The Northern Hawk-Owl being seen north of Hutchinson remained in place Monday. This location is significantly south of where this species usually is seen in Minnesota. Several observers watched it yesterday as it hunted along Tagus Avenue about two miles north of Hutchinson. It did not move far from the small blue and white sign marking house number 22375 (west side of road). We took HIghway 7 to Hutchinson, at midtown going north on Highway 15 to a roundabout. We went west on County Road 12 at the roundabout. The road then swung north as it became Tagus Avenue. The bird was ahead about 1.5 miles. When perched the bird almost always chose a power pole. The road carries heavy traffic, which did not seem to bother the hawk-owl at all. It does make caution a good idea for observers, however. Below, the hawk-owl as it left a perch to hunt. We watched it make two brief hunting sallies. It did not take prey in the 30 minutes we spent on site.

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Hawk-Owl being seen near Hutchinson

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