Law enforcement came up empty again Tuesday in the search of Keller Lake in Maplewood for Kira Trevino.

The Ramsey County Sheriff Office’s water patrol had a single boat on the water, said sheriff’s office spokesman Randy Gustafson. Crews are using sonar, but they aren’t diving, Gustafson said.

It was the first time authorities have been on the lake since the ice has thawed, he said.

Trevino, 30, last seen alive Feb. 21, is presumed dead, and her husband Jeffery Trevino has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder in her disappearance.

“Since we had spent so much time on that lake prior, we do have a boat out there continuing the search,” Gustafson said.

Crews were out starting about 11 a.m. to verify that they haven’t missed something in previous searches of the lake, he said. They ended the search around 2 p.m.

Previous civilian searches turned up evidence near the lake including a plastic bag. Inside was a pillow that had blood matching Kira Trevino’s DNA, charges say. Earlier this year, rescue dogs indicated a scent in a hole in frozen Keller Lake but a search by divers did not find anything.

Authorities also searched the Mississippi River last week following up on a lead, but they didn’t recover any evidence.

Nicole Norfleet