JAN. 18

Theft. Cash was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on the 15500 block of Avocet Street NW.

JAN. 22

Theft. An unattended cellphone was stolen from a business on the 1700 block of Bunker Lake Boulevard. NW.


JAN. 4

Theft. A motor was stolen from a boat on the 1700 block of 123rd Lane NE.

JAN. 5

Burglary. A woman reported that someone has been breaking into her home for the past eight months on the 1000 block of 102nd Avenue NE. Jewelry, clothing, papers and food have been stolen.

JAN. 7

Theft. A 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix was stolen from a driveway on the 1500 block of 126th Avenue NE. It had been left unattended and running.


JAN. 4

Burglary. Electronics were stolen from the 400 block of Belle Aire Drive.


JAN. 8

Harassment. A 52-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of violating a harassment restraining order that a neighbor has against her.

JAN. 11

Theft. An intoxicated woman reported her purse was stolen, after she left it unattended on the table, while she went to sing karaoke at Shortstop Bar and Grill, 421 Northdale Blvd. NW.


JAN. 10

Assist family. A woman from Mississippi Street NE called police because her son was refusing to go to school. An officer took him to the middle school in the squad car.

JAN. 12

Vandalism. Someone smashed eggs and poured liquid laundry detergent on a vehicle in the 6300 block of VanBuren Street NE.

Missing children. Three girls, all age 11, were reported missing from a home on the 7400 block of Oakley Street NE. The girls were found playing in a vacant trailer near the home.

JAN. 13

Assist public. A man called police because his neighbor was throwing large ice chunks into his yard on 2½ Street NE. An officer spoke with the neighbor and he said he would remove the ice and put it in his own yard.

JAN. 14

Animal complaint. An opossum was reported living in a garage on the 600 block of Lafayette Street NE. An officer was able to remove the animal and the caller was advised to keep his garage door shut and patch any holes.


JAN. 22

Burglary. A motorcycle and tools were stolen from a garage on the 17500 block of Highway 65 NE.


JAN. 7

Robbery. An unknown male robbed a woman of her purse at gunpoint on the 1800 block of Irving Avenue N.

Drugs. Officers responded to a home on the 3000 block of 166th Avenue NE. regarding a residential alarm. The front door was unsecure. As officers were clearing the residence, a marijuana growing operation was located. The homeowner, a 28-year-old man, was arrested and the drug task force was notified.


JAN. 14

Theft. A 24-year-old Mounds View woman was cited for stealing candy, snacks and pizza from SuperAmerica, 2640 Cty. Rd. I.


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Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.