Brown leaves are dropping from the linden trees that line the boulevard on my way to work, and they’re not dropping because fall is approaching. They’re dropping because it’s been so dry.
Now is the time to water trees, grass and gardens. With trees it’s especially critical, because the damage from drought can be delayed but long-lasting. Often trees don’t show any sign of distress, so the unobservant homeowner may not even know that trees are thirsty. Then a year or two later when people see bare branches at the top of trees, they wonder what’s wrong.
In my garden, I know it’s time to water when the leaves on water-sensitive plants like hydrangea and Joe Pye weed go limp. In a week like this I will give those plants a drink every couple of days, and I water the entire garden every four or five days.
Anything in a raised bed or pot probably needs to be watered at least once a day when temperatures are in the 90s. And if you have a lawn, don’t forget your grass. A lawn needs about an inch of water each week to last through a hot dry period like we’re having now.
So please water!