honoring your loved ones

In Loving Memory of

Jim Ahlstrom

9/10/1946 - 1/10/2002

You were taken away way too soon. Even after 15 years, you are still loved & missed so much. Your loving family.

  • Published on 01/10/2017

Hannah Marie Albright

6/16/92 - 7/21/94

Merry Christmas my sweet Hannah. As we gather today I will think of you and remember how much joy you brought us. I miss you Sweet Pea. Love, Daddy.

  • Published on 12/25/2016

Noelle Marie Anderson

2/20/1993 - 1/7/1997

If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, Keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever." - Winnie the Pooh Noelle, twenty years has passed and we miss and love you as much as ever. Never forgotten Forever loved. Dad, Mom, Rachel, Jadyn & Heather

  • Published on 01/07/2017

Mike Brown

5/5/52 - 1/15/07

Can't believe it's been 10 years. And missing you like it was yesterday. The Brown Family

  • Published on 01/15/2017

Chris Cavanaugh

- Dec. 31, 2011

Loved and missed forever by Mom & Family

  • Published on 12/31/2016

In Loving Memory of



Welcomed into Heaven New Year's Day, 2016 There are some who bring a light so great to the world, that even after they have gone, the light remains. May your light shine forever. Love You, Judy~ Jason~Joelle~Dimarco~Adrianna

  • Published on 01/01/2017

Marlyn Arthur Desens

4-10-35 - 1-13-16

My dear wonderful husband, it has been 1 year & I miss you every day. I thank God for our great life together. Our life verse is Romans 8:28. Your loving wife, Helen

  • Published on 01/13/2017

Dorothy (Grubich) Devereaux

Oct. 14, 1915 - Jan. 17, 2011

It's been six years since you left us and joined Mom, Dad and Rosa. We think of you every day and miss you so much. Love, your sisters, Bee and Melva

  • Published on 01/17/2017

Elizabeth M. Ehlers

1/23/1938 - 12/31/2011

The most beautiful girl in the world. We miss you.

  • Published on 12/31/2016

Nicholas Erhart

2/22/87 - 12/23/15

Our Beloved Son, A year has passed since you left us. Not a day goes by that we haven't thought of you and your big smile, sense of humor, hugs, kindness and willingness to help everyone. Love, Dad & Mom

  • Published on 12/23/2016

Nicholas A. Erhart


Your time was too short. You are not forgotten. You live on in our memories. God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas. We love you Nick.

  • Published on 12/23/2016


2/17/1988 - 1/20/2011

Jaclyn, 2011 forever; thanks for being Peter Pan in a dress. Daily something occurs you would've gotten a kick out of, your giggles are heard with a smile. You really went after life with vigor, drive and fun. Love L.A.? Get accepted into Cal Arts. Love music? Clearly you become a weekly critic on a music website. Want to be a filmmaker? Obviously local renowned actors will do it for free. Want to be a better writer? Get a U of M Journalism Degree, duh. So many have written of your inspiration, compassion and fun spirit. On our annual trip to LA, looking for signs, seems like both the little girl waiting on Disney and the young lady ready to hit vintage shops is editing. Daily loved and missed

  • Published on 01/20/2017

In Loving Memory of

Gary Flakne

- Jan. 3, 2016

Beloved, it has been a year. My heart is still filled with tears. Love, Patricia

  • Published on 01/03/2017