Finally!  A big ol' platform from which to plot my world domination! Well, not really. I may love to share my point of view (don't we all) but I have no designs on world domination.  (I would however like to master the art of sorting recyclables, but that's for another day.)

As I'm figuring my way around this new space, there are some things I thought I'd share a little about myself (in no particular order):

I am a mom. A Stay at Home Mom. A SAHM. I worked for Target (stores, not HQ) for over 15 years until I left the company in January to stay home with my three sons after my 2 year old twins were diagnosed with Autism in December of 2010. The SAHMs vs Working Moms debate holds no water with me, I've done both. At the end of the day, we're all moms and we all have our hands full.

I live in Minneapolis. My family and I recently moved from St. Anthony West to Kingfield. I have learned two things since moving across this fine city. My neighbors are terrific gardeners, every single one of them* and, Sun Street Breads has pretty much put my husband out of the biscuit making business on Sunday mornings.

I like to eat good food and drink good beer. We are currently on the hunt for a neighborhood place to call ours. We were able to discover Northeast before kids were even a blip on our radar and it's a whole new ballgame now.  A recent trip to the Blackbird Cafe has left us with a bad taste in our mouths (we *want* to love it, but the vibe just left us feeling...unwelcome) and although The Lowbrow fills our family dining needs, we need someplace with a drool-worthy tap list.

I am pro Minneapolis Public Schools. I had no idea I'd be thrust into dealing with schools this early, but here we are. I cannot tell you the number of times the people in our building have gone above and beyond for my kids in the past 7 months. And yes, I know 7 months isn't really a lot, but as a special needs parent I have heard all of the horror stories in dealing with schools and I am happy to have gotten this far with nothing but positive things (and progress for my kids!).

I'm kind of obsessed with Social Media. Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Google+.

I have a few crunchy tendencies, but only a few. I cloth diaper part-time. I breastfeed my youngest and will continue to do so until he self-weans, which may or may not be soon (he turns 1 on Thursday!). I try to use green cleaning products as much as I can but I still love my bleach. I love the idea of eating local and supporting local businesses but it usually translates into skipping the chains when we dine out, we have a hard time bringing this one all the way home on our grocery budget. We like to drag out the wagon and the Ergo and walk the neighborhood as much as we can but I could never live without my car.

I am a blogger. I blog at The Slacker Mom. I have been blogging for years, I am not afraid of comments (and judging by the comments left for the last Mom who dared to tread these un-moderated waters, I think a thick steel skin is in order). My voice is no less valid because I am a blogger or a Mom (or a blogging mom at that!) or because I talk about motherhood or any number of parenting related things.  Let's all keep it respectful, shall we?  

So, that is me in a 600 word nutshell. I plan on hanging around for awhile, jumping in whenever I feel like I've got something to say. Stick around, make yourselves comfortable, introduce yourselves! How can I make my neighbors not wince at the sight of my acorn covered lawn? Who's got the best beer list in Southwest? Where can I follow you on Twitter?

*Sorry neighbors, I'm a terrible gardener. I promise to try harder!

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