The world hasn’t been beating a path to influence Minneapolis school board redistricting—no one showed up for a Tuesday hearing.
That’s probably attributable to the board’s general inclination to keep things simple and less expensive for voters by keeping its election districts co-terminous with the Park Board’s boundaries. Both bodies will have six members representing districts and three elected city-wide, That’s a switch that the school board is making under a 2006 law and will complete with November’s elections when three seats on the city’s west half will be filled.
The proposed tweaks to Park Board districts shift a portion of eastern downtown into a district now represented by school board member Hussein Samatar to a lakes-downtown district seat that’s not yet filled. The population-poor North Side district will shift south to pick up the Harrison neighborhood and the southern halves of Sumner Glenwood and North Loop.  Board Chairman Alberto Monserrate’s district centered on Lake Nokomis will gain the south edge of Central neighborhood.
The school board is scheduled to adopt the new boundaries next week.