Patriotic lot, those Russian videogame designers:

A khaki-clad Prime Minister Vladimir Putin issues commands, assisted by a voluptuous red-haired aide with a resemblance to the spy Anna Chapman in a new computer game, developed by a Russian company.


Putin "is the commander-in-chief, the leader of the game, he is the constant right hand of the player," said Varvara Zolotova, chief marketing officer of Moscow developers Progrestar Inc.


"He is the leader just as in life he is for young people." The young-looking Putin, with a full head of hair, walks around, gun pointed in a khaki shirt and gives players assignments in the game, called "Voinushka," or "Shoot 'em Up."


He is also depicted on the online game's opening page in army uniform, with his sleeves rolled up over toned muscles and gun pointed James Bond-style.

If only there was a version with Brezhnev.

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