Zoom into the map to get even greater detail on how Minnesotans stand on marriage equality and how they voted on the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in the state. Please be patient while this visualization loads as some maps take longer than others.
1. Click on the left map to get pop-up boxes for the geographies of both maps. When zoomed into city/township data and there is no corresponding data in the same-sex household layer, only the county level data appears. If there is city/township data available the county data will show up initially with the option to navigate to city/township data using a small arrow in top right hand side of the pop up box.
2. You can use the tools at the bottom of the maps to control the type of information that appears in the box above and to synchronize the actions of both maps.

  • Graphic by: RAYMOND GRUMNEY
  • Updated: July 31, 2013 - 1:15 PM