Here are the top 20 broadcast TV shows for the week of June 3 (Monday to Sunday), based on the number of viewers, according to data released Tuesday by the Nielsen Co.

NBA Finals, Game 1 (ABC)

NBA Finals, Game 2 (ABC)

The Voice (NBC)

The Voice, Mon. (NBC)

America’s Got Talent (NBC)

60 Minutes (CBS)

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)


NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

Tony Awards (CBS)

Two and a Half Men (CBS)


Dateline, Fri. (NBC)

Person of Interest (CBS)

48 Hours (CBS)

Blue Bloods (CBS)

Revolution (NBC)

The Bachelorette (ABC)

Dateline, Wed. (NBC)

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)


Movie rentals

Zombie rom-com tops list

Here are Redbox’s top 20 movie rentals in the Twin Cities for the previous seven days, according to data released Tuesday.

Warm Bodies (DVD)

Safe Haven


Escape From Planet Earth

Broken City (DVD)

Gangster Squad

Silver Linings Playbook


Jack Reacher

The Guilt Trip

Warm Bodies (Blu-ray)

Promised Land

The Last Stand

Django Unchained

Dark Skies

This Is 40

The Oranges

A Haunted House

Stand Up Guys

Broken City (Blu-ray)