President Barack Obama's trip to the Midwest could prove quite profitable.

After he addressed a crowd at Honeywell in Golden Valley, the president attended three Minneapolis fundraisers: a $5,000-per-person luncheon with 100 people; a $40,000-per-person roundtable with 20 people; and a $50,000-per-person roundtable with 10 people. 

If each person paid full freight, which often doesn't happen, the president could have raised $1.8 million.

He then was expected to fly to Chicago for three more fundraisers Friday night.

According to ABC News, those events involved a $5,000-per-person event for 350 people; a $35,800-per-person event for 60 people and another $35,800 event for 55 people.

If all those attendees paid in full, that would bring in more than $4 million

According to ABC, "proceeds from all the events will benefit OVF, a joint fundraising account that funnels contributions to Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee and several state Democratic parties."

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