"November always seemed to me the Norway of the year," wrote Emily Dickinson. Perhaps Denmark or northern Germany would be a better metaphor this year.

El Niño-warmed winds from the Pacific are slowing our free-fall into winter, like the smoking brakes of an 18-wheeler creeping downhill. There's little doubt November will bring heavy jackets, the first accumulating snow of the season and mostly frozen ground by Thanksgiving. If Canada were to run out of cold fronts, the implications for the planet would be stark.

But November 2015 will start on a positively balmy note, feeling more like late September. Models almost unanimously boost high temperatures into the 60s from today into Wednesday; in fact I'm predicting a few 70s by midweek — in some cases 20 to 30 degrees warmer than average, an "average" that continues to warm over time.

Expect plenty of sun the next four days; light jackets in the morning, shirtsleeves by early afternoon. A cooler front sparks showers on Thursday, with highs stuck in the 40s next weekend. But no blistering arctic attacks brewing just yet.