Playoff outlook

First-round, best-of-seven playoff series begin Wednesday and Thursday. Here is how the matchups are shaping up:

Western Conference

The eight teams are set, but the Pacific matchups are still in flux:

• Nashville (second wild card) vs. Chicago (Central champ)

• St. Louis (third in Central) vs. Wild (second in Central)

• Calgary (first wild card) vs. Pacific champ (Anaheim or Edmonton)

• San Jose (third in Pacific) vs. second in Pacific (Anaheim or Edmonton)

Eastern Conference

The eight teams and two of the matchups are set:

• N.Y. Rangers (first wild card) vs. Montreal (Atlantic champ)

•  Third in Atlantic (Toronto or Boston) vs. Ottawa (second in Atlantic)

• Second wild card (Toronto or Boston) vs. Washington (Metropolitan champ)

• Columbus (third in Metropolitan) vs. Pittsburgh (second in Metro.)

Toronto will play Ottawa if it picks up at least a point on Sunday.