Former Sen. Norm Coleman will soon lead a new think tank devoted to the goals of the Republican Party, according to another former senator, Dave Durenberger.

Durenberger, who left the Senate in 1995, posted a commentary on his National Institute of Health Policy website Wednesday explaining that Coleman will become president of a future nonprofit called "America's Action Network."

The organization "is designed to give definition to a principled 'role of government approach to the Republican Party's future," Durenberger wrote. "In the process, its founders hope to leave some of the 'other issues' like those which firmed 'the base' in the social values arena behind."

Durenberger wrote that the organization was being funded by "Texas money." He did not return a request for comment Thursday.

In January, Coleman took a consulting position at the Washington-based Republican Jewish Coalition. It is unclear whether or when he will leave that job.

Coleman has remained largely out of the spotlight since his failed reelection bid, although there has been speculation he will seek a bid for governor. On Thursday, Harvard University announced that he would spend the week of Nov. 16 on the campus as a visiting fellow.

Harvard spokesman Esten Perez said Coleman will have a variety of roles on campus, including leading a discussion about an undetermined topic of his choosing. Perez said there is a possibility he will speak publicly as well.