Next week's Twin Cities film lineup is a wild mix of head-thumping action, occult chills and international art films.

Opening wide, there's "Snitch" with Dwayne Johnson stepping into the Bruce Willis/Liam Neeson avenging dad role. He plays a father who goes undercover to help his son beat a drug charge. The trailer promises a movie that should go rouse the NRA, but gall safe driving advocates.

Also in wide release is "Dark Skies," another entry in the suburban-supernatural subgenre. The often delightful keri Russell plays a housewife whose family is being targeted by poltergeist-y menaces.


In art-house world, there's "Yossi," an Israeli dramatic comedy about the emotional rebirth of a closeted gay doctor living in Tel Aviv...

... and "Lore," a German entry about a group of children fending for themselves in the final days of WWII.

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