Publishers of white pages and yellow pages say it’s easy to stop them from being dropped on your doorstep — just call them, or go to their website. But some Whistleblower readers have complained that the message doesn’t always get to the people doing the deliveries.

“It’s such a tremendous waste of resources,” one Minneapolis homeowner told me. After a delivery day, “the very next recycling period, I can see them stacked on everybody’s recycling bin.”

So he put himself on the no-delivery list. He still got more phone books.

The same thing happened to a Golden Valley man who registered two years ago. “No change at all.”

What’s been your experience with the no-phone-book list?

Here's a web site that lists the phone book publishers in your zip code, making it easier to know how to opt-out:

These are the ones that showed up in my zip code: 





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