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2/21/1930 - 8/10/2014

Alvin was a wonderful husband, a great dad and grand-father. He was generous, loving & caring to his family & friends. We miss you, Al, we'll always love you. Wife, Ruth; daughter, Karen (Scott) Johnson; son, Paul Anderson; grandson, Adam Johnson.

  • Published on 08/09/2015


4/21/90 - 8/10/05

Ten years gone. Love endures. Welcome, Dan and Hannah

  • Published on 08/09/2015

Robb Wayne Berthiaume

11/8/1973 - 8/15/1995

Robb Wayne Berthiaume 11/8/1973 - 8/15/1995 Robbie it has been twenty years and we miss you every day!! Even after twenty years we still feel your passion for life. Mom, Dad, Tony, Gina, Eric, Morgan, Logan, Austin and Hunter.

  • Published on 08/15/2015

Carole J. Bland

4/16/46 - 8/23/08

Dear Carole - Although time passes and memories fade, that does not seem to apply to you at all. Our loving thoughts of you continue to grow rather than fade, as we recall how special you were in the lives of so many. How nice it is remembering the many enjoyable times we spent together, the fun vacations in the sun, from quiet time reading books to loud time playing and laughing. Each memory - and they are frequent - brings a warm feeling and a smile. This is your kind of summer, with several hot and humid days just demanding that you spend time at the pool. I picture you in the corner of the pool with your laptop enjoying life. Wish you were here now, my love.

  • Published on 08/23/2015

Reed T. Bortz

2-9-1934 - 8-6-2015

Life is too short to rush through it. So adjust your speed, watch for the bumps in the road. And for God's sake, laugh and smile every chance you get. Remember laughter is infectious but not fatal.

  • Published on 08/09/2015

Harley Noel "Swede" Chellen

Dec. 20, 1932 - Sept. 1, 2005

10 years Through adversity to the stars he charted a course for us to follow. He loved life and is deeply missed and loved by Terry and children, grandchildren and friends.

  • Published on 08/30/2015

Gary R. Christofferson

June 26, 1951 - Aug. 26, 2013

Gary R. Christofferson June 26, 1951 - Aug. 26, 2013 Celebrating A Life Well Lived! LIFE IS GOOD

  • Published on 08/26/2015


4/27/65 - 8/6/98

The days are long without you, yet time goes by so fast. Our comfort comes from memories of your short-lived past. Most of them will make us laugh, some fill our eyes with tears. Hard to believe that you've been gone for 17 years. So many things remind us that you're never far away We hold you close within our hearts each and every day. Forever loved and always missed. Your family & friends

  • Published on 08/06/2015

Jennifer H. Erickson

10/21/72 - 8/10/13

Jennifer H. Erickson 10/21/72 - 8/10/13 Missing You Angel Face Love, your mom, children & family

  • Published on 08/10/2015

Sylvia and Henry Frisch

1947 - September 3rd, 1995

It is hard to believe that you have been gone from our lives for 20 years now, and your laugh and smiling faces still come back to me all these years later. You were both active in the community and alive in spirit. Our many get together's over the years were always enjoyable, and I always looked forward to the next time we would meet. I often wonder where your lives would have gone had you lived into your retirement and how many people you would have positively affected. Your deaths at 48 drastically changed how I approached my life afterwards and made me realize how we should stay in the day more and keep in contact with our friends and family and not get caught up in the trivial, meaningless stuff that we human beings often do. You are both missed tremendously by your family and friends, and I hope that we will meet again when this life is through. Tom Dethmers, nephew - Fort Worth, TX

  • Published on 09/03/2015