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Bill Clinton unleashed

Good morning. Back from Denver where I got some extra time in the mountains when my friend drove his Subaru into a snowy ditch and we waited a few hours for a tow. Sun was shining and air crisp so it was rather enjoyable.

Best of the Super Bowl ads. A different list. Vote for your favorite.

Gov. Mark Dayton has nothing public today. Senate Education meets tomorrow. House affordable childcare committee with a roadshow event in Brainerd Tuesday, as well. Later in the week the state auditor will appear before House Government Finance in the wake of her lawsuit. Should be interesting, to say the least.

All eyes on the New Hampshire primary Tuesday. Bill Clinton went after Bernie Sanders. Big dog is off his leash. Didn’t see it but Rubio seems to have taken a hit in Saturday’s debate, with Chris Christie on the other end of the punch. Trump tries to get himself back in it. If Cruz can finish strong in a northern, secular state, he continues to be a frontrunner. A blizzard is moving into the northeast, which could hurt Clinton given her older voters.

ICYMI: Pat Condon wrote over the weekend about Clinton and women voters, with whom she still has work to do.  Meanwhile some shaming going on of younger women from older feminists like Gloria Steinem and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright for not backing Clinton. Backlash ensues.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk unleashes on the GOP for not backing the unemployed Range workers, in an op-ed.

House DFL on a proposal binge: Today’s is $2 million to combat radicalization and stem the tide of terrorist recruitment. Last year the Legislature dedicated $250,000.

Non-Muslims donning hijab to show solidarity with Muslim women here in Minnesota. Not everyone is into it: Some Muslims say it amounts to “hijab tourism” and doesn’t offer an authentic understanding of the struggle faced by Muslim women who choose to cover their hair. Others argue that it endorses a monolithic view of a faith community whose members don’t agree that women should wear head coverings. And some Western feminists struggle with the very idea of covering up.

It’s not just Flint. Lead pollutes a lot of water supplies, the Times reports. This has serious ramifications on education attainment and crime rates. 

Have a good day everyone.

-- J. Patrick Coolican



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