 08/20/2017

Brett H. Smith

10/24/46 - 8/10/13

Miss you and the Great Adventure. Love you, Debbie

  • Published on 08/10/2017

Debra Lynn Stearns

3/30/57 - 7/24/12

Debra Lynn Stearns 3/30/57 7/24/12 Five long years miss and think of you every day. Mom

  • Published on 07/24/2017

Ronald "Ronnie" Steffen

08/17/1929 - 08/12/2016

Happy Birthday! Miss you and love you always. Ann "Tanya"

  • Published on 08/17/2017

Trent Michael Huntley

6/18/66 - 7/23/72

TRENT was like The morning sun, with yellow hair and eyes as blue as the sky, and a smile that changed everyone's world. He remains in our Hearts, always our Beautiful boy. Mom, Dad, Todd, Troy, Tricia, Teren

  • Published on 07/23/2017