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Progress in special session talks, but no deal

Good morning. Another gorgeous day. Twins tied for first.

No news out of the negotiations at the governor’s residence Wednesday. Gov. Mark Dayton and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, House Speaker Kurt Daudt and Majority Leader Joyce Peppin did appear after for a joint news conference, and the body language was quite amiable and Midwestern. They said there was progress but no deal to presage the upcoming, though as yet unscheduled, special session.

When reporter Don Davis tried to spice it up a little by asking Daudt if his trip this morning with Art Rolnick to an early ed center was a “thumb in the eye” to the governor, Daudt replied that he wasn’t even aware it was on his schedule and then invited Dayton to come with.

Dayton demurred. He has no public events.

Talks resume today. One insider’s prognosis was that without a fast deal this week, we might be in this for the long haul.

The other player in all this, Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, met with reporters Wednesday and said he’s leaving it up to Daudt and Dayton to cut a deal, and that he and Senate Democrats are ready to stand by Dayton. Hmm.

AP: EPA has released new clean water rules with big impact here. (Not the same rule, but check out this excellent NYTimes piece about whether EPA is gaming the “public comment” portion of its own rulemaking process to favor tougher rules.)

Good story here: Nicole Norfleet finds people ensnared in the criminal justice system after minor traffic violations, ala Ferguson.

Huge heroin bust centered on two Minnesota Indian reservations. Good luck stemming supply in this fight.

MPR with lengthy report on ACLU data analysis finding racial disparities in arrest patterns.

Washington and beyond

Catch George Pataki fever!

Washington Post: Illegal border crossings hits 20 year low.

It never ends. Politico: The Clinton Foundation was paying Sid Vicious $10k per month while he was “advising” on Libya.



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