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Klobuchar vs. Trump?

This morning Sen. Amy Klobuchar tweeted out a welcome-to-Minnesota of sorts to President Donald Trump, who'll be here Monday -- April 15 -- for a White House tax day event. 

"I figure he must be coming to release his taxes," Klobuchar says in a video message. "I released twelve years of taxes and I'm looking forward to seeing his."

Waiting to hear whether Klobuchar will appear locally ahead of Trump's visit. A new poll of Iowa caucusgoers finds her still in low single digits. Going hard against Trump -- and potentially drawing a response from the combative president -- would draw attention from activists who want a Democratic candidate that will really unload on Trump. 

No setup details for Monday from the White House, as of this writing. Watch StarTribune.com and the print edition Monday and Tuesday for coverage of all the national politics. 

Another possible Klobuchar topic: Washington Post reports that the White House as recently as February put pressure on ICE to release detainees onto the streets of "sanctuary cities." That's the agency, of course, that recently lost its acting director, and the cabinet secretary that oversees it. 

Meanwhile, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he wants bipartisan immigration talks. How many Democratic candidates for president get to be on the working group?

Bipartisanship gets its morning at the Minnesota Capitoltoday when Gov. Tim Walz signs a bill to crack down on cellphone use while driving. Stephen Montemayor writes about some of the Minnesotans who lost loved ones, and have pushed these changes for years.

Related, Minnesota law enforcement on Monday starts a three-week campaign against distracted driving. Tim Harlow reports it'll be the longest push of its kind in state history. And, warning: you're not supposed to text at red lights. I see you. 

Walz last night authorized the Minnesota National Guard to help stranded motorists. Crazy weather day in Minnesota. I'm back in the 612at the moment and can confirm: the snow that fell yesterday was brown. 

Rep. Ilhan Omar made the cover of another publication on Thursday. Lots of Republican messaging around her "some people did something" comment about 9/11, including by the NRCC. What is the current relationship between Rep. Omar and Rep. Tom Emmer?

During the agricultural crisis of the 1980s, Hollywood made a bunch of movies about the struggles of farm families. Today, writes Adam Belz, farmers can tell their own stories.

Programming note: this will be your last Hot Dish newsletter until Tuesday, April 23. Both Congress and the Legislature are on long Easter/Passover breaks and maybe politics will recede to a dull roar by the end of next week? Wishful thinking? 

Just because, here's Joni Mitchell in 1969

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-- Patrick Condon

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