"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people" said Bill Bowerman. Is technology making us soft? The pioneers who trudged around Fort Snelling in the 1830s would marvel at thermostats, Doppler radar and heated car seats. They didn't have the option of flying to Scottsdale or Naples; they hunkered down and weathered whatever Mother Nature threw at them — wildfires, blizzards & floods — with no way of knowing what was coming in advance.

We've done a masterful job insulating our lives from the vagaries of the weather. Most days we know what's coming, but we can still be surprised. I hope that never changes.

When the weather is this nice, for this long, my nervous tic acts up. What can go wrong — when will the other shoe drop? ECMWF guidance keeps us mild into the third week of November: near 60 today, upper 50s again next weekend and a cold rain Wednesday as a storm approaches from Denver.

NOAA's GFS model brings a much stronger punch of cold air southward Thanksgiving week, but moisture will be limited. Are you dreaming of a beige Turkey Day? You may just be in luck.