– Los Angeles Sparks forward Nneka Ogwumike indicated Thursday the team would likely continue to stay in the locker room during the national anthem at the WNBA Finals.

Ogwumike also said she was somewhat surprised by the boos the Sparks heard while emerging onto the floor before Games 1 and 2 at Williams Arena in Minneapolis.

"We were not showing disrespect to the Minnesota fans," she said.

Ogwumike said the team did receive a letter written from a Lynx fan supporting the Sparks.

"I would hope our fans would understand as well," she said. "Everyone knows it's all about unity, acceptance and togetherness."

The Sparks' decision before Game 1 Sunday came amid the controversy caused by President Donald Trump's comments on the matter and the decision of several NFL players to kneel during the anthem — or to stay in the locker room, as three teams did.

"There are big things happening in this world," Ogwumike said. "And so we wanted to take a moment to let people understand that. As a league, as players and the players union, we're all about integrity, morality and honor."