I'm in Mankato and have confirmed multiple reports that the Vikings are in deep doo-doo if No. 4 retires, which, of course, we all know he won't.

Here are some observations from one person who managed to stay interested for probably the majority of today's morning workout:

. I know the defense traditionally is ahead of the offense early in training camp. And that's especially true when you have the Vikings' defensive line. But holy Spergon Wynn! The Vikings' pass offense couldn't function with Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels and Joe Webb taking turns running the show this morning. 

. That being said, the QBs weren't the only ones to blame. The offensive line was missing center John Sullivan (calf) and left guard Steve Hutchinson (resting). Even though the players wore shorts, shoulder pads and helmets, the QBs never had a clear pocket to throw the ball. So the QBs were being rushed and throwing from awkward angles. It led to a lot of poorly thrown balls that were high, low, tipped and nearly picked off.

. The first snap in the team session was a T-Jack fumble that DE Ray Edwards scooped up. 

. Rosenfels continues to look out of sorts. I didn't see any more interceptions, but there were a lot of tipped passes, balls that should have been picked, overthrows and underthrows. It doesn't help that he's working behind the second line. But he also wasn't facing the first defensive line.

. Webb, a rookie project who probably will win the No. 3 QB job if for no other reason than financially, doesn't seem to grasp a lot of what's going on. That's to be expected. Like a lot of young QBs, he pulls the ball down and takes off. Unlike a lot of rookies, Joe's got some speed and moves. He'll be interesting to watch in the preseason. If he runs like I think he's going to, the Vikings won't be able to sneak him onto their practice squad.

. Chris Cook got some reps with the first team this morning. The rookie corner sure looks the part and is having a good camp. If he keeps it up, I wonder if they'll throw him into the mix as a starter on the right side. Right now, he's slated as the backup to Winfield on the left side. Either way, the Vikings should feel a whole lot more comfortable about their CB depth.